Notice To All

  • I try to do my best with everything that I do. When I took up the responsibiltys of managing the black team, I tryed to stay with that. Im human and I sometimes make mistakes.

    We all make mistakes but I dont see the need to critize me on them. Sure PM with the mistake you see and I will try and do my best to fix it. I didnt sign up to be public put down. I deal with that enough in my life, and I especially dont need it here.

    Im going through the same problem at school where I dont feel wanted. And its the worst feeling in the world. Here I just feel like no one wants me here, and probaly wouldnt evn care if you guys never heard from me again.

    So if you want me guys to leave just tell me,, and I;ll be gone. With no hard feelings.
  • No, don't leave!!!
  • Sweetie, YOU are the only one who said anything about leaving! No one has indicated they want you to leave. They just want the teams to be handled fairly and were trying to help you do that.

    Please, just take the time to review what has been said, make the adjustments and then carry on with being the organizer of the black team or releasing it for someone else if it is too stressful for you...but don't take any of it personally!

    Your team just wanted to help you out by addressing a few inconsistencies. I can understand how that could come across as criticism since in your non-net world you aren't feeling supported, but please try to look at things from another point of view. I don't think anyone was trying to "undermine" you by trying to clarify things!
  • It is not that your team does not want you Stacie....some people are just frustrated that you are cutting people off the team that weighed in on time and you say that there is no way for you to tell if they did or if they didn't....maybe it would be easier to make a new thread with the people who regularly post of the weights and that way you do not have so many posts to review to see if people weighed in or not. It is very difficult to run a challenge like this and you have done a good job....just there are just some frustration on your team that you are cutting people when you yourself did not post your weight....the rules should apply to everyone is what London was trying to one wants to take over you job....they are just trying to help and let everyone have fun...don't be offended at that please. We are all here for support.....that is the whole purpose of this site!
  • Hey, I dont even know you and I dont want you to leave!! I think its great that you took it upon yourself to get a Black team started and I'm sure they ALL appreciate you greatly for that.

    I dont think alot of people realize exactly the type of committment it takes to run a challenge like this. yes, we all make mistakes and I'd agree the whole thing wasnt handled very well seems to be resolved. I would hope that apologies have been made and everyone can move on from it.

    I would just suggest to follow the same form that Chellez does with it comes to weigh ins. I think she did offer to send you the excel spreadsheet she uses and the rules are pretty simple, you weigh in by deadline, you get 2 freebies and if you dont weigh in on that 3rd are out. Plain and simple. If you need help with this I am more than willing to help get your team square!

    I think that each and every person on the red, blue and black team can learn from this on how important it is to honor the committment you made when you signed up for the challenge. If everyone would communicate with their team and weigh in when they were supposed to, these kinds of things wouldnt be an issue.

    There is too much to be gained from support in your weigh loss so dont let the drama drive you away. Now go work out those frustrations with a great workout!! LOL!! Chin up girl! You are appreciated and you are NOT alone!
  • Stacie - I'm sure your team appreciates you! I'm sure it's a big job I can't even imagine... most people wouldn't even bother taking all that time in a selfless way to help others obtain their weight loss goals. Please stay!

  • Stacie, it seemed to me that you wanted to leave, no one said that you weren't wanted. I thank you very much for starting the black team when there were so many of us that missed the sign up for the red/blue team. Please continue on with administering the black team weigh-ins if you still want to do so. If you decide that it is all too much to handle then hand it off to someone else to continue on so we can finish out what we have started. If you want some help I'd be happy to lend a hand if needed.
  • I have no clue what this is all about but hope it's resolved and we can get on with this fun/friendly competition?
  • Quote: Im going through the same problem at school where I dont feel wanted. And its the worst feeling in the world. Here I just feel like no one wants me here, and probaly wouldnt evn care if you guys never heard from me again.

    Stacie - I hope you won't let what happened turn you away from here. We all need each other to be strong together. Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we don't see eye to eye. Sometimes we'd be better off venting our frustrations and running around the track 5 times so we could log more points on the team exercise challenge
  • Wow, I've missed a lot since I've been "being bad"..
    Stacie, no one wants you to leave.. we wouldn't have a team if it wasn't for you. There is several of us here to help you if you need anything!