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Default Blue Team NYNY 2011 Chat Thread Week 5 (02/07-02/13)

Okay Blue Team here we are at week 5 we had some awesome losses for week 4

WOOHOO!!!!! Let's keep this competition going and show the Red Team what we are all about.

I want to say thanks to the Red Team for coming over and trying to push us. As it was said they are just ribbing us and trying to motivate us please do not take offence to this as it is just a little healthy competition. If you want go on over to their thread and make a little comment of your own. (All in fun and in good spirit please) We are all in the same boat here and the end result is the same for everyone on both teams........Losing this weight.

I am sorry if anyone took offence to any of the ribbing but I know 100% that that was not the intention of anyone on the Red Team or our own team when we post challanges or comments.

Sorry also I did not get on here sooner to clear things up.

I have been working all weekend to get the house ready for the market......and success the papers are signed and the house is decluttered. Now for more decluttering once the house sells...don't want to move all my crap again. Just keeping what I absolutly need.

I will be back to post the BL soon.

We lost 4 more members this week.

Keep up the great work everyone and I hope to be a better leader from today forward. I apoligise if I have neglected you all.
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Congratulations to our Biggest Losers for Week 4:

Biggest Loser:
Narnia99, -4, -1.91%

Honorable Mentions:
KimberleyP, -2.8, -1.57%
sandlll, -4.1lbs, -2.24%
tytbody, -3lbs, -1.81%

Team Loss of -23.4lbs, -.32%

If you notice the percentages are not in highest order......remember you must post in the chat thread at least once a week in order to be the BL
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Doing something for me!
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Congrats Narnia99, KimberleyP, sandlll, tytbody! Here's to a better week!
Superbowl Sunday killed me! I went over point and calorie wise. But Hey tomorrow is another day! And no more big holidays in the way! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
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Proud Bluezer 2011!!!
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Hi Bluezers!!!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. I didn't lose much this week so hoping for more next week! :

I have started exercising again. Even if it's only 5 mins at a time. That's the best way to start back if you ask me. I just do a few more mins every day til I work my way up, then I'm in the habit but didn't kill myself getting there! Working toward 30 mins a day. Then more later. But every little bit helps. I jog waiting for the microwave to cook something, I jog while watching tv (sometimes, lol) and I do leg lifts when I am going to bed, etc. Helps me to do it that way. Hard to get 30 straight mins with my babies all climbing on me! LOL.

Ok, well have a great week!

Hugs, Selina

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Congrats to our biggest loser Narnia!!! Way to go KimberleyP,sandlll,tytbody on honorable mentions!! Keep up the hardwork!

I-I have the knowledge to make this happen
N-Fail >.<
T-caught up on fav recorded shows
R-took a 2 hour nap....should be caught up

To zumba or not to zumba. I'm trying to decide if I should buy the dvds. I tend to think I really want something and then buy it only to have it collect dust. Anybody own the dvds? I'm also thinking about a bodymedia or a bodybugg, are they really worth the money?
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Awesome job Narnia, Kimberley, sandlll, and tyt! Great team effort from everybody this week!

Bigmid - Hopefully this week is less stressful for you I just noticed you are only 9 pounds away from goal, that's awesome!

Page - I am happy these eating holidays are over too... It's so hard to stay on plan with all the delicious food around! I told my husband no big boxes of candy for valentines day this year please lol It would be too hard not to eat them.

Selina - It's so true that every little bit of exercise helps. I started small, and worked my way up to 40 minutes of cardio 4x a week. I also jog in place while watching tv sometimes hehe

dream - I am thinking about getting the Zumba dvd's too... So many people seem to love Zumba on these boards, it makes me want to get them lol

Sundays Winter

W - 88oz - I am done shooting for half my weight, it's really hard.. I am going to try to get 100oz the rest of the week though.
I - I wont give up, or give in!
N - On Plan
T - Read for an hour
E - n/a
R - 4 hours, I'll do better tonight.

