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How about the AWKWARD gum product placement in last season? They reminded me of the "commercials" in The Truman Show!
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I don't know who will win this year...BUT....I predict the exes will get back together thanks to this show!
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Originally Posted by Jen415 View Post
I don't know who will win this year...BUT....I predict the exes will get back together thanks to this show!
I was thinking the same thing! Especially when he said that bit about one of them giving up, and then they had that whole tender moment before weigh-in...

I also think the biggest loser club pair are going to end up together.

What is with BL and the match-making? Matt and Suzy, that other guy who left his wife for another contestant...
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If the exes are going to get back together, he has to stop making such snide little comments. She cried, but I would have throttled him.

Anyway, we have wondered during past challenges what happened to players after. Last night, I saw Pam from Season 3 doing another commercial to encourage Indiana residents to get off the couch:
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I'm definitely thinking that either the internet team, or the exes will get together at the end of the season. However, I'm rooting for the mother/son team!
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Red face

J and I just watched a couple of episodes of the first season on the Style channel and OMG! They seemed so much more emotional and connected then than they are now. I have never seen that season and I missed like the first 4 weeks. We just watched Pete and then Mark get voted off. Does anyone know when they will show the rest? I am totally hooked now.

It's weird because I know Matt and Suzy got together but so far I see absolutely NO romantic connection there. Did it happen after the show was over?
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They don't show it on the show but they say later it was after she cut his hair. Oh yeah, Diva that's Season 2 so you not only need to see the rest of that you need to find out how to catch up with Season 1!
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Snide or not what the ex husband said was true. :/

He's so clearly in love with her still and so affectionate that if she doesn't feel the same towards him, I think she really needs to set up some boundaries for both of their good!
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Maybe BettySue has bad knees. I know when people do, they are afraid to walk down hill bc of the sensation of their knees giving out on them and making them fall. That could be why she scooted down the hill, bc of fear her knees would buckle.

Matt & SUzy hooked up at the finale. There's an interview with them where she talks about being excited to go back bc she thought there was a spark b4 they left the ranch, but wasn't sure, you know how that is. So she was interested to see if he would pick up where they left off. She said they didn't see each other before, so the shock value would be real, and then during the taping, there was no time to talk, and when he won, they whisked him away to do all the stuff he needed to do. Apparently, there was an after party and only at that did they finally get the time to talk alone and I guess he asked if he could call her or they could meet the next day, and the rest is history! So no, there really was no connection on the show. Even in the final episode at the ranch that I watched on NYDay, Matt was still rolling his eyes at her when she broke down crying at her final weigh in.

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Default The Biggest Loser Couples

I am bummed because I missed the first episode. I have had my DVR set to record it and it has recorded in the past but I think it is because the title is different. Anyway I will have to start watching next week. I definitely get inspired to get up and do something when I am watching this show. It is amazing how much weight they lose just in the time they are at the ranch. It gives me hope. I want to lose 81 lbs total and would love to be able to lose 31 lbs for a short goal. Maybe end of March? (One of my daughters will be 5 on March 31st) Don't know but am sure going to try!
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Yippy, it's finally Tues. More to talk about tonight and tomorrow!!!
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I finally finished watching the show from last week while I folded laundry last night. Can I just say how much I love my TIVO. (See, I could be on BL, I can do product placement)

I'm not sure if I have a favorite team yet, but I like the football players (roll tide!), the mom and son (although I hate his glasses), and the online team (she is going to be gorgeous). I think my least fave was the green team, followed closely by the white team. The white team seems so vanilla and boring, not seeing much personality there, I guess I just can't imagine leaving your small child that long either.
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I just finished listening to Jillian's radio show and she made a comment that we would be absolutely shocked by the weigh ins this week. Of course that was all she could say, but now I am anticipating tonight's episode even more!
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I have 3 favs so far, the exes, the mother/son, and the internet couple. Not sure which I like the best, guess I will have to just watch them some more to find out!!
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Originally Posted by dixiedieter View Post
The white team seems so vanilla and boring, not seeing much personality there, I guess I just can't imagine leaving your small child that long either.
I frequently have this beef with contestants. I cannot imagine the sense of abandonment that poor baby felt. No phone calls, no webcams to say, "Hi." Just one day both parents are gone, and you have a different routine, different rules and a different life. It just seems utterly unfair to do that to a child who is not old enough to master logical thought.
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