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I was so sad the brown team went home. I was rooting for them.

I really liked seeing normal numbers.
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Well, the brown team was my favourite, so I guess I'll have to figure out a new one now.

I really like Amanda from the white team, but can't stand Neill. I'm not crazy over the yellow team either. Maybe I'll cheer for Bette Sue now. I do like the stranger couple too. They tried really hard in the challenge.
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From the brown team in the hall of shame, the "I didn't know it was this bad" was what REALLY got me. That really hit home for me.

I like that Jilian called Neill on saying he was there to get thin! We all want to be thin(ner), but the reasons WHY are what matters, what motivates. He wasn't thinking about that, I don't think.

OMG the phone calls home made me BAWL. So sweet, all of them. I lived away from home for 3months when I was 15, and I remember how much I missed my family and friends, and how much my parents missed me... I can only imagine how it is for all these folks, when they are working so hard and processing so much emotional development.

I didn't like the temptation this episode. It seemed like too much of a binge, rather than teaching them healthy ways to incorporate tempting foods.

I think this episode really underscored for me how CRAZY our bodies are... that the women who worked hard and didn't eat in the temptation lost very little, and the guy who ate 925calories in the temptation lost 7lbs. What the heck!?
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Wow! Just saw it. I'm not sure why, but both weeks have made me really emotional. I've never cried watching TBL before, but I've bawled both weeks of this season. Maybe it's because I'm now ready to lose the weight.

knitsforfive and onthetee-- are you both homeschool moms? I homeschool my kids too. I also have a hard time with the white team leaving their baby for so long. I would never do that. Don't risk your child's development when it's possible to lose weight at home. Hire a personal trainer instead.

I agree with kaplods that their baby's psychological development is way too important at this age. Just do a google search on Erickson's 8 Stages of Development. (I would post a link to a great chart, but I need a higher post count before I can post links.)

It was good to see real numbers. Is it possible that they had the lower numbers due to over-training? I wasn't surprised that the black team lost weight and won the $5000. I knew that would happen.

I'm still not sure who my favorite team is. I like the blue team and the black team. I think the black team will win.
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I like the orange team. They're so much like me and my mom!

I was crying like crazy last night, too. Especially when some of them called home!

And the "Hall of Shame" ... I felt so sick after that! I starting crying during that, too! "We're killing ourselves."
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This was definitely an emotional episode with the hall of shame and the calls home. I will also admit that I had some tears during this episode

It was hard to see the brown team leave, but it also would have been hard to see the ex' go too.

I still don't like Neill's attitude. I like how Jillian took him outside alone and had a one-on-one with him It was hard to see Amanda loss -0- and Neill lose 6 or 7 lbs... WTH

Orange team, even though they have now one two weeks in a row, there is something there that I just don't like and I can't pin my finger on it.

I can definitely see the brothers going far unless they slip up one week. They remind me of Jim & Bill.

The camp counselor's, I hope for their health that they go far. I know how hard it is to be overweight with your best friend.

Bette-Sue and her daughter...I love Bette-Sue's attitude! She reminds me of my best friend's mom LOL I hope they go far! And look at her lose that weight this week! Go Bette-Sue!!

Brittany and Bernie I also hope go far! They are so cute together Can tell they work well together! I wish they would've gotten a calling card this week It's got to be hard being the only ones there that haven't known each other for years.

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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I was rather annoyed by the supposed "shocker" Jillian predicted. Um, what shocker? Considering the outrageously large weight losses the first week, what were we supposed to see this week? More huge losses? Did anyone bring a chainsaw along to trim the extra pounds? And Jillian's response to it, that it was a shock to her, and that it made her question everything she thought she knew, or some garbage like that. You mean, in her entire education and career as a personal trainer (which we assume started before the television show), she's never heard of a person gaining a pound in the course of a week despite doing everything right? What planet has she been on?

The audience manipulation annoys me. It makes me wonder if this was one of the "short" weeks, and how short was it? 5 days? 2?
Okay, I totally was shocked along with Jillian here! In past seasons most do still lose large numbers the second week. i don't know that in any past season there has been a consistent low number from about everyone like this...has there? Usually they still lose a lot, especially the men. The women slow down more than the heavier men, but heck last season some of those men were losing in the double digits several weeks in a row, remember? So it probably was a shock to see so many have 1-2 lb. losses in the second week.

You have to remember, they are not living normal life; their losses are not the same as us in the real world. They are doing a ton more exercise and eating controlled meals, etc. so it is more than possible to drop big numbers two weeks in a row. I was shocked myself! I expected some would be low from Jillian's radio show, but did not expect to see about everyone dropping low.

I think it was Bob who said maybe them training together didn't work...maybe not, who knows

AND I have heard her say on her radio program to expect to have a week or two where you see a small gain, that it is normal. Remember you are seeing an edited version of what she says and they are going to play up the shock value for the sake of TV. Plus again, gains on this show are usually done on purpose (but I don't think last night's gain was)...look back to past seasons, small gains are not common and losing 0 is really uncommon. And yes, she was a trainer long before being on the show...that's how she got on the show.

Anyway, I am not sure what you mean by audience manipulation...what did I miss?

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OK, on the cutaways to the primaries, I think everyone had those as it was national NBC pulling that, not locals. Anyway, we did not miss any of the show. Everytime they came back from the primary, the show started fresh, which you could tell because it had the parental rating in the upper left corner, which only happens when they return from commercials. So they did not broadcast over anything, and in fact, did use their commercial time to run the primary information. So don't feel cheated, it was ok. I was annoyed the first time too but then realized it started fresh after each update and we never joined mid scene or anything.

