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Default Blue Team Summer Meltdown Chat Week 5 (06/27-07/03)

Hi everyone great job with WI tonight we did great

Huge Congratulations to our Biggest Losers this week:

Biggest Loser:
PageLynn, -3.8lbs, -2.07%

Honorable Mentions:
Beck, -3.2lbs, -1.51%
KayakGirl, -2.6lbs, -1.28%
ILRPinkGirl, -5lbs, -2.24%

Beck you are so consistant what is your secret.....please share

I was aiming for the list again this week but missed it by .03%.....LOL awesome job everyone.

Sad news we lost 2 more to elimination and we had 6 more Freebies used only 1 being planned.
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So I have to finish getting my stuff ready to go to my Neices grad tomorrow, we are leaving early so I may not get results posted until Tue as I may be to busy in the morning to sign on and I won't have Red team results until then.

I will be home late so may only do a quick hello from the phone tomorrow.

I will be back posting on Tue and I will reply to the comments from that last 2 days then.

PS if the weather is nice I will be wearing the dress.....I may even post a picture for you to judge.

Have a great night and a great day tomorrow.....once again awesome job everyone.
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Go Blue!
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Wooo! Congrats PageLynn, Beck, KayakGal, ILRPinkGirl, and all our losers this week! And kudos to everyone still here, sticking with it.

Have a great time at your niece's grad Bigmid. Pictures would be awesome to see!
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Congrats PageLynn, Beck, Kayak, and ILR, you guys are doing great!

Bigmid- Enjoy graduation!

I'm off to get my exercise in for the day. I was planning on running but my back is really sore, so I guess the bike it is. Everyone have a good day.
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Great job everyone.

Just a quick post got to get on the road.

Scale says I gained 1.6lbs from yesterday eating was spot on. I hope it's not true.......makes me really want to wear a tight dress now....stupid scale, correction....stupid me for getting on the stupid scale
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Congrats Page on being overall biggest loser!!! And way to go BLUE for winning week 4.

I agree with Bigmid...STUPID SCALE!! Every time I step on the darn thing I get frustruated. I normally weigh myself each day, but this week I'm only going to weigh in twice (already did it today) and Saturday for my weigh in. I'm going to focus on non scale goals this week.
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I luv my curves
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Hello team! overall I havent been doing so well during this challenge my weight has been on a roller coaster for almost a year but its mainly my fault I originally entered the 220s in sept 2010 and have made little progress in shedding lbs. I have been losing inches not much weight though and Im sure that is due to my consistant workout schedule! I want to make onderland SO BAD during this challenge.
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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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Hi Blue team.. did yall get to read my rambling post from the other day? I guess its on last weeks thread? That sucker was long huh! LOL! Guess I had a lot say then.

Been working alot so haven't been able to be here every day like I used to get to do. But I come when I can. Hugs to everyone..

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One pound at a time
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Originally Posted by Bigmid View Post
Beck you are so consistant what is your secret.....please share
I'm sticking to about 1200 calories a day (+ or - 100 cal), eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies (especially blackberries and blueberries), very little refined grains and sugars, no meat (only eat fish), and a yogurt and salad every day. I also have an Amy's Kitchen meal (organic, vegetarian) almost every day; it helps to keep me on track when my family is eating a more carb/caloric-heavy meal.

I was exercising regularly until this past week when I hurt my knee, so I've been going easy on it with just a little walking (20 minutes today, for example). I've got to get it checked out so I can get back on track. I was doing Couch to 5k, and I really want to succeed- even if only once!

I'm so enjoying the changes in how I look and feel that I've been able to maintain this laser-like focus on my goal. I really feel like I've flipped a switch in this brain of mine and have broken the food addiction that I suffered from these past years.


My birthday is mid-July and I really want to get to Onederland by then. I'll be extra active with the kids, so I think I can do it, but in the past 3 weeks my loss has been 3.6, 3.4, and 3.2. If I'm going to hit that goal and can't keep losing that 1/5lb loss each week. My birthday gift to myself will be a 3hr. sea kayak tour. I can finally get in one of those little boats without embarrassment! When I reach my final goal I'm considering buying a kayak for myself; I've wanted one for so long.

Congrats on everyone's losses this week and on the Blue Team win!

I hope everyone has a great weight-loss week.
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Beautiful, Sexy, Skinny
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Just popping in to say CONGRATS on winning last weeks challenge blue team!! Kepp up the AWESOME losses!
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Healthier, happier ME
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Congratulations Blue team on another awesome victory this week!


And special congrats to PageLynn, Beck, KayakGal, and ILRPinkGirl! Way to go!!!

And everybody else who posted a loss, congrats on that too! Those who didn't, no worries, just keep going, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

Soon2Bfitgirl, I had to go back to last week's thread to read your post, I must have missed it before. I can't say that I know what it feels like to have people be more inclined to hang with me after weight loss yet, but I can imagine it. However, I would like to offer an alternative perspective to consider in regards to those who seem to value others on their size first.

While it seems quite obvious that people who don't accept obese people in their normal circle of friends are shallow and ignorant, it is sometimes helpful to take into account the effect that societal pressures have had on them as well. Though the obese people usually bear the brunt of the hits from societal views, thin people are also always comparing themselves and their opinions to the people around them just as much as we obese people are. So, when they experience the constant barrage of information from every media facet known to man telling them that obesity is this horrible, unacceptable thing, they believe it, just as many of us do. And in so doing, they may feel pressure to conform to the "accepted" attitude in society, lest they be singled out from the crowd and lumped in with the "unaccepted" people. Everyone does this, it's like an unconscious security measure.

