The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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Starting to lose
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I'm excited, but then again, I'm another DVR girl...I skip what I don't want to watch...
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Maintainer Wannabe
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My DVR is set, too!
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I love this show. It's the one show I cannot miss. This season will be different for me, though, because I am starting my own weight loss attempt. No longer will I be watching the show while chowing down on something fattening, full of guilt but unable to stop. Now I will use it to motivate myself and spur me on.
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I also love this show! In fact I'm getting ready to head out the door to the gym so I can be back in time for it. Lol. Since I just started my weight loss journey, I'm hoping BL and 3FC will give me all the motivation I need!
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Shairing her ESH...
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WOW! Can you believe James lost 100 lbs in TWO MONTHS? ON HIS OWN!!!
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I thought the booming sound effects while they walked to the scale in the intro were uncalled for. But yeah, great that he lost 100 in two months! So what happened with the 2 teams that got kicked off initially and the trainers stopped their car? I missed what came next
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I can believe it only because he was so so so big to begin with and he can get lots of mulah for it.

This was the first season i didn't feel fat watching the show! I weigh-in at the mid-250's and started out in the low 270's, but I'm tall. Every season TBL makes me think "Do I look like that?" and this season I said to myself, I don't look like that, and I'm doing good losing weight!

No favorites so far
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Owned by Dixie
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the 2 teams go home for a monthe and one will come back to join the game.

Yellow team dad has a lot to do! geez he can't put on his own shoes?
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Making them publicly humiliate themselves by weighing in in front of their friends and neighbors was really cruel. Poor Sunshine standing there in tears made me cry for her as well. This show can sometimes be horrible in how it portrays the contestants, zooming in on their bellies, and shaking the camera when they fall. But I continue to watch for the guts and strength that the people find within themselves as they learn they are stronger than they ever thought. Despite the producers turning the show into a spectacle at times, there is still some great human drama to be found there.
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One pound at a time.
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James did really well losing 100lbs in 2 months.

I thought it was mean sending the 2 teams home at the beginning. Can you imagine getting the opportunity to go on the show and not getting through the first challenge. At least one of them will get the chance to come back.

I must admit I like the guy who is the heaviest, don't remember his name.
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Boston Qualifier and MOM
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Is it just me or does the pink team look an awful lot like Helen and Shannon did?

I like the biggest guy too. And green team - I always like the ones who fight for it.
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I really liked the show last night. I know some here dont really like the "commercials" within the show and the effects they use with sound and camera and some of the things they do to these contestants but it is a tv show and unfortunately in this day and age more people watch with things like this. I have been a fan from the beginning before all of that but this stuff doesn't turn me off from watching. I like the transformations. The contestants get a lot out of this show. Can you imagine being on the BL and how accountable that would make you for the rest of your life? I think that would be awesome in itself!

I was shocked when I saw James again and he had lost 100 pounds in two months at home! wowza! There have been past shows where people have actually lost more at home....remember Ali? It's amazing and just goes to show us that we can do this too!

Yes, I agree I thought it was cruel to weigh in front of their friends and family....they should have at least let them keep their T-shirts on ....but again...I guess they feel they have to do this for the show's sake.

Also, sending those two groups home........I didn't like that either....they should have given them at least a week there. But, I'm glad they get a chance to come back. I can't wait to see how they have done at home and maybe they will do even better since they weren't given the chance to stay. I know I would....I would be like "I'm gonna show them" lol !

Isn't it amazing how the people who weigh 200-something pounds look so small on the BL these days? And..they are obese too! It is such an inspiration to watch people who are twice my size lose the weight and exercise!

I saw Jillian on Jay Leno last night and she said she works out three days a week..but it's basically DIET. I wish they would let us know on BL what diet plan the contestants follow.

Can't wait to watch next week!
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I love the show too but I am so tired of seeing people fall off the treadmill. Why don't they have the safety latch on. My dh fell on a treadmill and almost lost his thumb. It got caught under the wheel. There is no reason to risk peoples safety for dramatic effect. I never get on mine without attaching it.

I like the big guy (white team) and the green team, too.
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I loved it when Michael on the white team lost all that weight and asked "are my abs showing yet?" Cute!
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I'm really irritated that they sent 2 teams home after that ridiculous challenge. I know that they have a chance to come back but what a disadvantage it puts them at. You know those people have to be so exicted to finally get to the ranch and then to just get sent home shortly after getting there, yuck.
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