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Default Red Team Chat Thread Week 1 (5/31-6/6)

Have fun everyone! This starts our first official week of the challenge. Your first weigh in will be June 6th by 10pm AST. Make sure you come back around Wednesday (mid week) for the combined (red and blue teams) weekly exercise challenge. Letís get started!
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Caring the chat over from last week.

Tina- I'm excited for the challenge too. I need to get my butt in gear especially for the next 30 days before I go home.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week. The weather is starting to get nicer here. Enjoyed a nice long 13 mile walk again yesterday with the bf from one city to the next. Good times. Tuesday is his birthday but he has to work 14 hours, so we are celebrating tonight. Taking him out with our friends for some dinner and drinks. Then I'm ready to be perfectly on plan the rest of the week. What's going on with everyone else?
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**Just a reminder**

Each week starting May 31st we will have many ways for you to keep yourself on track and accountable. We will have a red team nutrition journal where you can keep track of your daily food. We will also have an exercise journal so you can track your daily exercise. Of course we will have the red team chat thread so we can chat all week long. Please feel free to participate as much as you want. You don't have to participate in the nutrition or exercise journal unless you want to use it as a tool to keep on plan. You do have to particpate in the team chat at least once a week in order to stay eligible for the biggest loser title and you have to weigh in once a week (except your two freebies). If you use both freebies, and still don't weigh in you will be eliminated from the challenge. There will also be a weekly exercise challenge for both teams to participant in if you choose to do so. There are many options here to help you with your weight loss and to help keep you on track. Good luck to everyone!!
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Sorry I've been quiet. Lots to do with work & tomorrow dh has minor surgery to repair a hernia (he has to check into the hospital at 6:30am- ugh).

I've been staying on plan fairly well, though strayed after a stressful workday and gorged on potato chips- it's always something, but tomorrow is a new day.

Let's get rockin' team Red!! And happy Memorial Day to those team members in the states!
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fat-fighting ninja!
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hello everyone!
i cant wait to get my butt back into the gym.. Ive been watching too much sex and the city!!!! tomorrow.. i will get my bum back to the gym!
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This challenge could not have started at a better time for me! I'm really focused right now, and if you could see the big chart I made this weekend you would understand! I have decided to eat between 1550-1700 calories/day and do some form of physical activity 6 days a week. I plan to alternate pilates on the days I do not run or do strength training. For me it is something I think I can manage and hopefully I will reach my goal before I go home! I've never been so motivated at reaching a goal, I do not like to put time frames on my goals as for me it has always been a depressant if I didn't reach it! But this time I'm not working towards a specific number, just trying to do my best before I fly home!

Good Luck everyone!!!
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keep on truckin' momma
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Good Morning

I have been looking forward to this challenge for a very long time. I just updated my weight in the weight thread and unfortunately I'm up a few lbs from my last weight. I'm crossing my fingers that its water.

My plan for this challenge is to stay around 1500-1700 calories a day, get my workouts in and most importantly STAY ON PLAN. A lot of things going on the last few months have made my will power almost nonexistent.

Hello to everyone Looking forward to getting to know everyone!

Shan-a 13mile rock is AWESOME, go girl!
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Good Morning Beach Chicks,

I am enjoying the holiday weekend. I am so happy that I have been able to stay in my calorie range even though I have been out to eat several times and even had a big family get together meal yesterday. Yeah! However, I will be relieved to get back to the usual routine with simpler lo cal menus.

I have one more dinner out tonight. I will have to look up the menu this afternoon and find something acceptable to order. I plan to steer away from the alcohol calories and I am heading out the door for a long walk in a moment. Hopefully with effort I can stay out of trouble!
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Hello every one.

Well i have been op for two weeks now, i am going to star today chalean extreame , so let see how i do.
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Hi Everyone, sorry I have been missing for a few days. We went camping for the holiday weekend . I tryed to bring good food choices for myself, but of course I needed to have some stuff that my husband enjoys also...For the most part I did okay, but today at home I'm having a hard time. I'm getting ready to get out with the dog to get my mind off of food.

It was also such a hot weekend here I didn't get in much exercise while gone. There is'nt enough room in my camper for a workout so I really need to make up for lost time...

Hope everyone else is doing okay! *talk* to you later.
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Started again Aug 21, 09
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Yay, we're officially started again!

I had a great weekend - very busy playing all weekend and stayed OP in spite of that. Went on my "long" walking route today - about 4.25 miles in 60 mins. Doesn't seem like that long ago that I could barely finish 3 miles in under 60. I love seeing progress! It was only 85 degrees, but it felt sooo much hotter than that. I could have gone longer, but the poor dog just didn't seem to be fairing as well in the heat... Hope she can handle it this summer, it won't be long before 95 is the norm.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good, OP week one! It's going to be a great summer!
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Hi All,

Wow, it was harder to start this on a holiday than I thought. Didn't do great today, but will make sure to be back on track for the rest of the week. I am so glad it is June, bring on the sunshine finally! And I am thinking about starting C25K. I will be swimming at night when it is hot but need something else to really get my heart rate up. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!
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Hello All!!

This is my first challenge and im pretty excited! Ive dealt with trying to lose weight my whole life and im hope with everyones help, i can get the motivation and encouragement i need to move pass that hurdle.

Its wedding season and with wedding season come delicious the past two weekends have been hard but hopefully ill get back on it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!
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Hi Red Team!

Well, haven't been that good lately - spent the weekend away and didn't really bother with staying OP. Attempting to kick start it all again this morning.

I cycle to work every day and it's good exercise because there are lots of hills but I'm off work for the next week so I'm going to need to be more disciplined with my exercise. I might get a start on doing C25k actually.

I'll check in again later

Have a good day everyone.
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Hello ladies. Still looking for the red team to start checking in. We are still missing about 15 of our girls. Hope to see some of you on here soon. Hope everyone is having a good start to the week.

I started out all right yesterday, but went downhill yesterday evening and all day today. I totally take the blame for it myself, even though I would rather blame it on the bf's birthday. But that would be dishonest and unfair. Please note, I do feel the pressure to do well because I am team leader but I am human like everyone else. I struggle with my weight loss the same way everyone else does. Have mercy on me! Hahahaha!

Kicking it back into gear tomorrow with 3 days straight with my personal trainer and then one solo day at the gym on Saturday. I want this weight to start dropping dang it!!
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