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Default January 2014 Between Chat Thread

Hello present, former and future red and blue team members.

Well the last challenge just ended tonight and Leslie and I need to see what's going on with dates and things before we announce a new challenge.

Great job to both teams I'm very proud of you all.

I for one need to re evaluate my eating it's been out of hand for about three weeks. This last 3 days have been the worst.

On the plus side I have been on the treadmill everyday getting in a good workout

If there is anyone interested in becoming a team leader or co leading the next challenge please PM Leslie and I.

Talk to you soon have a great night
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Boy, considering this is the first of the year I can't believe how quiet this thread is.
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I'm still out here Hoping to lose 50 lbs this year to back up the 70 I lost last year. Very hopeful but need a kick in the butt to increase activity. Anyone want to put a boot to my . . . er, posterior fat deposit?

Looking forward to the next challenge in any event.
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I am also looking forward to the next challenge. I came so close to finishing the last one, but with travel and lack of internet I missed too many weigh ins. I don't really get involved with the in-between chats but I will keep my eye out for the next challenge.
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I'm looking forward to being a participant in the next challenge. Being the competitive person that I am, this will be a good motivator for me to remain on track and get this weight off.
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I did pretty good this last challenge. I was able to start giving up some of my planned snacks, and the scale started moving again after a 15 month stall.

I really want to reach goal this year, and now it seems possible to me.
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I can't wait for the next challenge! I was involved the last half of 2012 and lost over 50lbs. Well...I got really good at making up excuses and falling into old habits, so here I am having gained back 35 of those lbs.

Tonight will be my first time back to Zumba and I am hoping it will inspire me to get back into running.
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A new year and a new me!
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I have meanwhile started a mini challenge just to keep me going from New Years ... to end of April ... I love any challenges and find that I do better when I know I have to pop in to weigh up lol .. or down preferably lol. But I find the challenges great and I was really happy to have made it to the finish line of the last one ... I had the added incentive of my wedding near the end of it lol ... so now I need to keep the incentives up to attack the next 50 ... after the first 100 gone
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I'm going to participate in the next challenge also!
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I am waiting for the next one too!!!
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A new year and a new me!
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Hi all .. if you are wanting to have a challenge to keep you going while we wait for the next BL .. check out my New Years Challenge ... doesn't matter what weight category you fit in .. male or fem ... still has a couple of months to go and then I will be starting the "Easter Recovery Challenge" to start attacking those Easter Egg add ons if you are one of those ... I make them about 16 weeks each one and people can join in any time .. if you have kept track of your results since the beginning of the year post them too and I will add them into the chart .. hope to see some of you there
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when's the next challenge?? Anyone?
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