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Originally Posted by Mercy03 View Post
IMO,the worst premiere ever.The ones who needed to be there most couldn't complete the challenge.The guy who weighed 454? There was no way he was going to win and the lady with cancer? jeez,what has happened to this show?
From the previews I think they will bring those contestants back ... I sure do hope so, because I also found that the challenges were a bit unfair for the bigger folks...
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If they can't do the beginners challenge, how will the manage exercising 6-8 hours a day - they won't. It's sad, I wish every person in every city could have gone to the ranch. It looks like half of them will be going home next week so it should be interesting to see how they get to come back and how the others who lost the challenge get there.
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Originally Posted by Mercy03 View Post
IMO,the worst premiere ever.The ones who needed to be there most couldn't complete the challenge.The guy who weighed 454? There was no way he was going to win and the lady with cancer? jeez,what has happened to this show?
I completely agree. I sort of fell of the weight loss wagon (bad Tomato, VERY BAD!) but last night I realized, 'Ha, it's Tuesday, Biggest Loser may be on!' and I was thrilled to see that it's the premiere (so I didn't miss any episodes). But I was disappointed. First, I was thinking how come they are choosing everybody around the age of 27 or so? Then I thought perhaps all the contestants will be from the same group. Then you can imagine the surprise when they picked the 58 old lady (and big kudos to her for completing the 1 mile run!). But it doesn't seem fair - she is more than twice the age of some of the youngest contestants. It takes much longer to recover from strenuous physical activity when you are older (I am 51, so I know what I am talking about).

Second, I thought that there was a lot of people who should have been selected as contestants. Some of the contestants did not seem to be that overweight (what's with the lady who weighs only 235 lbs [compared to another who is 322?) I always think they should give all the contestants a fair chance but I don't think they are doing that.
My 2 cents.
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don't count out the contestants that did not win in their city. I am going to guess that they will be back soon enough but will have to be working at home and earn a spot on the ranch. I don't think they would have profield them not to be on the show. I don't know how but I will stake a claim.
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Mercy and Tomato-I agree with you. I thought the whole episode was boring. I would rather see them at the ranch and I hate how they tell people they made it on the show and then disappoint them. I will continue to watch the show cause I love the results but I really don't like the direction they have taken the last few seasons
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Originally Posted by eclipse View Post
YES! It was driving me crazy. I kept telling my husband, What a surprise! Another dead relative! I mean, I felt bad for every single one of them, but it was really overkill.
I thought it was odd at first, but then when it seemed like everyone had some kind of traumatic event or loss, that at least they were all on an even playing field when it came to that, and no one would get sympathy (not to mention practically unanimous audience support - remember Abby from Season 8?) just for whatever emotional issue or baggage they bring to it.

It wasn't just the most overweight/younger people who won the challenge, either. The woman who lost in Atlanta was smaller than either of the two men, and the girl in Boston was younger than at least one of the men. I do think it was good to weed out those people - because as others have said, how can they manage the hours of intensive exercise at the ranch if they can't run a mile or take 500 steps without collapsing or experiencing intense pain?

It's a mismatched group of people (both in weight and age), but no more mismatched than any other season, I don't think.

I will be glad when they get to the ranch and the real work - and losses - begin!

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I haven't watched since first season until now- wow tears! I just watched bits but I really felt bad for the people who didn't make it. We ALL have a story, a LOT of it IS tragic, that's real IMO.

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I wondered if recovering from loss was the theme this year, especially weight reduction to prevent death! that was my take anyhow. THere were SO many commercials. I didn't pvr it, my daughter was recording something else, so watched on the upstairs tv, and went to do little chores during the commercials, I would come and sit down when the show started. I did more chores than sitting, which is great in terms of getting work done, not so good for the tv. I hope next week I can be on the treadmill for much of it. Or maybe I will pvr it with time shifting and watch it in the morning with the treadmill.
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there always has to be a story line...tragedy equals good story line. period. how about the ppl who just got lazy and busy with life's obligations to care for themselves? that's my story line...just spent the last yr & half doing an incredibly overwhelming nursing program where there really was no time for anything but studying and homework-now that time is over...
new job, new career, new focus, new me by next summer...
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I may be in the minority but I like that this season has variety of age and weights . . . just goes to show you don't need to be over 300lbs or close to to need that motivation to get off the couch and get healthy.
Could be a very simplistic way for me to view it, but if this was a year ago and I saw some one on TBL that was my weight or close to, it would really make me step back, take a look at myself and see that I needed to change.

Other than that . . . I can't say it really hooked me in like the seasons before have.
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Didn't hook me at all. I wanted to see them on the ranch DOING something, not just trying to get on the show. To me that's what tryouts for the show are for. I fast forwarded through the majority of this one...
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It didn't really pull me in either? All of the contestants have their "story", but we used to hear about them as the show progressed, when we already knew them, but like this, it's all layed out on the 1st show before we've gotten attached to them.

Does that make sense?
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I definitely understand the need for them to ensure that contestants will be able to somewhat keep up with the workouts at the ranch. I also liked that so many of the 3rd place contestants kept pushing to finish even though they weren't going to be on the show. I'm sure we will see them all again in some way. Good thought by the PP that they may be working out at home to "win" a spot on the show.

I have to agree with Coondocks about the weight ranges. It can be a real eye-opener for people to see some of the contestants at the lower weights.
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I didn't really like this first episode. They they probably had some kind of elimination or selection process in other seasons but I'm glad I didn't have to see it.

It was pretty shocking to see all those really overweight people in the crowd in each city. Shocking isn't the right word though. And you know they are only the tip of the iceberg. On a positive note, it was great to see Mike still looking good. I wonder how his brother is doing.

I'll be tuning in next week though. I just can't make myself not watch TBL. LOL
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