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Dora that is some amazing progress! I wish I had taken progress pics in a bathing suit! Mine are either in my undies or fully clothed. ~great job on the quilt!

djay- a 28.8 lb loss for the challenge is awesome!!! Congratulations on the 30 lbs too!!!

I want to be in the 160's when the next challenge starts!!
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Again I'm a pound lighter on Tuesday. 165 this morning. That leaves 20 pounds to go until I hit the "healthy" weight range. And 1 pound to go until I weigh less than I've weighed in the almost 7 years I've worked here. I'm hoping to start the next challenge at 160, but a 1.6 pound/week loss might be too much to ask over the holidays.

djay - I agree that it's becuase of this challenge that I now have the habit of going to the gym everyday. I was walking before, most mornings, but increasing the intensity and adding weight training has mad a huge difference.

Dora - Your pictures look great! Are the slippers fabric or yarn?

I broke my holiday goodie fast yesterday. I think making it to Dec 15th without any treats is pretty good. I had a half inch piece of cheesecake bar, and a coffee/chocolate truffle. I think I'm good til next year. Our clients and consultants haven't sent the goodies this year. Tough economic times are good times for my "bottom line".
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Dora! What wonderful progress!! It looks like you have dropped 20lbs, not just 8 I am so happy for you! And the quilt is adorable

dixie - you are amazing. You are so consistent, so strong in the face of holiday treats! Way to go on all you've achieved so far!!

I miss chatting with you ladies in here and have signed up for the next challenge. Hopefully some benevolent soul will stick me on Blue even though I dropped out one week too soon to have the right to claim my team. I've been back OP for nearly a week and have seen 4lbs of what I gained go away - now to work on the next 3 to get back to my lowest recent weight. Hopefully I can do that before the start of the next challenge so I can really work on making good, honest progress.
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Good job everyone for the Challenge. Congrats Djay for being the biggest loser on the Blue Team!!!

I'm hoping next challenge to lose more then I did this time around.
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hey guys!
Big huge congrats to djay on being the biggest loser! you rock!!
I think all this christmas prep and cold weather ( finally had a big snow here last night) is making me miss canada and home and my dh and all that stuff. It's making me crave all the comfort foods. I have been staying on plan.. but not POP. I'mnoteating my usualy best choice foods.. but at least not eating the worst foods. Im slacking I guess is the point of this.
I can't let myself go. Im so proud of that 30 pounds lost and really wanna be at at least 212 by March 15th.
I usually dont get all weird at christmas.. but i do feel a bit lonely. im ok.. still smiling tho! hehe

Dora! You look amazing What a difference in your body! congrats
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Blue Blood
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Thanks scarhjs and Abby!

Congratulations Abby! I was sure you had this one! I forget about the percentage thing...Gosh there wasn't much of a difference in out percentages either! This was awfully close after 13 weeks.
And don't be down! You have done so well! I'm sure you will meet or even exceed your goal. You are such a go getter! You will rock the next challenge even bigger than you did this time! Your hubby is going to be so proud when he gets home!

And thanks to all the Bluesers who inspired me to hang in there, excersise and stay out of Starbucks!

Wow! What an honour

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Thanks Djay
I'm all good... winter blues must be hitting me! hehe But nothing a littl work out won't fix.. right? Tell a workout is a better option than wendys.. lol

All of the blue team totally rocked this challenge! we one soo many of the challenges! we are definitly a dream team
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sorry guys i didnt make the weigh in deadline. My brother had wls last monday and he had to be reopened up on friday and i had to go and be with family. We almost lost him.He is far from being out of the woods..he is on dialysis and a vent. He is showing signs of slow improvement.
I didnt do as well this challenge and have decided to set the next one out. I have so much going on with my daughter wedding in late feb. Hugs and good luck to everyone!! I will be OP even though im not joining the challenge.
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Oh no, DGRamie, I'm so sorry to hear that. Please keep us posted on your brother and his progress. Know that we are all thinking of your family and wishing the best for him.
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Dgramie, I'm so sorry to hear about our brother. I hope he begins to heal quickly.
Djay - Congratulations on being the Biggest Loser!
Jamie - The Blues just wouldn't be the same without you.

Speaking of Biggest Loser...I wish I could bottle the inspiration and determination that I feel each time I watch the finale show. I need to make some serious changes in the way I'm approaching this whole weight loss deal. Obviously, my approach doesn't work very well.

I can't wait for the next challenge to begin. Did anyone see the blurb on the show about signing up for a pound for $ food bank contribution? This might be some great incentive to stay on-plan and help a worthy cause.
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Dgramie - my thoughts are with you and your family. Wishing your brother a speedy recovery.

Djay, blanna and faux - CONGRATS on being the top 3 bluesers this round! What great examples you are for all of us.

Jamie - glad to see you sticking your head in.

Rhonda - I feel the same way about the finale! How motivating!

So this challenge was a small success for me - 5lbs down overall. Now I'm back to my "old" highest weight of 209.

My fiance and I were talking tonight about New Year's resolutions and we've decided to start on our weight loss goals on THURSDAY! We're going to start going to the gym together 3 times a week. We work really well as a "team", so I think this is a great plan. My goal now is to lose 30lbs by our wedding in October, but focusing on it just 5lbs at a time. I can totally lose 5lbs six times!

It's been a blast to be your teammate for the last 12 weeks, ladies. I can't wait for the next challenge! Only a couple of weeks to go!
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Hello ladies!

Well, I can't believe this challenge is over. Glad you're still all on here to chat. Like a lot of you, I'm really trying to focus this week so that I have at least a small loss before the next one. My work schedule has been all over the place, and I'm still getting in exercise, but my eating has been sub-par. I need to come up with a new plan, and more than that, I need to get my butt in gear and start losing consistently.

dgramie, so sorry to hear about your brother I also hope he begins to recover soon

djay, WOW, congratulations on being the biggest loser!!! I have been so impressed by your dedication, and your progress this challenge has been inspiring

Did I mention you're awesome?

Abby, I agree with djay, you have done an AMAZING job. Your energy and focus is contagious, and I'm glad I was on your team 30 lbs lost is incredible. You should be so proud of how far you've come!

Dora, love your progress pictures. I agree, I would have guessed that you've lost a lot more. You look great!

Well, the plan for today is to go for my run and then get some weight training done after work. I'm trying to mix things up to get the scale moving again. I want to see the 140's!

I'm excited for the new challenge. If I push myself, I could be at goal by the end of it. It's totally do-able.

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