The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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I can't believe how bad Sione looked. That makes me sad for him. I already knew that Matt Hoover had gained most of his weight. Mike looked good and Ali looked good, too.
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I know so sad about Sione- and Matt- how do you motivate someone to keep losing weight when they are skinnier than you?? Poor Daris... I don't know who I would vote for between he and Koli, I am a sucker for underdogs.
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Bob is full of crap though. If you place your FOCUS on training for a marathon it is extremely hard to lose weight at the same time. You get to this point where to do the workouts you just cant operate at a deficit. Especially the first time through. It takes time for the body to learn to operate in that underfed state and still do it. I'm not saying Daris didnt have a binging problem, but I think the marathon focus contributed in a major way. Not knowing how to rearrange his calories to support it. They keep having the people run this marathon but I have seen nothing to indicate that TBL knows anything about giving them ANY guidelines on how to train for one. And definitely not how to train and lose at the same time.

Koli clearly put no effort into the marathon. Which is fine and probably smart if the goal was weight loss. Training for a marathon by working out at a marshal arts facility is like training for downhill ski racing by swimming. He had never run more than ~10 miles in his life before. What struck me was his audacity in thinking at the beginning that he would keep up with Daris.

I dont usually vote but I am going to go vote for Daris. I really dislike Koli and his attitude.
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I think it would be so unfair for Daris to win the vote, though I have empathy for him but he is too prone to make excuses for the night eating behavior and I think he needs to address that more fully and to unfairly win this contest at this point just puts him in the same place with all the other former winners who seem to be regaining and making a lot of excuses about it (except Ali, who does not seem to have gained much except some muscle). JMO.
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Time to start a new thread. This one is way over 500 posts.
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