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I love it as well! what I liked was that one person on the unknown trainer's team lost 41 lbs!!!! that was amazing! I think they may have a better diet/workout than bob and jillian, I bet they all come back in 4 weeks having lost much more weight than who is left on bob and jillian's team.. so not only will they have immunity but maybe better trainers?? that is still unknown but it will keep me tuning in for sure
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I'll be interested to see how the other trainers are different in their styles regarding the most effective lifestyle change. IE: Will they put more or different emphasis on different types of workouts, or more on diet? I love TBL, but it seems that every season, they do the same things in that gym with very little changeups. Which, I mean, if it works it works but I know I get bored with the same old thing and that leads me to stop doing it. I'd like to know more specifics about the workouts too. How many reps do they do of each machine or weight? I see them running, and hear her count sometimes, but how long and how fast do they run?

I just wish they had some stats OTHER than weight to show progress each week. IE: Week one, contestant A comes in and Weighs B pounds, completes a mile on the treadmill in C mins at D mph, then show how it changes each week as they become more healthy.

I do like the contestants so far. Very impressed with Arthurs ability to excercise as much as he has at his weight! I saw that he was sweating through his tshirt at the beginning of the show just from standing up for the intro. I sincerely hope he stays for awhile and can get a lot of that off.
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I really enjoyed it. I think I would have picked the unknown trainers. I wouldn't want to risk going home. I am excited to see who the new trainers are.
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The reason last season was a flop was there was too much game playing. This season seems to be about what BL was about in its original days - getting fit and healthy.
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I loved it as well. I also would of gone with the unknowns. Four weeks should be long enough to learn a lot. Also these people will form a bond that could be very useful when they merge.

I like Dan and Don, there was such a sadness about them. They all worked hard and i truly did not see a slacker among them.

NOW what happened to the very very large girl that subway was helping?

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i watched it today, it was good to me. I don't know why but it didn't tug at my heart strings. It was nice. I like the new trainers although I don't think the lady is going to be near as tough as Jillian. The man will make it but the lady, ah ah.

She can't think she can possibly spa with those people and still not hurt. She =has to let them do the work, not work out on her. She'll get hurt.
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awww.. I'm disappointed they didn't show the new trainers. I'm pretty sure the guy is Brett Hoebel, but I'm curious who the girl is. Is it bad I'm thinking whoever the next trainer is will be putting out new workout DVDs so I hope they are good I'm also pretty sure neither of the new trainers have been overweight so I wonder if they can really relate to the constants like Jillian did.
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Originally Posted by PlumBlossom View Post
Did you hear in the preview for next week that if the B&J team beat the unknown team in weight loss then no one goes home - cleaver. I LOVE IT!
I didn't hear that but I love that idea since I think that 4 weeks of immunity is too long for those that went with the unknown. I can see why people went with Bob and Jillian though since they went to the ranch looking forward to working with them. Also the aqua team (the girl I cant remember her name) already had a connection with Bob since she had met him previously. I am excited for this season though since I already feel like the people are more likeable.
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who is the B&J team? I don't get it. I watched on hulu so I guess some of it was not there.
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bob and jillian
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I agree this season is going to be good. I'm cheering for Arthur all the way. You know he's going to end up being hot!
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After last season, I almost gave up on this show, but decided to watch last night out of habit and curiosity...Now I am glad I did!!! I loved the talk that Bob had with Arthur while they were walking and I can honestly say, it gave me a new perspective as well. In short, Arthur kept talking about all the weight he still had to lose and Bob told him not to look at the big number, but to take each day one at a time. This is such a simple concept, but one that I honestly never applied to myself.
I think this is going to be a good season!!!
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he's got a heck of a lot of weight to lose. I want to see where they put all that extra body.
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Am I wrong here? When they were at the challenge Alison said they could pick the new trainers and get four weeks of immunity, or Bob and Jill and get one week of immunity... but they didn't give Bob and Jill's team a week of immunity. Anyone else catch that? My husband and I heard it and were confused when they had a weighin at the end and someone went home.
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I was really disappointed when they sent the mom home (don't remember her name). I think the mom needed to be there more than the daughter. The daughter is young, 27 or 28, so, IMO, she should have a bigger chance of success at home.

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