Biggest Loser with the Wii

  • Hey Gang I having doing the "Biggest Loser" on the Wii it has been doing really well for my exercise program and I am doing along with "Jenny Craig".
    I have always had a problem sticking to a fitness program but I have been doing this for three weeks now and really getting a good over all outwork and enjoying it too.
    The problem is Ihave some issues with the program, I am not sure if it me and I don't know how to use it, or just a poor design.
    Here is a couple examples:
    1/ modifing days of the week inwhich I am able to work out.
    2/ Unlocking my calendar
    I know I am missing something I just can't figure it out.
    Can anyone help me?
  • I was thinking about getting this program myself but didn't know if it would be worth the money or not. Can you tell me a bit about it? What do they have you do and is it very hard?

    Sorry I was no help to you. You might want to ask this question on the Exercise board where many folks on there do programs like this at home. I hope someone can help you with your question!
  • Thank Steelslady.. I will try to post my question there...
    As for the workout, awesome!!! It really gives me an overall workout , the first week I done it( which was on the easy beginner level) after the second day I didn't think I could walk, and I claimed myself halfway fit and flexible. I love the workouts.
    You get to pick one of the past contestants to represent you on screen and they lose weight in ratio to what you do.. Like mine is Amy, because Amy needs to lose more weight then I, when I lose a total of 6 she lost a total of 13, but what was great is the next time we worked out Amy actually was smaller on screen and really motivated me, to not only lose weight but to win the game. I am schedulled to work out three times a week with a crazy challenge on Saturday followed by weight in, and everyone week a elimation, of someone I don't know.
    I just have some issues on adjusting the program, like this week I am away from my Wii on Saturday, so therefore missing weight in... I don't know how to change that..
  • Hi, I'm having the same problems. Did you find any help?
  • yah me too , im stuck cause ive been away for five days and i do it every day for 40 minutes..i wonder how we fix this?
  • Just got the original Biggest Loser for Wii game in the mail yesterday. Did workout #1 on beginner level. It really does give a nice workout. I had begun using hand weights on Sunday, so my arms were already sore, and don't you know workout #1 is all upper body. I sure worked up a sweat and felt the workout.

    I can't wait to get home and do exercise day 2.
  • I am thinking of purchasing the one for playstation 3 any info or feedback would be appreciated.
  • I have this game, but I haven't played it in a long time. It's fun and all, but the living room in our new house just isn't set up so I really have enough room for this game.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed a glitch. During one of the moves with Bob (I think it's a push-up type move in the "extra" exercises you can do) when he goes down one of his feet twists completely around on his ankle so it's facing upside down and backwards. I couldn't even do the move because I was laughing too hard!