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  • Does anyone know what there wearing on there arms on BL. I heard one of the trainers say she can track it from her computer and it shows how many calories your burning. Im just wonder exactly what that is??
  • They are using the "Body Bug". They are really expensive! The "Biotrainer" is less expensive and has many of the same functions.
  • Okay Thanks, Do you know if you can track it by your computer. And what they do is show how many calories youve burned right?
  • I use a Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor. It tells me the time, how long I've worked out, how many calories I've burned, what my heart rate is and whether that is in my "heart rate zone"--it also blinks to warn me if I'm under or over my "zone". Some of the more expensive Polar models interface with the computer, but mine doesn't.
  • Wow, I just looked up the Body Bug online, and it is $400 to start off, and after the first three months, you have to pay more if you want to keep using the website resources. Ouch!

    I like the idea of something tracking you all day, but that is just way too much money!
  • I have a Polar F6 and LOVE it! If you are interested in a HRM, you can get one and then manually put your data into excel or something to track your progress. I would highly recommend them!
  • I love, love, love my Polar F4. It's great for keeping track of exercise and calories burned, and it's also really MOTIVATING. I have to keep exercising until I meet my calorie goals, AND I have objective proof and reprimand in the form of my heart rate when I'm slacking off. I wouldn't want to be without it for a single workout.
  • Charity and Baffled have it right--Polar HRMs are awesome and I wouldn't want to workout without mine, either! They're awesome. It's the best Christmas gift a boyfriend has ever bought me
  • You convinced me!! I ordered one.
  • I was wondering about those things. They seem wicked cool as an accountability tool. The price tag isn't so cool though. $400 yikes!
  • Quote: I was wondering about those things. They seem wicked cool as an accountability tool. The price tag isn't so cool though. $400 yikes!
    I think that's the BodyBug that's $400.

    My Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor was just under $100, I think $89 or something (it was a Christmas gift). If I hadn't got it for Christmas, I was going to buy myself one. For me, it's well worth $100 to be able to make sure I'm exercising hard enough and long enough, and to know how many calories I'm burning as a result Consider it an investment in your health that'll last a long time!
  • Lucky people that can wear them. I have problems with wearing anything digital after a few weeks they go crazy. I had a Polar F6 and the same thing happened. For the first few weeks it was great and I loved it. I can not say enough about it and how it can motivate you. Does anyone else have that problem? Is there anything that can be done? Can I add if you do a google search for heart monitor usa coupon code you usually get reliable codes to save money.
  • I love my Polar F4...I was slacking a lot on my workouts before I got it. Like someone else said...I can keep track of my heart rate now, and KNOW it's where it needs to be. It's also much more accurate with counting the calories I've burned. I wouldn't do without it anymore and wish I'd had it all along!
  • This thread has me motivated to attempt a heart rate monitor again. I love the motivation. I liked my Polar a lot while it worked. After reading some good reviews I am going with a Mio from heart rate monitor usa and found an online coupon for 10 percent off. They have Free shipping as well.
  • There are actually 3 versions of the armband they wear on TBL. BodyBugg, which is the brand the contestants use and the show endorses, is in the middle cost-wise. Sensewear is the most expensive, and GoWear Fit (GWF) is the lowest - they are largely identical except for color variations.

    I got a GWF online for $109 (including shipping) and amazon had the display for $69. I have worn it for 3 months and have lost more than 30 lbs. Not that I think the armband is the reason I have lost weight, but it has made me far more aware of which activities burn the most calories, and how I burn less than the machines say I do.

    I also have a Forerunner GPS watch with heartrate monitor, and find the GWF armband to be more accurate with calorie expenditure, etc. It also tracks my sleep, and has confirmed that I am an insomniac. Only downside is that it has left an indentation in my left arm (you can only wear it on that side) that may take days or weeks to undo if I ever stop wearing it...

    There are various other threads comparing these devices if you want more information.