The Biggest Loser Season 14

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  • I'm glad they're making the kids immune from elimination. If one got eliminated the first week or two, who wants to bet they'd be back on the show again as an overweight adult? So, good for TBL.

    I'm also glad they won't weigh in on camera (if what hiddenstar read is correct). I imagine it's embarrassing as an adult to strip down to shorts (and a sports bra for the ladies), let alone as a kid/teenager. I would have been absolutely mortified!

    IzzyD07- also uploads episodes of TBL as the season goes along. Some of the earlier seasons aren't completely on the site, but I believe the most recent ones are there in their entirety. RTF also uploads TBL from different countries- my favorite is the one from Australia. The male trainer is hot!
  • Kartrinakit, I agree with you about the Some Nights song by Fun. I love it so much that I made it the ringtone on my phone.

    Izzy, always posts the video on their website. Can it not be accessed from where you are? I know I often see people from Canada commenting on Facebook about not being able to see the Survivor videos on the CBS site, too.

    Penmage, I so agree with you about the stripping down to a sports bra that they make the women do. I've never understood TBL's reasoning for doing this. Why the men and women both are not allowed to weigh in wearing t-shirts is beyond me. I always weigh in wearing my nightgown. I know it can't weigh 'that' much.
  • I am excited about tonight's show. Hopefully, having the kids on will inspire other kids to become healthy eaters.
  • am I the only one who thinks Nikki might not have left if she had a different trainer?
  • I think she wasnt ready BUT another trainer might not have been as hard and tried a little more to keep her. Jillian was always a hard *** LOL
  • she seemed unusually brutal last night. I just don't see how riduculing people like that is going to help them.
  • I agree that Jillian seemed a bit harsher - like she forgot that she needed to ease people into it a bit. But on the other hand, the other 4 people on her team also needed some time to adapt but in the end, seemed glad that they had been pushed beyond their comfort level in order to achieve way more than they had thought they could. I think Niki wasn't ready to go past her comfort level - she even said in her talking head farewell that she was going to find a therapist when she got home. That's beyond what TBL can provide and I think that Niki maybe was finally being true to herself about the reality of what she needs.

    Of course, it still stinks that some other potential contestant lost out on the spot. It seems like they should have brought in a back up player given that she left so early on.

    As for the show in general, I'm glad they've moved on from the misery sweepstakes, and that people have normal reasons for wanting to lose the weight, but it's not a contest about whose personal tragedy is the worst.

    I also thought they did a great job with the kids in terms of how they will handle them. No eliminations, no embarrassing weigh ins or falling off exercise equipment, working with their families instead of the kids in isolation on the ranch, which won't help long term if they go back home to unhealthy lifestyles still being lived by the rest of the family. I've always wished the entire show was kinder and gentler although I realize that doesn't make for dramatic TV. But I'm glad they are taking that approach with the kids and I think that children and families watching at home, this could be really, really helpful.
  • I had a kind gentle trainer and got nowhere. Then I changed to one who was harsher and he really pushed me, even though I'm 71 years old, and I've done amazing things with him. He's shown me I can do anything if I really put some effort into the doing.
  • I just watched on on my dvr. I don't remember Jillian being quite that discouraging...I could swear she was one to yell at people something like "get up, you can do this!!" But it seemed like her yelling last night was more of "just lay down, you can't do this!"

    Did anyone else notice this? I'm I remembering her wrong? Was she always like this?
  • i think since Nikki bailed they should have let TC stay...that wasn't fair because she probably would have been the lowest anyway.

    honestly, i can't find ANY of these people (not counting the kids) that i can really get behind and root for right now...nobody "touches" to speak. maybe as time goes by, i will feel differently, but i just didn't really like this episode much AT ALL.
  • Jillian didn't seem harsh and demanding to me, she seemed abusive and mean.

    Anyone else notice that the biggest loser forum on the official site is gone?
  • My favorite was TC, but they made him leave even though nikki bailed AND he has been trying for 5 seasons to get on the show like really??? Finally get there and leave in the first week.....That has to hurt.
  • If you're watching, I have a challenge for you (forgive the vulgarity in the watermark! But that site is REALLY great for workouts based on popular shows and movies):

  • anyone else finding these red line eliminations just brutal?
  • Quote: anyone else finding these red line eliminations just brutal?
    I haven't watched TBL in forever, but now have it on DVR. Watched last night's episode this morning.

    How did they used to vote off? The red line does seem a bit harsh. I thought Nathan worked pretty hard this week...yet people who didn't work as hard got to stay.