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Default Purple Team NYNY 2011 Chat Week 1 (04/11 - 04/17)

Hello to all the Blue and Red Team members:

This is where we will all be chatting over the next 6 weeks. I hope all of you take advantage of this great thread. Feel free to talk about your day, your struggles and your accomplishments.

If you want to still post your weights weekly please do it in this thread not in the Team threads (it will be to hard for Shan and I to sift through afterwards in the team WI thread)

I look forward to getting to know the red team members better (some of you have done awesome during this challange) and to keep in touch with my blue team

For the next 6 weeks we are all one and as always we are all in the same boat and that is to lose weight and get healthy. Let's all be encouraging and helpful to one another.

I look forward to the next 6 weeks and losing at least one size by then.
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Hi everyone - I'm Vanessa and I was on the blue team... I am doing WW and have joined a Personal training group two times a week since starting the challenge back in January. I have lost 15 pound on the challenge and have been on two vacations - the first in January and the second just last week. I am about to go weighin and see what the effect of all inclusive meals, alcoholic drinks and snacking has made. Either way it was worth it... I have had a shift in my mind... this challenge hasnt felt like me going on a "diet" but making better lifestyle choices. I exercise more than last year, I track what I eat now, and I plan all my evening meals a week ahead, so I know what choices I can make in the daytime.

I have started better habits, and by regularly chatting in the threads, I am making myself committed to these choices, accountable and able to vent when life doesnt go the way you want.

This week is going to be hard for me, my son is sick at his dad's house, and his dad is at work and is being cared for by his dad's new wife... I am at home for the week and wish I could cuddle him. I am his mum, that's my job! He is at his dad's for the whole week. I havent emotionally eaten today, only because its weigh in 1/2 hour's time. But food is on my mind... I went and got a pedicure, and nearly bought a muffin, but my friends was eating in the cafe, and I felt accountable to her, and just purchased a bottle of water and joined her and her friends. I will probably be on here a lot this week avoiding food. Does anyone else get like this?
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Hi all,

I'm Dora from the Blue Team - lost 20 lbs this challenge, always want it to be more, but I'm totally pleased nonetheless. I've set a monthly mini-goal of 5lbs and am pretty much on track. That means I won't be at goal weight until about August 2012, but for me, its good to know its in the distance. I tend to start feeling I'm doing good, slack off, then fall off.

Just started using weights and I'm participating on the site Body-for-Life. The folks there are so supportive, all weight lifting types. I read and believe that having more muscle burns more calories both during exercise and when at rest, so I'm trying to develop some, both for that reason and to firm up.

Well that's me, eating OP -about 1300-1500 calories a day, a comfortable level that I can live with. Still don't drink enough water, but making efforts to do so. Anyone else lifting weights? I also bought some bands for when we go on various outings for several days away from home. My heart is in this!!!!

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WOW Susan!! What a difference a few months of hard work and determination can make!

Hello to the new Purple team! I'm looking forward to keeping up with my Red teammates and getting to know the Blue team too.

This week is going to mark a bit of a fresh start and new "offensive" so to speak. I've been thinking to change up some of my caloric intake and exercise plans over the past month or so and I'll be making some changes this week. I hope my body responds well to what I'll ask of it!
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Hello purple team!!! I am very excited that we can support each other through the next few weeks of weight loss. I have lost 23 lbs in this challenge thus far. I follow Weight Watchers P+ plan for eating and take a bunch of Zumba/yoga classes for exercise. For the past three weeks I have really been struggling with my eating and have been going overboard more often than not. I am hoping getting back into posting regularly will be the kick in the pants that I need to really get this weight off for good. Good luck to everyone, let's go purple!
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Hi Purple team! I am coming from the blue team, and lost 22# on the challenge. The last couple of weigh ins have been slow for me and I need to exercise more than I have been. Looking forward to the the next 6 weeks!
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Just wanted to pop in a say hi!
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Hi all! I've beening following a high protein, low carb/sodium/fat diet plan offered by a local doctor, and trying hard to embrace exercise as part of my new lifestyle. During this challenge I've lost 17lbs, and overall I'm closing in on 60lbs.

Susan -- Are your pics gone already?! Please re-share!! Congratulations on your amazing successes during this challenge.
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Hi All!

I'm from the Blue Team! Thought I'd come by and say hello super quick. Time to get back to the homework..
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Hi glad some of you have already been on and introducing yourselves. I had a bit of a crazy day at work and had to stay late again. So going in later tomorrow. I'm also fighting something off.....I am not sick, I am not sick

Rainbow - you look great and did awesome during this challange. You should leave your pictures up

I'm heading to sleep now and will be back tomorrow to catch up with the rest of you. Have a great night.
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Rainbow- Your pictures look amazing.

Bigmid- Thanks for taking the reigns for the first 3 weeks of purple team. I'll be leaving in a few days and then be back May 1st.

Blue Team/Red Team- Sorry for delayed results on this last weeks weigh in. Having some issues on my side of things but will try to get them to you asap.

Well, hello to all! My name is Shannon and I am the red team leader and have been for the past 3 or 4 challenges. I stumbled a lot in this past challenge but I have been working hard to re-balance my life and my desire to be healthy. I will not be around on here for the first 3 weeks of the purple team chats because I am off on a vacation to the Philippines with my bf. Hope everyone has a good couple of weeks. I'll be back soon!!

P.S. Don't forget to watch for the sign up for the summer challenge coming later in early May!
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Shan - I hope you have an amazing vacation!!
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Hi everyone
I'm from the blue team! It's so nice to see that everyone has done really well during this challenge. Some impressive loses
I've really enjoyed this challenge and am determined to make these next 6 weeks successful.

Shan - hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Vanessa, that must be so hard for you. Good for you for not turning to food. I hope this week goes by quickly so your son will be home with you. Hang in there!

Dora, I really enjoy weight lifting! Glad to hear that you are too

Rainbow, Awesome job I didn't have time to post yesterday, but I saw your pictures, and you can really see the changes. Keep it up, you are doing fantastic!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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thanks shan, bigmid, narnia, angie....i worked so hard...and was so glad ot be apart of the challenge. i don't like to have my picture taken...ugg...i have so few pictures of me over the years...and hardly any full size photos! i am always hiding behind someone else or furniture or a tree! anything really. so it was hard to post them, but someone had asked me to share so i wanted to post them for a short time. thanks for the encouragement.
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