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S/C/G: 421/287/220

Height: 5'10

Default Red Team Summer Meltdown Exercise Journal Week 3 (6/13-6/19)

For an effective weight loss program it is important to incorporate exercise as well as making better dietary choices. While any kind of exercise is good for you, it has been proven many times over that just cardio or just strength training isn't the way to need to have a combination of both, with a little bit of core focus as well. So as you plan out and track your exercise this week, be sure to get in 2-3 strength workouts and 2-3 cardio sessions. And don't forget about those abs! Copy and paste the follow format and come back throughout the week to edit your original post. Letís get busy!!

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S/C/G: 252/225/180

Height: 5'9


Sunday- 4.63 miles, stairs rep. 20, stairs rep. 10, stairs rep. 10
Monday-2.07 miles
Tuesday- 3.14, CrossFit class 30min
Wednesday- 6.13 miles
Thursday- 30 min CrossFit, 3.36 miles walked
Friday- 3.36 miles walked
Saturday- 3.27 miles walk

Total: 25.97 miles walked
2 CrossFit classes
1 Stairs session


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S/C/G: 421/287/220

Height: 5'10


Planned vs. Completed

Monday- 1 hour walking
Tuesday- Rest Day
Wednesday- 30 minute WATP, 1 hour walk
Thursday- Nothing
Friday- 1 hour walking

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S/C/G: 224/See ticker/135

Height: 5'6"


Monday- Learn & burn
Tuesday- 20 min workout
Wednesday- Cardio Party
Thursday- 20 min workout
Friday- Cardio Party
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest
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S/C/G: 290.6/278.8/135

Height: 5'5"


Monday- 30 minutes in the office gym
Tuesday- 30 minutes in the office gym, shampooing my mom's carpets
Wednesday- 30 minutes in the office gym
Thursday- 30 minutes in the office gym
Friday- 30 minutes in the office gym, 1 hour of yard work
Saturday- house work for 2 hours
Sunday- playing in the yard for at least an hour with my 3 year old

Monday- 30 minutes in the office gym (2 miles on the elliptical, a little bit of lower body weight machine work)
Tuesday- 30 minutes shampooing my mom's carpets (moving furniture too)
Wednesday- uh...
Thursday- 30 minutes on the office treadmill (1.6 miles, speed of 3.3 MPH)
Friday- rest day
Saturday- 60 minutes sweeping and mopping my mom's kitchen, breakfast room, and bathroom

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S/C/G: 93/78/65 kg

Height: 172 cm


Monday- REST
Tuesday- 45 minute ellipitical - DONE
Wednesday-Personal Training Session
Thursday- Treadmill Jog 25 Elliptical 30
Friday - 45 Minute Elliptical
Saturday- Jog - 60
Sunday- Weights Programme

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S/C/G: Size 26/Size 18/Size 8

Height: 4'11"


Wednesday-Personal Training
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