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can't wait for Tuesday. Wish I could audition, but I'm not big enough, but I'm sure the experience would do me some good.
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Uggg... I goofed again.
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I can't wait either! I'm gonna try and follow them, I'm hoping the Bodybugg I ordered shows up by tomorrow!!
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The BL has been a big inspiration to me - it got me started exercising at the gym instead of thinking about it sitting on the sofa.
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Few more hrs and its on I'm so excited. It motivates me more to workout and eat healthy cuz the contestants go through so much.
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Me too!!! I'm sitting here waiting... 6 mins left!
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Not Giving Up!
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20 minutes in and I've already been moved to tears!

What actually is the minimum weight to be considered for the show?
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Me too, I am all choked up already! I can't stand waiting to see the rest, the commercials drive me mad. I'm going to watch Dancing With the Stars for 15 minutes and PVR The Biggest Loser, so I can skip the ads!
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watched it loved it and ready for next week!
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Did anyone have a terrible quality of video on the TBL last night? We kept losing sound and would get that "pixelated" look. We thought it might be the satellite feed so we switched to the TV antenna mode and it was just as bad... every other channel was fine. It drove me nuts.

I DVR'd the first hour so I could skip through commericals and that was all screwed up too. Kept freezing up. We've never had any of these problems with the the system before.
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Just watched the premiere...and had to laugh to myself. Apparently a TBL premiere must now always have an ambulance/paramedic issue or two or it's not doing its job properly.

I must say that even though I've been watching this show since it first started, I do always get choked up at some of the contestants' stories. Looking forward to see what the Marines are going to do...should be interesting!
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I was thrilled when my dh got our antenna set up so I could watch it. The stories always get to me.

I already have someone to root for! The 50something year old man that is a physical therapist.. he's from my neck of the woods. About 1.5 hours from me.
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Did anyone notice that I think ALL of the contestants have some kind of death of someone close? mother, baby, brother etc?
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Originally Posted by L144S View Post
Did anyone notice that I think ALL of the contestants have some kind of death of someone close? mother, baby, brother etc?
YES! It was driving me crazy. I kept telling my husband, What a surprise! Another dead relative! I mean, I felt bad for every single one of them, but it was really overkill.
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IMO,the worst premiere ever.The ones who needed to be there most couldn't complete the challenge.The guy who weighed 454? There was no way he was going to win and the lady with cancer? jeez,what has happened to this show?
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pleasantly plump from '82
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I think TBL has to have people that can complete physically challenging challenges. They have to weed out the people that will collapse and need to be carted away during week one... Although they did say at the end that the eliminated hopefuls will be back!
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