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The Biggest Loser - Winning by Losing For discussion of the NBC tv show The Biggest Loser and the book Winning by Losing, by Jillian Michaels

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one annoyed by Shay.

I still want to know what the heck is the matter with Tracey. To be in the hospital for a week, and then they wont release her to exercise...thats gotta be more than heatstroke.

I dont know why but I was just a little bored last night, could it be because there are just too many people to keep track of?
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Originally Posted by happeningf View Post
Is it just me who is annoyed by tracy? I mean I know people have their limits but she was SO dramatic falling all over the place at the beach, and YES no explanation on why she was in hospital!?!?! She's not as big as many of the other contestants yet she struggled and complained through the balance thing and just seems to be so dramatic.
She is driving me bananas! Wasn't she a Marine? I really look to the women to stand out, and I have been disappointed with all but one. I think it's great that they are taking really unhealthy people and pushing them completely beyond their means, but I would love a season or a spinoff show that took some people who maybe are 60 to 80 pounds overweight and see what they could do in the same allotted time. I mean, the result wouldn't be as shocking, but I would love to see it just the same. I wonder how different the show would be.

I think this is the first season to give any kind of idea of the amount of calories they are expected to burn per day. Was it 6000? Did I hear that correctly?
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I heard 6,000 too....gosh...I'm having a GOOD workout if I burn 350 in 30 minutes...

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Then that makes sense since they are working out 8 hours per day.
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Yeah, that's what Bob said. (although I think the 1200 calorie target was for women and men had something like 1500). The only way to get a massive weight loss is to establish a massive calorie deficit.

I did the math: 6000 calories burned minus 1200 calories eaten is a 4800 calorie deficit. At 3500 calories per pound, that theoretically would result in a 9-10 pound loss per week. I believe the body bugg is measuring regular metabolic activity too, so probably 2000-3000 calories a day is accounted for in basal metabolic rate at their body weights. Then they would have to "burn" another 3000-4000 calories in activity. Moderate exercise for them would burn on the order of 500 calories per hour = 8 hours of movement. Challenging, but not impossible.

I can't help it, I'm a scientist by training.

What I can't see is how they manage to keep their energy levels going at that exercise intensity. I've had a few "calorie burn" days like that during my hiking/backpacking vacations -- try 14 mile day hikes with pack over challenging terrain! But, I had to EAT to be able to keep hiking for 6-7 hours, and do it again day after day. If I ingested only 1200 calories (and that's right about my BMR) and tried to keep up THAT level of intense activity, I'd be freakin' hungry and falling on my nose from lack of energy.

So, there is some kind of magic, or science, that allows them to do that. I couldn't. I guess that's why they have Bob and Jillian.
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MBN, i heard jillian talk about just that thing on dr. oz's radio show. she said that for people who aren't morbidly obese, they'd have to eat much more to sustain those exertion levels. for the contestants, who have 200 - 350+ extra pounds, their bodies respond differently - they simply start metabolizing their fat stores. FWIW.
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MBN - that's pretty much how I figured it out too, but I didn't have enough energy to write it out so concisely! Great job.

It must be all of that "Biggest Loser Designer Whey Protein powder" or something that helps them stay alert. Although I bet that they don't do much else on non-filming days besides eat, workout, and sleep.
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anyone know how long it usually takes for the full episode to be put online?
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My desire for Abby to win makes everyone else seem less worthy, from the get-go, and no one else really stands out for their positive qualities. She's just so gracious, and so adorable, and so lovely. We'll see what happens with everyone else further down the line though
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I think the lack of "trainer teams" has a LOT to do with the TERRIBLE season with Vicky and Heba and all of the team-mindset evilness. I know it turned a lot of people off of the show....it did me, though I kept watching. They had already started filming on the season after that one when the evil episodes aired, so this season was their first opportunity to try to quell the gameplaying/drama. I'm glad for it - at least people will be voting off based on SOMETHING other than "well, she's on my team", which is always what happened when they merged.
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^ that's a good point... now they need to have legitimate reasons to vote someone else other than "well he/she is on my team"
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Originally Posted by MBN View Post
I believe the body bugg is measuring regular metabolic activity too, so probably 2000-3000 calories a day is accounted for in basal metabolic rate at their body weights
Yep you're assuming correct. My Bodybugg measures mine at about 1700 if I sat on the sofa all day long. I'm not that much smaller then some of the girls but the ones who weigh 300/400 burn likely nearly double that, which is why they lose so much more. That and the fact they burn way more calories doing the same workouts.

Like for example they say you burn 100/mile in general but I can run 4.5 miles and burn 700-750 or so while someone much smaller might only burn 400-500

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So they released a clip where Dr. H decribes in detail what went wrong with Tracy...
(3FC wouldn't let me post the link but you check it out on Hulu under the title "Tracy's Visitor.")

I agree that Coach Mo will never be like the Ronfather. He seems way to sweet and good natured. He reminds me more of Pete from a few seasons ago.

I agree that Abby is one of the more likeable of the contestants. I can't believe how articulate and well spoken she is even though she has every reason to be an emotional mess.

I also really like the red team and either of them are my picks for this season's BL.
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[QUOTE=SimpleRhythm;2944214]So they released a clip where Dr. H decribes in detail what went wrong with Tracy...
(3FC wouldn't let me post the link but you check it out on Hulu under the title "Tracy's Visitor.")

Tracy's Visitor
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Thanks for posting the link!!

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