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Default What is the actual diet?

Can anyone tell me what the actual diet is? I was on the South Beach the last weeks and have done well, but I feel that this diet is not one I can use the rest of my life. I watch The Biggest loser show all the time, but do not actually know the diet. Can anyone explain it?
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Hi! The Biggest Loser does snot really do a "diet", they promote and have their contestants count calories, a minimum of 1200 a day, although I have seen on the show where they go considerably less on the show at times, but they are working against a deadline and working out insane hours a day and have a whole staff of doctors and people to monitor these people, which of course we do not.. lol but what they stand behind as a healthy lifestyle is basic healthy eating and exercise, count calories in vs. calories out. It works, and is the healthy way to lose and keep it off. A lifestyle change. I am a calorie counter and I have lost 17 pounds consistently. I hope this helps.. and I wish you all the best with everything you wish to accomplish! I know you can do it.. we all can!!
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Take a look at the BL 30-Day Quick Start. They do have a diet, it's not just counting calories and the 30-Day Quick Start is 1500 calories.
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I've also wondered why they don't show more of the contestants preparing their food. I wish more was shown about that.
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It's my understanding that they also follow a plan that asks them to have a certain number of servings of protein, whole grains, vegetables and fruits. It's a shame they don't talk about their diet a little more, since controlling one's diet is a HUGE part of weight loss
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I remember when Tracy was still not able to workout regularly and Bob told her to use the protein powder that they can add to water for after workouts. I think Ali still uses it.
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I think the reason they don't show more about the food, is that everyone is not following the same diet. The're being given diet advice and counseling (at least they imply so - I haven't watched the last two seasons, so this may have changed), but it's very possible that the contestants are not following a diet resembling anything they should be doing (and the show isn't really wanting to advertise that fact).

If you've ever read Kai Hubbard's Blog, she alludes to the fact that behind the scenes the show is a very different Biggest Loser, than the one televised.

She has criticised the show's staff for giving very little real nutrition and diet advice (stressing the weight loss numbers, and overlooking the crazy ways that the contestants really lost the weight - like dehydrating themselves in order to prepare for weigh-ins, and having "weeks" that were much, much longer than 7 days).

She talks of the show's medical staff giving contestants very vague advice, and "unwritten rules" for example, advising contestants to follow a sensible diet (wink, wink) but not really going into any detail as to what sensible means, yet being encouraged to eat (or rather don't eat) whatever it takes to pull down the really, really big weight loss numbers (so many of the contestants were crash dieting or not eating anything at all).

There've been rumors that the show cleaned up it's act, somewhat in future seasons - but apparently they also wrote much tighter "non-disclosure" agreements, so that contestants who talk about their experiences on the show will face stiff penalties and lawsuits (even Kai has pushed the boundaries of her own contract - if not actually breaking them. For example, she's talked about wanting to write a book about her experiences, but her contract with TBL forbids it (so she'd have to write it as fiction). I believe future contracts include a prohibition against fictionalized accounts and blogging as well - to prevent future contestants from talking about their experiences on the show. Not just preventing them from profiting from a tell-all book (as Kai signed) but preventing them from telling at all.

It's hard to verify Kai's version of events, because the other contestants are NOT talking - but I do find it highly suspicious that so little time is spent on the food portion (again, I can only speak to all seasons but the last two).

Regardless of whether you're talking about the "official" TBL diet, or the "actual" diet(s) that TBL contestants follow, all are going to be at least as restrictive as South Beach (that's just dieting physics - to lose weight rapidly - you must severely restrict calories and food intake).

South Beach does not strictly restrict portions. You are supposed to follow some portion and appetite/hunger guidelines, but it also doesn't promise rapid weight loss (at least past the first two weeks).

Because TBL does promise fairly rapid weight loss, the diet is more likely than not (in fact, much more likely than not) going to be a much more restrictive plan.

I'm not trying to be negative, but I would think that anyone who finds South Beach too restrictive to follow for life - would not find TBL plans any easier.
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The eating program they follow is from Dr.Rob Huisenga, the doctor on the show. He has written a book describing the actual plan, and an alternate workout schedule. I really enjoy the book and I am gonna start on it next week. You can purchase the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and the name is Where did all the Fat go? The WOW! prescription to reach your ideal weight and stay there

I hope it helps I would love some partners!
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