Making the Cut

  • Has anyone followed the 30 day program in the Making the Cut book by Jillian Michaels? I am following WW and I just started Making the Cut, I am on day # 7. I was wondering if anyone has lost weight with this book or if any good things happen with this book.

  • JK - I did the entire 30 day workout. I lost about 12 lbs. I didn't follow the diet she lays out but did my own thing with similar daily nutrients and calories. I loved and hated MTC. Love it because it works and it felt good, except when it felt bad. It did a number on my knees. No lasting injuries but towards the end of the program I was starting to worry. Also, I have more than 20 lbs., to lose and chose to do this anyway, now that I have done it I think following her recommendation to do this when you are really close to your goal is best. I felt okay about trying it because I have been lifting for several years and so was basically able to do everything, I think I am still too heavy for all the impact work. The floor work was a revelation however. At the end of it I was definitely at my most buff.
  • I just got her first book "Winning by Losing" in the mail today... so I'll keep ya posted on that.
  • Thanks for posting! I can definetly see where the knees can hurt like crazy. If the lunges start to hurt my knees I just go to the next exercise in the circuit. I know that is not what you are suppose to be but I figure something is better than nothing at all and I can't afford to hurt myself. I also try to follow what my podiatrist said "you don't have to go all the way down to get the benefit of a lunge." Now whether or not that is true I follow that when I can tell my knees are bothering me. Congratulations on your 12 lb lost Ledom and good luck with winning by losing LoriannC. I might get that book as well. I feel awesome after the making the cut workouts but they kick my butt while I am working out. I am on weight watchers and I hope the workouts give it an extra boost.

    Thanks again for your replies,
  • I am in week seven of WBL and have MTC sitting in the wings. It's great if you are consistent. I took off a couple of weeks and still have lost 8 inches between my bust, waist and hips. I am in the last 30 pounds of my loss so hopefully MTC will just smooth out the ugly spots.
    I think it has been really great on my legs and arms as I was not much of a lifter before.
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  • JK, I am with your Dr. on the lunges, squats, etc. I try to go slow and with perfect form and I really listen to any unwelcome twinges and take heed.

    So, Sirak is right. If you have a slow weeekend with nothing else to do there are many many posts at Jillian's Girls thread. Jillian even posted for a while way back in the beginning.