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Betty Sue had probably not exercised in years, was terribly out of shape, and she probably really couldn't breathe! Let alone how scary it must be to go from a sedentary life to walking that hill. I know if that would have been me when I very first started exercising, I would have been in tears, chest hurting, and probably crying all the way up and down. It is hard when you are heavy and haven't been active in a long time, so I had sympathy for her. I was proud of her that she did lift herself off the ground at the top and touch the thingy, then made her way back down. She could have given up, then I would have hated her and wanted her to go home, but she struggled through. Yes it took her daughter dragging and encouraging her all the way, but sometimes you need someone to stand by and drag, that is why I want her to succeed. I want her to run up that hill at the end, that would be awesome.

I guess maybe I see myself in her, because I was like that when i first started exercising. Now I easily put in 2 hours a day, sometimes all in one session, and love it...she could get there!
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Well, I just finished watching and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I so wish Hubby and I could do the show together. I think we would totally kick some butt! I guess it comes as no surprise that my favorite teams are the brown team(married couple) and the divorced team (former marrieds) I love seeing the dynamic of these couples and seeing the similarities with Hubby and I.
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Good point, onthetee, about IRL vs the competition. That comparsion thing can be so self destructive but you can't help but do it in that environment and when everything is about numbers.
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I know for myslef, if it were me on the ranch, I'd totally be struggling at first. My asthma would prrolly kick in, sore muscles, feet. I'd be a total whiner and be on ALL y'alls last nerve, LOL! I'd like to see Betty Sue climb that dang hill gain too in the end. She never once got on my nreves. Jenn did tho with all her critisms of her Father.
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I really think we need a sticky for Bob's pictures!
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Hey There!

I actually cut short a New Year's get together with friends in order to see the premier...ordinarily I never watch TV, but I'm totally into TBL! It gets me so fired up I watched it while doing an hour on my exercize bike....

It's an exciting lineup, I think. For me, the divorced couple and the mother/son are the two most interesting teams. Betty Sue [noticing how most of us already know her name!] feels like nails on a blackboard to me! And--it seems like TWO "Great Big Guy" teams is too many--the brothers and the former teammates. IMHO, of course. As for the father/daughter team-- I thought you had to go through all kinds of hoops to get on this show and they all but bailed right at the start....I did feel sorry for the grumpy Dad having to listen to his whiney daughter though.



My best takeaway advice from this episode is Jillian saying "Sweetheart--DON'T drink your calories!" I'm going to try to remember that one.
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I heard that, but missed what he was drinking to make her say that? Was it juice or some kind, or adding stuff to his coffee or something?
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He drank alot of soda, she was correcting that.

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she asked him what he usually drinks, and he said soda.

Yes love the betty sue lady,
and couldn't stand the daugher of the 60 year old, I mean, he was 60 and she lost 7 freeking lbs, she is the reason they left. she lost less than anyone.

I love the BIG black guy (football guy I think)! He is going to do great (they all will--do they have a choice)

Also love the x's!

I guess I love all of them right now, except the two young girls, i don't like how the one said she runs a fat camp, but doesn't hire overweight counselrs, ummm...
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HoosierHeather...ditto! Not really sure what Bettie Sue expected. I mean I know these people know what TBL is about so what did she expect. From the start she got on my nerves and hopefully she either improves or gets kicked off because Idon't know how much of her I can take. But...I was surprised and happy to see her loss.

I guess I just can't take all the whining and crying...I just want to yell to them...suck it up and just do it already!

And I too agree about losing soo much weight soo fast. It can't be healthy for them. I know they are under supervison but's crazy. I was in awe of the numbers though...I don't think I have a fav yet...maybe the married couple and the mom and son teams. It definitely ain't bettie sue!
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I have not read the whole thread, but wanted to chime in...Betty Sue drove me insane the whole show! Nails on the chalk board was accurate! I mean, did she really have to scoot her butt on the ground. I would have been much more sympathic if she just slowly walked. And then to be disappointed your getting Bob!
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It was the whole scooting DOWN the hill on her butt that got to me too. I mean it's down hill for goodness sake. Have some pride. I was really proud of how her daughter handled it though. Eye rolls, but no screaming. That's some self control!
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I agree. Did Betty Sue never watch the show before? You would think she might have taken a walk or two before she got to the ranch get those muscles moving. But to sit down and slide down the hil that was too much.
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Originally Posted by vixjean View Post
she asked him what he usually drinks, and he said soda.
And most importantly, it was a product promo! It wouldn't be a TBL without product placement. However, it did get me to order a Brita pitcher. I don't drink individual bottled waters, but I buy the big 2.5 gallon totes because even with TWO filters my water is gaggy. I am hoping I can use the Brita and be happy. Certainly better for the earth, even though I recycle like its a religion.
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lol My daughter and I both agreed the Brita pitches are so much better than watching them try to make different desserts, each week, with sugar free jell-o and fat free cool whip. There are only so many ways you can use those two products hee hee Oh yeah, don't forget the sugar free pudding and fat free cool whip combo cloud LOL
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