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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
I'm sad to see Jay go. He's the nicest "teddy bear" guy on the show.
He was nice, I don't think we ever heard him bad mouth another team or player.
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wow... i still have another hour before tbl starts but wow.... that is not at all what I expected to happen. Bummer. bbl
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Now that we know who the four are for next week, any predictions for who will be below the yellow line?

I love the summer olympics. I'm excited about that!
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OMG! If I see one more man tear! Crazy....
Mark SO SELFISH, should have taken one for the team. I really hope he does not win.
Jay, are you stupid, why did you even bother if you are just going to hand it over to someone else, what a quitter?
Ali, shut up about your arms, you are teeny-tiny lady now,
Kelly, DAMN, she is still there, doing things I would struggle doing, that really made me cry when the lady was helping her run, you go girl, Tear it up girl!
Roger, is looking better everyday, he really needed Dan as a side kick.
Ali the hostess, how many freckles do you have? (I watched in HD tonight and realized she has about 60 thousand freckles-not that that's bad, just never noticed before!)

As for the flirting, YES it was flirting!
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HD is crazy!! Some anchors I see regularly on TV looked so different I assumed they'd had "work" or some sort - except some look worse.

I haven't seen the show yet, but this doesn't shock me I guess...that Jay would just kinda go down without a fight? Is that what happened? He doesn't even have his vacation now.
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Wow...where to begin? Australia looks so beautiful and I'm glad the contestants got the extra bonus of getting to travel and see such a beautiful place. Everyone looks so amazing, you wouldn't recognize them from the beginning of the show.

Ali: OMG....what can you say? She is gorgeous! She is the biggest transformation I have ever seen on BL. She is so toned and athletic now....amazing.

Kelly: She doesn't realize she isn't morbidly obese anymore. She still lumbers along like she is carrying an extra 100lbs on her body. I would love to see her at her goal weight and feeling comfortable in her skin. She always seems so physically and mentally uncomfortable. Although I do believe she is much better than she was when the show first started. It seems like she forgot how to be feminine.

Roger: I sorta felt bad for him this week because I wonder how he's going to feel when he finds out the guys were plotting against him with the girls. He takes the pride on three thing seriously and I think he's going to be hurt.

Mark: I wonder if Mark never dealt with emotions before losing the weight and now he is dealing with years of pent up, unexpressed emotion? It all seems so overwhelming to him, and I find myself feeling sorry for him. I can totally understand how hard it is to lose food as your comfort and now have to deal with emotions instead of stuffing them down with food. I think he's dealing with emotions for the first time and he is just totally unable to hold back the tide. meh.

Jay: What a nice guy. I'm sure he's been told that his whole life, but he truly seems to be one. He looks absolutely amazing and I think it's so great he can use his new found fitness to increase awareness and raise money for his daughter's illness. I think Roger summed it up when he said Jay spent his whole life in his brothers shadow and now it's time for him to shine! Shine on Jay!!

This has been my favorite season, I can't wait to see next week!
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good show! i would have voted off mark! best part of the show is when his wife asked him if he was crying again! LOL!!

alli looks amazing! kelly is really starting to look good too!
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Well missingmyerica, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!! It's sooo nice to see that everyone does really care about eachother!!!

As for Mark! I thought that was soooo sweet of him to have a "tie" with Ali. I thought for sure he would've taken Jay with him. My fiance and I got started cracking up when Ali ran with Mark on her back across that finish line!!!

I'll be happy if one of the girls get the "Biggest Loser" title. But at this point I think I'd be happy no matter who won!
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Mark already took one for the team it was Jay's turn. Besides it was smarter for Roger, Kelly and Ali to get rid of Jay, Mark probably wont lose much more. So I dont see what the big upset is. Mark will fall below the yellow line, America wont vote him to be #3 so he wont be in the finale anyway. Just opens the door wider for Ali, Kelly and Roger who are the faves.

I thought Mark was fantastic tonight. That was really great to share the prize with Ali since she was with him the whole way.
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Wow..its not over yet. Mark is talking to his wife now. LoL!! But Jay went home?? Sad..I had a feeling he would be leaving.

Why is Mark so emotional? LOL!!! I've been away from my hubby for 7 months and he never once cried when he called me (not that I'm aware of, lol)
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The girls are still in it! At least ONE will make it to the guess is that Mark will be voted off by America after next week... guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out....

Ack, the crying, the drama...OY...but it makes for exciting TV.

That "Cry on three" post from last week was right on...cracked me up!
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Let's go Kelly, Let's GO! When I heard her say the pressure was on her to be the first female biggest loser I was SO excited! She has finally woken up and realized she could hang to the end. I am starting to see some confidence come out of her and that is such a good thing. I think the slumpy walk will get better for the finale...hopefully!

I also would love to see Ali win, but it's not going to happen, she just doesn't have enough to lose, didn't from the very beginning...but her big reward is a whole new life, a very different life than what she would have had before. I do believe her 110% that this has changed her, she will not be one who goes back to fat.

I really felt Mark and Ali seemed a bit too close. His wife was not happy watching that last night, for sure. She better watch out if he keeps in contact with Ali after this is over, she wouldn't be the first wife traded in for a newer model once the guy realizes he's hot now
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I still say my favourite part was Mark's wife asking him if he was crying again. What'd she say... "You gotta toughen up!" or something like that. Hahahaha. Took the words right out of my mouth.

For whatever reason everyone had for voting Jay, I'm just glad the brothers are broken up. They seriously act like someone is going to go die as soon as they step outside the elimination room. I can only take so much blubbering and it's just funny how the men seem to dominate that these days. Even Kelly's doing better!

I've actually decided that I really like both girls now and for that reason, not even because it'll be the "first female Biggest Loser" I want them to win. Last season Isabeau could've won it, but I didn't care for any of those three women by the end of it. This season both girls have grown on me.
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I was sad to see Jay go, but he would be a bigger threat than Mark. How much more can Mark lose and not be "under weight?" I do think that Mark is a better man because of his experience, but my goodness, he's turned into a bit of a cry baby...geeeez. I used to not be able to handle it when men cry...I'd cry too, but I think Mark has desensitized me, lol! Someone mentioned that maybe he's never dealt with his emotions, other than stuffing them down with food....That could be it. Roger was absolutely right when he said that jay grew out of his brother's shadow.

I think Ali's thing with her arms is, she hasn't shrunk mentally. On the inside, she still feels like that fat girl with all the fat girl insecurities. God bless her heart. She'll get there eventually. It's an emotional and mental process, as well as a physical one. (Great, now I have the Olivia Newton John song in my head).

Kelly is growing on me, and she is starting to look great and good for her finishing that challenge! She still feels like the fat girl inside too, and she has a very manly walk about her, and low self esteem. I think she would do well to take a modeling personal development class. When I was a teen, I was a MAJOR tomboy, and my Mom enrolled me into Millie Lewis Modeling School to "turn me into a girl", and it worked! I learned how to walk and carry myself, how to do my hair and make up, how to sit, all kinds of things and it's stuck with me after all these years.

Still not liking Roger. He'll prolly win the whole thing, but I am rooting for Ali or kelly! I am sooooo gonna call and vote!

How about that dude from the Austrailia show? OMG! He was HOT!!!!
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Originally Posted by Diva View Post
How about that dude from the Austrailia show? OMG! He was HOT!!!!
OMG Adro was smokin!!! I didn't think he would look that good!! He wasn't my favorite in the Australia show but DAMN he really stepped up to the plate!!!!
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