I hope you all have a great week!
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Hey guys! I am planning to make this a great week. It's gonna happen. I want to get under 200 this week. I had a little dream in my head of getting to 193 by March 1st (which would be 10% lost) and if I'm gonna have even a hope of getting anywhere near that, I need to move it.

So, I'm going to be super on-plan with the diet, and I'm doing 2 workout videos a day. I've already started 30 Day Shred (today will be day 3), and I'm also doing Candlelight Yoga. I may switch out that second one a couple times, as I have several yoga videos to do, but I am determined to do all 30 days of 30DS.

Any one else got goals for the week?

This is for yesterday:
W: 100 oz
I: I am strong enough
N: Pop
T: Watched my sister on the Super Bowl 1/2 time show!
E: 30 Day Shred, day 2 and Candlelight Yoga
R: 9 hours

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Congrats Narnia!

I took a freebie this week because I had a small gain! I know I did better last week than I have in several. This week is going to be even better. I will post a loss this week!

I know now that I am going to have to pack my lunch daily so while I am on the road I can stay OP. I may or may not have access to microwaves and such during the day. Do any of you have any suggestions on what to pack in my cooler? I probably need to start with things that dont require much preparation. I mainly count calories, any suggestions would be great!

Have a great day!
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Hi everybody.
I had to use a freebie yesterday. I was out of town for a few days with no scale, also it's TOM anyways. Hopefully next week I will have a good loss! I didn't even weigh in when I got home. I think I will just wait and see after a really good week of work outs and eating healthy. How did everyone do with superbowl spreads?? I had pizza but managed to avoid the other stuff.
Good luck blue team! Congrats to our biggest losers last week!
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Thanks guys! I worked my butt off last week and tracked EVERYTHING I ate, plus I had some awesome workouts which I think really helped =D

Hope everyone has an awesome week!!
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Morning team, sorry I totally forgot to post my weight yesterday, so I ended up with a freebie. I wasn't home and got distracted...but I wouldn't have affected the total in anyway since I'm exactly the same weight as the week berfore. This week I'm vowing to get on track with my eating, no more cheating here and there, so hopefully that'll get me going again.

Have a great day everyone!
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Hi just finishing up lunch and wanted to read what's new and to say hi. I hope everyone has a great OP day.

Coco - no where near my goal anymore just to stubborn to change back my ticker. One day i guess I should maybe that would force reality upon me.
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On a mission
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Hi Team! Congrats to Narnia for being the big winner this week, as well as congrats to all those still here. I am about to open the Wii Fit Plus for the first time, so I will let you all know how it goes. Here is to a GREAT week!
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Hi team! Sorry I'm not on here much, training for a new position at work and I'm just exausted by the time I actually get off but I'm 100% devoted to this team and I'm doing my best on my part, I lost 2.2 lbs last week which is the most I've lost in a long time! I've been tracking and watching everything I eat closely so it's paying off, yay!
so good luck and let's have a great week!
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Congrats to the top 4 losers. All your hard work sure paid off
Biggest Loser:
Narnia99, -4, -1.91%

Honorable Mentions:
KimberleyP, -2.8, -1.57%
sandlll, -4.1lbs, -2.24%
tytbody, -3lbs, -1.81%

Team Loss of -23.4lbs, -.32%
I think I hit a plateau last week, the scale barely moved. I printed out Jacky's list of Blue team members and do the percentages every week on everyone. I like to see where I am among the whole team. Last week was the pits, I was 15th down from the top and we're down to 38 winners. We improved our over-all percentage, that was encouraging.
Have a skinny week every one.
W - Water...64 oz. plus
I - I am taking care of me
N - Nutrition, perfect! Right on Plan, no cheating
T - Time, I always take the time for daily devotions
E - Yes, it amounted to kicking the can.(stepper)
R - Rest 8+ Hours

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