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Default Best Older Season to Watch?

Hubbie and I only started watching the Biggest Loser starting season 9. We both enjoyed it because of the contestants on the show and how they supported each other for the most part. Season 10 wasn't my favorite because of the game playing and my husband stopped watching because of it. We both thought season 11 was pretty good.

Hulu has all seasons online to view. I'm tempted to go back and start watching from season 1, but I wanted to know what seasons other people really liked. Considering our preferences what other seasons do you think we will like?
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seasons 1,2,4, and 5 are the absolute best ones. Hands down. I go back and watch BL from beginning to end rather often. It's sad. I almost know em verbatim lol

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Season 5 was my first full season and it was a good one...some of the guys' chants got to be a bit much after a while "Pride on 3, pride on 3" and sometimes they ganged up against the women but it was still a good season. (I felt kind of sorry for Paul who was obviously still hung up on his ex-wife, Kelly, and I felt she just needed a fat partner for the show.)

Six was probably the worst. Bob had the husbands/wives while Jillian had parents/children. A couple of nasty youknowwhats on that one, mucho gameplay, and a generous amount of whining, too.

Seven I really liked also. It was a very long season, the longest up to that point (I think this last one may have been a bit longer?). It had its low points and outbursts and manipulations, too, but, overall, it was pretty good.

Eight was good, too, I thought. That one was themed "Second Chances", so there were some heartbreaking stories on that.

I just checked Hulu and they don't have seasons 2,3,4. And you have to pay for it if you want to see entire episodes.

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Hands down Season 4!!!!!!!!
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Season 2, although if I had to pick my favorite contestant, it would be Tara Costa from Season 7.
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Which season did Alli win? She and Tara are my favorites, but I didn't like the others with Tara as much. I think the earlier season are better because they seemed more "real", IMO.
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Season 2 was the best.
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I just enjoyed season 11, and I'm on season 10 (and I can't stand it).
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Originally Posted by shanhat81 View Post
Season 2, although if I had to pick my favorite contestant, it would be Tara Costa from Season 7.
She is my fav contestant. I mean, WOW.......the woman pulled a car!!!
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I agree. I liked the beginning seasons best too. It really did feel more real. I also liked the team/individual format. Absolutely hate the couples format. So glad they got away from that this year.

Tara and Allie have been my all time favorite contestants! Love those strong women!
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