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S/C/G: 198/ticker/125

Height: 5'0"

Default Red Team Week 1 Challenge

OK team red, here is your challenge for the first week. Workout accountability. Post today (or tomorrow if you don't see this until Mon AM) the total number of minutes you plan to workout for the week. Challenge yourself!
List each day and post your workout minutes completed at the end of the day, and see how well you met your own personal challenge. I know mine is going to be lower than per normal since I'm still recovering from the flu weakness and all. Anyway, this is just for fun more than anything.


SUN- 30 min walk/run

MON- 30 min walk/run

TUES- rest day

WED- 30 min Jillian Michaels cardio

THURS- 30 min walk/run

FRI- 30 min walk/run


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S/C/G: 337.4/322/155

Height: 5'8


Total min. planned for the week: 360 min

Sun- 0 min
Mon- 90 min (30- elliptical, 30- weights, 10- walk/run on treadmill, 20- recumbent bike)
Tues- 0 min
Wed- 60 min (30- treadmill, 30- weights)
Thur- 90 min (30- elliptical, 30- weights, 30- arc trainer [today was my first time on this machine, phew])
Fri- 0 min
Sat- 0 min

target missed by 120 min

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Starting over after baby!
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S/C/G: 285/See Ticker/200

Height: 5'7''


Total Planned Minutes: 120 minutes

Sunday: 0
Monday: 20

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S/C/G: 250/ticker/150

Height: 5'6"


Total Planned Minutes: 280

Sunday -
40 minutes
Monday - 0 minutes
Tuesday - 50 minutes
Wednesday - 55 minutes
Thursday - 40 minutes
Friday - 40 minutes
Saturday - 40 minutes
Total - 265 / 280

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GO RED TEAM!!!!!!!
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Height: 5"8

Talking This Week


SUN- 135 minutes on stationary bike.

MON- 135 minutes on stationary bike.

TUES-135 minutes on stationary bike.

WED- nothing (ill)

THURS- nothing (ill)

FRI- nothing (ill)

SAT- nothing (ill)

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In it for the long run
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S/C/G: 196/ticker/145

Height: 5'5"


Total Minutes for the Week: 200

Sunday: 0 min
Monday: 30 min on Elliptical
Tuesday: 0 min

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Posts: 1,848

S/C/G: 270/202.8/165

Height: 5'8



SUN- 60 min c25k

MON- rest

TUES- rest

WED- 20 min yoga, 55 min C25k




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Location: Scotland
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S/C/G: 294/230/168

Height: 5"6



Week One:

Goal for the Week: 360 minutes

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 70 minutes (50 minute Body Combat class, 20 minutes exercise bike)
Tuesday: 120 minutes (60 minute Body Pump class, 60 minute Body Attack class)
Wednesday: 85 minute class (30 minute Stretch and Tone DVD, 40 minute Claire Sweeney Perfect Fit DVD, 15 minute brisk walk)
Thursday: 45 minute (brisk walk)
Friday: 30 minutes (brisk walk)
Saturday: 60 minutes (Body Pump class)

Running Total: 410 minutes
Minutes Left to Reach Weekly Goal: 0 minutes
Managed 50 minutes over my goal! My knee seems to be holding up. I'm happy!! xxx

Week Two:

Goal: 400 minutes

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 80 minutes (50 minute Body Combat class, 30 minute exercise bike)

Running Total: 80
Minutes to Goal: 320

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Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Posts: 649

S/C/G: 230/230/140

Height: 5'3


Week 1 (9/14 - 9/20)

Weekly Goal - 420 min

Sunday: 40min. Cardio Max

Monday: 70minutes -> 40min. Cardio Max & 30min. dancing with the kids at work (with a2yr. old as

Tuesday: rest day - stayed active but no timed exercise

Wednesday: 30 min. Cardio Max

Thursday: 30 min brisk walk and 30 min Cardio Max (so happy that I was able to cut my time down with this video!!.. got through it with no breaks yay!)

Friday: 30 min walking

Saturday: 30 min Cardio Kickboxing, 30 min Turdo Jam Booty Sculpt & Abs, and 30min Cardio Max

Total Minutes to Date -> 400
Minutes Remaining to Goal -> 20

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Location: MN
Posts: 9

S/C/G: 174/174/130

Height: 5"6"


Total min. planned for the week: 225 min

Sun- 0 min
Mon- 30 min walk/jog
Tues- 60 min (30 min walk/30 min/upper body free weights)
Wed- 60 min (30 min walk/30 min/lower body free weights)
Thur- Rest day

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Location: Chongqing, China
Posts: 1,568

S/C/G: 421/287/220

Height: 5'10


Total min. planned for the week: 150min

Sun- 26 min bootcamp calorie burn video
Mon- 40 min walking
Tues- 90 min hiking up a huge mountain here in SK and back down again.
Wed- Rest Day
Thur- so far 13 min bootcamp calorie burn video, 20 min walking
Fri-30 min active aerobics, 20 min walking
Sat- 60 min hiking to a waterfall, 120 min aerobic walking (Did the waterfall hike and touring of the POW camp from during the Korean war today)

Goal MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + an additional 269 minutes!!!

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Back at it...again!
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Location: Wisconsin
Posts: 2,134

S/C/G: 199/ticker/139

Height: 5'3"


Total minutes planned for week 1: 400

Sunday: 70 min (30 run, 40 bike)
Monday: 127 min (62 Wii Fit, 35 ST'ing, 30 walk)
Tuesday: 30 min (run)
Wednesday: 115 min (40 run, 75 walk)
Thursday: 95 min (30 Wii Fit, 30 Pilates, 35 ST'ing)
Friday: Planned rest day
Saturday: 236 min (210 clearing land, 26 run)

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Location: Tennessee
Posts: 803

S/C/G: 220/220/175

Height: 5'-8"




MON- 20 minutes


WED-10 minute walk

THURS-15 minute jog


SAT-30 minute walk/jog

I sadly did not reach my goal this week. I will not make excuses just state I will do better this week.

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Posts: 1,717

S/C/G: 183/177/160

Height: 5'2"


Total Min. Planned For Week: 300

Sun- None

Mon- 90 Min (running)

Tues- 40 Min (running)

Wed- Rest

Thurs- 100 Min (Running)


Sat- 40 Min

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S/C/G: 180/179.2/130one day

Height: 5.1.5


Total Min. Planned For Week: 210

Sun- 40 40 min total

Mon- 20 60 min total

Tues-15 ,40 total: 115 min


Thurs-Does having my baby counts as a exercise lol



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