Also because they are so convinced by these overwhelming views that obesity is akin to a disease like cancer or aids or whatever, their natural instinct may be to stay away from somebody who is "afflicted" with such a disease. They may know logically that they cannot "catch" it by being near a person, but still, there is often an unconscious fear of association with something they feel is deadly and bad. Even the people who berate us or condemn us are probably coming from a place of unconscious fear, rather than an honest dislike of the people we are or the body shapes we have.

I'm not saying that the way these people act is right or wrong or anything like that, I'm just saying that even as we have a set of beliefs about ourselves and our physical well being, so do they and what we feel as overt judgment from the thin people out there, may actually not be judgment but fear that is projected unconsciously as judgment.

Another possibility to consider is that in general, when something about somebody tends to bug us, more often than not, that thing that they do is something that we do as well on some level, that we don't like about ourselves either. For instance, I have a really hard time with my sister-in-law sometimes because she is bossy and presumptuous. But if I turn that around and look at my own behaviors, I can also see that in some ways, I do the same thing, and I don't like that about myself either. So, in regards to thin people versus overweight people... it could be that they see in us something that they don't like about themselves, and they are reacting to that when they are putting us down or not befriending us or whatever. /shrug Just a thought.

... Hmmm... I hope that made sense.

Anyway, I do appreciate the feelings you have toward those who treat you differently now. It does kinda suck that they can't see it in themselves.

So, this week I have been looking for a decent cookbook or recipes that will help me count my calories and so on. I've got a ton of diet cookbooks, but I really just want one that will give me a bunch of 400 calorie meals, etc. The problem is that because I am in Sweden, I can't get a lot of the products that are available so easily in the States, so when I'm looking at all these great recipes I've found, I have to discount most of them because I can't get some of the ingredients very easily, and I want to make this a lifestyle change, ya know?

Being American, I have always found that Swedes have an incredibly boring diet. They don't usually do side dishes at all, and they seem to have very limited choices in general. So, one of the things I complain to my American friends about has always been the food being boring here. LOL

Well, now this is probably just due to google translation, but I found it hilarious and I wanted to share it with you guys. I was browsing a Swedish bookstore site today, and I came across this book in the list:

How funny is that??

I think I'm going to send that to all my American friends just to prove that it's on purpose! LOL

Have a great week blue team! Let's crush 'em again next week!

Go Blue!!

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Good morning everyone!
Congratulations to our biggest losers and to the whole team for wining this week's challenge.
I'm happy to report that I am back on track and have been OP for 3 days now.
This may be TMI, but I don't get my period hardly at all anymore (it was never regular to start with) but I still sometimes get the PMS symptoms - so I'm blaming last week's up and down (both emotionally and on the scale) on TOM. I'm looking forward to seeing the scale move in the right direction this week.

I just want to encourage everyone to stick with it and be patient and kind to yourself. Beating yourself up does nobody any good - living proof right here. We can do this, it is a marathon/life long journey of change, and even if the road is bumpy, the fantastic people on this website make great shock absorbers. I want to thank you all for being there when I desperately needed someone to lean on, and also thank you for all the encouragement and kind words.
Let's keep strong everyone, and make it over the finish line together, with our heads held high, and holding each other's hand!
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Hey blue team,
Well last week, and even the beginning of this week, has been pretty stressful. I am having difficulty getting my 9 month old daughter to sleep. She wakes up a lot in the night. Out of desperation I wanted to try the ferber method and have her "cry it out" but with lack of support from my husband and the screams my daughter can belt out, I just can't go through with it. I am surprised that I lost weight last week considering I didn't work out that much and didn't eat totally healthy either. I guess it was because I didn't go over my calories for the day that week, and maybe because TOM finally showed up.
I am trying to just stay positive. I am trying to enjoy these little moments with my daughter since she's only little once. Even though it's exhausting, I know I'll miss her being a baby one day lol
I wish I had time to work out today but the washing machine repairmen are coming for the 5th time to hopefully finally fix it once and for all!
Anywhoo, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.
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Hi sorry I haven't been on today I was really feeling tired and very uninsprired today. Only a few days left of my holidays and then back to work already

Selina - I did read your post and had a reply typed out and it's gone so I will come back with one again tomorrow.

The grad went great yesterday and I wore the dress.....felt a little uncomfortable in it but it's all I took with me. I have a couple pictures and if I figure out how to put them on here for you to see I will.

Well Im heading off to bed but will come back and chat tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone.
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No excuses this time!
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Hi everyone... I have had a great start to the week and I am full of optimism!!! I have lost 1.3kg this week, I finally have kicked the plateau...I am a bit worried though, I was snacking on almonds thinking they were a healthier snack option... but when I have tracked this... it isnt - ARGHHHH!!! I am sooo looking to Friday... its my birthday! and I start Winter vacation for 2 weeks! I have a first date on Sunday... I havent been on a date for 4 years!!! I tried on the smaller size and it nearly did up, so that is my new short term goal... to fit in the smaller size!!! Will be on more regularly next week... hope everyone feels as great as I do at the moment!!!
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