Question on Biggest Loser

  • Hi there,

    im new here and dont really know how it works around here. im from germany and lost about 25 pounds in the last 2 month (a lot of running and watching what i eat, at the moment i eat about 1200 -1300 calories a day). let me tell you watching the biggest loser online on youtube was and still is a big inspiration espacially jillian. my question is, here in germany the biggest loser is not shown on tv, is there a possibility to get it on dvd? i think i already watched everything about biggest loser on youtube and love to see the whole episodes not only pieces of it.

  • Hi Sarah,

    First, hello to Germany. I love Germany, especially Stuttgart (have relatives there).
    Second, CONGRATULATIONS on losing the weight! I know how hard this is. Iíve lost about the same amount as you in March, but Iíve gained some of it back, so now I decided to join this forum to help me stay motivated until the next season of the Biggest Loser. I love this show too. Well, I watch it mostly because of Jillian, I think sheís just amazing.
    Regarding the DVDs, I donít think there are any official DVDs, except for those workout ones, BUT if you're happy with a youtube quality, maybe I can help you. Just send me a PM and I'll explain.
  • Netflix has season 1 listed but only to "save" to your queue, since it has not been released. I doubt they would have even added it if there were no plans to ever release the show on DVD. So I guess we just have to wait.
  • Just found this on Apparently you can buy individual episodes from season 6 and 7.
  • I didn't realize Amazon was even doing that. I always check the TV, especially the health channels, Like Discovery Health, and other cable channels, because they tend to run the seasons on there - in completion too. I think the new season starts mid-September - a few weeks from now!
  • September 15th!!!! Totally Can't Wait!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi Enigma27,

    i hope you got my pm...
    im not sure.....
    please explain

  • Marms, THANK YOU for the link, I didnít even know this existed.
  • Sarah, I didn’t get your PM. I just found out you need to have at least 10 posts before you can start sending them, so I can't send you any either. I wanted to tell you that I have a couple of seasons of the BL show on my computer and could try to send you via MSN/email/regular mail, but I don’t want to post my personal information here for everyone to see. I got it from my friend, I think he recorded it when the show was on TV, I doubt he knew about the Amazon options Marms mentioned.
  • Enigma27, i canīt get the episodes from amazon cause im in germany, i tried but it wont work.

    it would be easier via mail... i have it you have to put my name sarah weyers (without the space)

    maybe it is easier via mail.

  • I THINK you can watch complete episodes on hulu but I'm not positive, and I haven't checked which seasons are available. Plus, it's free!
  • it says that you only can watch videos on hulu if you are within the united states... but im in germany

    someone with other ideas?

    thanks sarah
  • Quote: Marms, THANK YOU for the link, I didn’t even know this existed.
    You're welcome. I didn't know amazon had a video on demand site either and I use amazon all the time! Yay for google search.


    Other than the proxy trick, the only thing I can think of is using to download the youtube videos.