How often

  • do you do the biggest loser challenges? I know there is one going on right soon after this one finishes, does a new one usually begin?
  • Jenny - I just saw your post on here. The Challenges are in another thread - so the moderators probably didn't see your post. I joined the summer challenge and it looks like there was a New Year's challenge that went 13 weeks - so a few times a year? The summer one will take us to the end of July-ish. Maybe they have a fall one to get ready for the holidays? Sorry I don't know more, this is my first time joining in.
  • me too me too me too

    I loved the show -- a team challenge would be fun. that's a huge commitment though. I'd have to focus on just that one will keep watching for a possible Fall biggest loser challenge then over with the challenge threads. Thanks for the info.
  • Thanks for the info. I will look out for a fall one.
  • Hi Jenny, it just started but they have been letting people join unofficially and be a part of the challenge and get the support, just go to the biggest loser challenges and ask if you can join a team, I'm on the red team right now.
    Bette K
  • id like to join the next one as well
  • the current one is ending on the 25th so hopefully with s 14 just round corner therell be another one and if not perhaps no one would mind if in started a mini one for anyone that wants toi join in until the next official one.