Jillian used to be big!

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  • I take heart in the fact that Jillian Michaels is even shorter than I am, and she used to be heavier than me. It was a long time ago, granted but just look at what she accomplished. I think that's inspiration enough for anyone.

  • Woah, this woman <3
  • Oh wow! She mentions in her interviews/shows sometimes that she used to be larger, but I've never seen a picture before. She's a little powerhouse of woman now!
  • Did you see that she has her 2 children. Her daughter she adopted and her son that Heidi had?
  • I did see! She'd been trying for so long. I'm really glad it all worked out for her. She's my hero.
  • She's awesome. Her horse is also a rescue
  • I love Jillian Michaels..she had a fitness cruise but, that was a while back. I am waiting for her to have another one lol
  • I'd kill to have a training session with her!!
  • I would probably pass out if I got to train with her too. She would kill me not to mention I would be starstruck cuz I'm a huge fan
  • I'd love to meet her. I think if I had a training session with her I'd push myself 110% because I'd hate to disappoint her, haha!
  • I <3 Jillian! I had no idea that she used to be larger too. She's so incredible! I'd also love to have a training session with her. She's so inspiring!
  • She's so great. I found an article quoting her as saying she was 175lbs "and miserable." Not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but definitely plump for how short she is!

    Edit: Sorry, I'm not sure I can make this picture any smaller.

  • I actually might be meeting her n Nov. I'm excited. If I do I'll post a pix
  • Quote: I actually might be meeting her n Nov. I'm excited. If I do I'll post a pix


    Wish I could meet her sometime!
  • 175 and 5'2 is Obesity on the BMI calculator.

    I'm 5'2 just like Jillian, and for us shorties the pounds shows a lot more than the same weight on a 5'6 person.

    And as you can probably tell by my avatar, I'm a Jillian fan.