I muted it for all the phone calls after the white team. I realized, oh please, they are going to make us listen to all FIVE stinking calls home, that's going to be like 45 minutes of the 2 hour show. What a waste. I don't need to see everyone being dragged down the emotional drain x5. So I didn't let myself be manipulated by NBC last nite.

I wonder if they are working to make the show more realistic after all the slams about unrealistic weight loss. Yes, week 2 is a lower loss week, bc yes I do think it is 5 days after the previous week's 10 or so days. But in past seasons that has been 6 lbs instead of 12. Not as many people losing 1 or 2 as last nite. Do you think they are MAKING people drink water after the workout and not letting them dehydrate themselves before the weigh in? Hmmm, that would be interesting. I don't know how they could "make" people do anything, but maybe they put rules out that effect or something and so people are following them. Well, we'll see what next week brings.

And the Michigan primary is next Tuesday, so yeah, be prepared for more of the NBC primary newsbreaks.
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I've been thinking about the challenge and I realize that it seems like a good metaphor for our eating habits in real life. At first, I thought it was mean that they offered 5000.00 to the person who consumed the highest amount of calories. Then I realized that I find myself putting that high of a value on many social situations. How many times have I told myself "It is a special occasion"; "It's a once-in-a-lifetime event"; "It will be months before I can indulge like this again" and then overate? I can convince myself that any event is a 5000.00 event and worth the calories. So I liked watching people struggle with it and especially liked seeing people teach themselves that the calories are not worth the money.

Yup -- JBAKE -- another HSing mom here. You know -- I think that the reason this issue especially touches me is that my older 2 kids came to our family through international adoption and they were older (21 m. and 3 years). We had no choice as to whether or not we got to bond with them in those developmental months and we would have given anything ANYTHING to have that chance. Bonding with them was very tough, a challenge unlike any we have had while bonding with our child who joined the family from birth. ANd the worse part is that my kids never chose to be born into a situation where they would not get to bond with a caregiver, but they are the ones who carry that sadness and loss with them. SO it irks me to see people CHOOSE to leave a child during that vital period of time when they could have done what they needed to do at home -- albeit with more dedication and less support (like the rest of us).

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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
Just finished watching the show.

My take on the white team - from a developmental perspective their child is at the critical age for the formation of parental attachment. According to most psychological developmental models, separation from either, let alone both parents during the age of about 13 months to 2 1/2 years can have long term psychological consequences. I'm sure they are thinking that it is a better alternative than staying home and staying fat, but it is not their only alternative. If we all believe that the only way we can lose weight is to be on the TBL television show we might as well shut this site off, right now. They do have an alternative - stay home and lose weight at home, keeping their family intact, while doing so.
As a psych major and someone who has taken many many courses on childhood development and adolescent behavior I've got to question the comment on "most psychological dev. models, stating that separation from either let alone both parents during the age of 13 months to 2 1/2 years can have long term psych consequences." That would really vary from behavior model and the school of learning, who was influencing it. If it was Freud yeah probably but not say someone like Watson who was credited with the foundation of behavioralism and his beliefs were that you shouldnt even show your child affection. I think we'd be hard pressed to find concrete, replicated studies where 3 or 4 months away from your child causes "long term psych consequences." But I'd be willing to read them! These people obviously couldnt do it at home or they would have. Would we fault them if they had to go away to rehab for drug addiction? Why is this not the same category? Anyway, just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by Hun.e.B View Post
These people obviously couldnt do it at home or they would have. Would we fault them if they had to go away to rehab for drug addiction? Why is this not the same category? Anyway, just my opinion.
I agree 100%. My Dad was in the Air Force and left for a year three different times before I was 10. Yes, I did have my Mom. But, my bond with my Dad was strong and still is strong. We can sit here and say that these people can stay home and do this, but take a look at our population. How many people start a diet, stick with it and learn a new way of living? The statistics are extremely sobering. I'm 43 years old and just now finding my way on this whole thing. My daughter's are 8 and 11 and already have a tendency to gain weight. I believe this is because they have learned poor eating behaviours from me and Hubby. What have we taught them? How much better would it be if these parents can learn this stuff early and teach their son the right way to eat for life? And, hopefully, they will be healthy parents who live a nice long life and are there for their son.

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I dunno why but Im not as interested in the show this time. The only one I really like is Betty Sue. lol.
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I really still don't like the white team, but I don't think they'll stay above the yellow line for long. He seems like such a whiner.

I was impressed that Bette-Sue got up and got back on the treadmill. I've done that zone out fall on you butt thing and it's scary.

About the calling cards. I think the 2 teams that went ahead and finished the challenge should have got the cards, because they didn't quit.
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When Betty Sue fell, if they had be using the proper safety equipment that comes with the treadmill then it should have automatically cut off.

Those little safety clips and strings aren't for kinky sex toys.... they are for safety!

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Originally Posted by knitsforfive View Post
I thought I was alone in this. I was thinking that it wasn't fair to the baby to have to miss out on his parents for so long during such an important time in his life -- because of what they did to their bodies. I mean, like the rest of us, they could have stayed home and lost weight the old fashioned way -- which is harder -- and been there for their son. But instead, they kind of chose an easy and quick way out -- at the expense of their son. It's not like they were deployed to Iraq or something -- where we could understand the absence -- no matter how sad. They just wanted to lose weight on a famous show.

Yikes -- I guess I hit my own hot button on this one. I am really judgmental!
I look at it differently. They couldn't do it on their own, or they would have. They needed this. And listening to part of the phone call, the kid didn't sound upset as I'm sure he's hanging out with the grandparents and being well taken care of. I don't think it was an easy choice for them as this being the first time away from their son for more than a couple of days.
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