Jillians New book

  • I found this and I'm totally gonna have to preorder it at the end of the month.

  • Looks good! I'll have to pick this up.

    I love Jillian!
  • I have this on hold at the library.
  • I like it a lot. My favorite "diet" book I've read in awhile. I really like her writing style.
  • I just picked it up here at work (public library) and so far so good.
  • I like it too. But she is such an advocate for clean eating and on "the biggest loser" they push crap food like canned soup and subs???
  • The product placement on BL has always been cringe worthy and at times hypocritical, but I doubt the trainers get much say in what gets promoted.

    Jillian has allowed her name to be attached to a number of dubious products over the years, but her books are good. I wonder how involved she actually is or if her "people" set the stuff up an she just isn't very diligent about making sure she actually endorses the things she endorses.
  • I know she said I think she would only endorse food if it was healthy n organic like lara bars she did this season. U never saw her promote the soup or the yoplait greek yogurt smoothie.
  • Bob pushes the sugar free gum and Subway. Jillian does whole grain products, food storage bags, and turkey. I think this is the book I went through this week, Slim for Life. It was different from most diet books, which follow a formula 1. Expose of other diets 2. Weird new theory 3. diet plan.

    Jillian doesn't have to prove a theory, she just presents an encyclopedia of what works.

    After I finished the book I dreamed I had lunch with Jillian, though toward the end it got awkward and my teeth started falling out. So much for dreams.
  • Her protein powder is the worst!
  • I will say that this book is much better READ (in paper format) than listened to (in audiobook format). I love audiobooks. I especially love their books because they read them! Love listening to Bob and Jillian give me advice. Bob's Skinny Rules was a lot of fun on the treadmill. But Slim for Life is not fun. It's a lot of lists which don't translate well in audiobook form. I think it's a worthwhile read but not in this format.
  • I read it, but never finished it. I wasn't finding it really helpful.
  • RawrGirl LOVES Jillian. Very excited about a new book!