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S/C/G: 210/see ticker/130

Height: 5'2"

Exclamation 2013 Frozen Fiesta Biggest Loser Challenge SIGN UP THREAD

The Biggest Loser Challenge is coming back in 2013 and this is your chance to sign up.

If you are a returning team member you may request which team you want to be on.

If you are new to the challenges you will be placed on a team, though we will try to accommodate all requests.

In your post you must have a starting weight posted by the NEW deadline of January 3 , 2013 Midnight central time or we can`t place you on a team.

Teams will be announced on January 5, 2013.

This is going to be a great challenge and we look forward to seeing all of our past team members as well as meeting all of our new ones.

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S/C/G: 210/see ticker/130

Height: 5'2"


Red Team Leader Signing up

Starting weight: 146 lb

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Doing something for me!
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S/C/G: 210.8/see ticker/125-135

Height: 5'4"


Blue team please!

Starting weight: 182.8

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I'm in
SW - 171 (dec 30)
Will edit if needed due to Christmas:0

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Think I would like to get to know some of the people on the Red Team this time.

Starting weight: 217

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S/C/G: 248/248/155

Height: 5"7


Red team!

Starting weight as of now 220.2

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S/C/G: 283/Ticker/150

Height: 5'5


I'll join and either team good for me.

Starting weight 330
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S/C/G: 160/160/115

Height: 5'2"


I'd like to join!

Starting weight: 158.8

(I just went to edit this with my weight from yesterday, and it's EXACTLY the same! Whoa.)

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S/C/G: HW-267/SW-252/ticker/GW-180

Height: 5'2"


Red Team member here!!! So excited for the next challenge!!

Official starting weight 212.

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S/C/G: 257/219/145


I'm going to give this one more try.

SW: 288.0

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S/C/G: 226/226/140

Height: 5'4


Would love to join the challenge. Red team please!

SW: 123

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Location: Northern VA
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S/C/G: 242/ticker/212

Height: 5'6


I'm pretty new to 3FC but I'd really like to join!
My SW right now is 238. I'll update it if need be.

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Location: Canada
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S/C/G: 183/ticker/120

Height: 5'2"


Starting weight: 175 (EDIT - Christmas Season)

I don't care which team I am on. Thanks

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Location: Texas
Posts: 443

S/C/G: SW194/CW144/GW140

Height: 5.10


I'm in. Sw is 179. Can't wait.

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Posts: 113

S/C/G: 301/287/240

Height: 5'7"


Me 2!
SW 300

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