TBL Couples: Season 5 Discussion *SPOILERS*

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  • WOW if that is here she looks amazing!
  • On the right hand size of the mag, it says Hillary Duff, but if that's supposed to be her on the cover, I can't tell.
  • Totally looks photoshopped to me.
  • Yes, I saw that...was wondering if this is an excellent Photoshop job?
  • Photoshop for sure!
  • Quote: Totally looks photoshopped to me.
    Me too.
  • Earlier today someone joked in another thread about how she was gonna watch TBL tonight and see Kelly cry, and I laughed, but I tell ya, maybe she's missed a few episode's because apparently, Mark lost a couple of other things when he lost the weight. NEVER in my life have I seen a man cry as much as this one. Geeeez....

    Okay....Y'all ready??? One...twooo.... three...CRY on Three!!!
  • Lurking so dh will be amazed at my psychic abilities lol. What's happening!?!?!?!
  • OMG!


    Ali and Kelly in the finals!!
  • I hope Mark gets voted the third because I would love for either of these women to be the first female biggest loser!!!
  • Obviously this was more than a 7 day week for them to be dropping that kind of weight. I actually flew out of the chair when Kelly's weight popped on the screen. I hope America votes for Mark to be 3rd. Roger still has to much to lose and could pull it off.

    Dixie - Where are you with your fancy charts for us?
  • I have to admit that I haven't really watched the show much over the different seasons. How is the final winner decided? Weight loss on the last week, or total overall loss?
  • Quote: Dixie - Where are you with your fancy charts for us?
    That's too funny! I was frantically searching for the chart I printed that she did. Trying to crunch numbers to see what % each one had lost to date. Ali had the highest percentage so far and that's amazing!

    I voted for Mark because I would love to see one of the women win. They both did an incredible job and I feel either one would deserve the win. I think they have a better chance against Mark.

    Any of the four would deserve a win. They all did incredible!
  • I was very very VERY happy for Ali and Kelly! that is soooooooo awesome!!!! GO Ali!!!! I swear me and that girl are so much alike in our hard lives and the reason's we gave up on myself. This episode was a real eye opener for me. I'm feeling kind of emotional and trying to figure out how to put it into words. I figured out when it all went downhill for me and when I gave up. It was 11 freaking years ago! OMG! For Eleven years I have been a zombie.

    Someone mentioned Britney's myspace...What is that addy??? Do the rest have one? I'd love to add Ali to mine.
  • Week to week they base it on the weight loss for that week (as to who goes home), but for the ultimate winner it goes on total overall percentage weight loss.