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Conda is ruining this season for me. I can't believe how immature she is. I hope I was never as nasty to people as she is. This witch is raising a child! Scary.

I think the aqua team did play the game this week. They didn't have any other choice. They probably had lots of salt and drank a lot of water to ensure a good weigh in next week. That's fair, I think. Of course if they dont get the team biggest loser next week they'll be voted off. They should have gotten 2 weeks immunity or something.
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I agree Conda needs to go, but I also don't like any of the younger women this season. Kim, Emily, and Courtney all seem to be looking for drama. The 2 that were olympic athletes ( Kim and Emily I think) seem to be wanting all the attention in the gym and yet no one is putting up the kind of numbers that they should be.
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NONE of the people who have been on the ranch are giving the aqua team members any respect at all. It's not like they sat at home and ate Doritos for a month and then showed back up and walked onto the show...they worked their tails off to lose more weight than any of the people on the ranch probably ever did at home and earned the right to come back and stay. It's like a month on the ranch made everyone else forget where they came from and why they needed to be there.

Also don't blame aqua for playing the game. I agree they'd be toast next week if they didn't.

Weigh in was bad for everyone. Kinda crazy.

Conda seems to be poisoning the red team and they don't even realize. They sent home a person with a higher percentage of weight lost and kept Conda? Really? Bet Dolvett hits the ceiling...

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Can I say it again? Can't stand Conda. She is rude, disrespectful, a backbiter! ugh! I am beginning to see some of her behaviors in her brother as well. Used to think he was nice before last nights episode. Thought both of the young man were very rude to Chris. She was trying to reach out and they were like "whatever". Who raised these kids?

I really like the Aqua team and am hoping they get to stay there. It is possible that they didn't throw the weigh in. If they were really working out 14 hrs a day and went down to like 5 or 6 that might have slowed their weight loss. Plus it may have been a plateau week for both of them since they have lost a tremendous amount of weight in the previous 4 weeks. They lost more weight then some of the other contestants at the ranch in that time and no one was accusing any of them as throwing the weigh loss. But if they did, I would have done the same thing. Cause you know they will be the first to go if they are not the biggest loser each week.

Thought the black team was much more accepting of their aqua team member. The red team are afraid of him and his accomplishments. He came in thinking these people were nice and would be accepting. Really feel for him. He seems like a very nice sincere guy. At least we know if he goes home he will be able to do it on his own... Having lost 50 lbs before he even began the show.
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Conda seems to be poisoning the red team and they don't even realize.
I can't believe how they are taking Conda's part ... I can't understand that...

They sent home a person with a higher percentage of weight lost and kept Conda? Really?
That's what my husband said1 Unbelievable...

It is possible that they didn't throw the weigh in.
I'm kinda naive and want to think that too ... Aqua guy said that they were eating less carbs at home, in my experience with carbs it is very possible that just eating oatmeal every morning could stall their weight loss for that week.... but it should be ok next... I hope they stay, I really want them to stay....

Aqua team did lose more weight at home than some of them at the ranch...

I was soooo happy for Aqua guy, when he went all the way across the bars

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I wonder if Conda maybe isn't as bad as they are making her look. It's strange that nobody voted for her last night. Or maybe they're too scared too, lol.

I wonder if Nancy privately asked them to send her home. I'm sure she knew Kimmy voted for her because she held her hand before she even started. I dunno.

I agree about aqua - this is a really bad place for them to be in! I think the only thing that Adrian did that was wrong was speak up about voting Nancy off at the end. He probably should have kept his mouth shut then, but otherwise I think he got an unfair shake!
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the aqua team could have not lost weight just because of the changes this week. And the stress
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I nearly broke out in cheering on my elliptical this morning when I was watching the show and the Aqua guy went across while nobody else who'd been there on the ranch a month could get to the second bar. That was GREAT!
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AND Who knows what kind of dehydration they put themselves in just to make sure they made the 50 lbs.

Conda is evil. and Andre DOES need to learn when to shut up .

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When I saw a clip of Kim saying something to the effect that, "If I go home, do I get to come back? No," I knew what the real deal was. It's the producers' fault that the contestants didn't know that was the deal given to the Aqua team.

I can't really speak to the Adrian "needing to listen and not talk", because I don't like conflict and arguing as a rule and had the sound turned down. But like I said, the clip of Kim told me what I needed to know.

That being said, Aqua needs to bring it every week because they will get sent home pronto if they have poor numbers. I'd be will to bet Adrian goes home next week if Red Team loses the weigh-in.

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I don't like how spoiled all of the contestants are acting because of the aqua team "intruded" by coming in late. They worked their butts off, and they want to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle just like the other contestants want to. Plus, they are saying that the aqua team should have pulled big numbers, yet no one else pulled anything huge which is unfair. I know it's probably all "fake drama", but I find it very very childish on everyone's part. If I was a contestant, I would be welcoming these people with open arms and congratulating them on their impressive weight loss at home! I wouldn't be acting like I own the ranch just because I was there 4 weeks earlier!
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I agree with pretty much all of you... Conda is really spoiling the season for me... I feel like she is poisoning the other members of her team, and she is very very immature. I get that there will always be a bit of drama on the show... and they plan it that way so people watch, but lately I feel like there has just been way to much, and not enough weight loss. This season hasn't had a single person putting up huge numbers... not like last season and 100lbs that came off of some of those contestants in record time. I feel like the new guy from the aqua team has some determination, and that could see him through to the end.

Anyway, I just want Conda gone.. I'm sick of her excuses and her eye rolling. So annoying.
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I have to jump in here and agree with most of you, I cannot stand Conda! She has go to go home, soon!

I hope she is sitting home watching and embarrassed by her behaviors. I hope she learns a good lesson by it all and grows up a bit.

I know tv shows can skew things to make people look good or bad or make us focus on one thing or another, but the fact is that she is saying these things loud and clear. The reason they are not focusing on other people saying rude destructive things is because they aren't saying them.

I just keep reminding myself that when she acts like she does and cuts other people down, that means she is just very insecure of herself and tries to focus and bring other peoples focuses on someone elses faults. The basis of bullying. She is a bully.

My favorite so far is the girl that had the contest with Conda last week, can't remember her name. She seems to give 110% with everything and it shows in her weigh ins.

I get annoyed when they vote out people who put up big numbers. Hello, this is a group venture still at this point, why would you get rid of someone who puts up big numbers and keep someone who doesn't????? I can see doing that when it gets to singles, but don't vote out your strongest members, duh.

Okay, thanks, I feel a little better after venting,

I do love the show, just a little annoyed at this point, mainly due to (ana)Conda. She is a snake for sure.
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I can't stand Conda. She is annoying and really mean...
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sadly I think all the attention she is getting will mean more players like her in the future.
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