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Kelleigh 11-15-2008 11:14 AM

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't posted much. Work was a little crazy this week and both of my kids are playing winter sports with (of course!) two totally different schedules. I have fallen back into taking care of everyone but me. Even DH, my Mom and my sisters have needed me a lot lately and when I finally do have some extra time I'm using it for the laundry or cleaning or sometimes just sitting and trying to chill out. :(

Rain Dancer Hope you're having a good weekend too.

mtiger Reading from you all doing The Shred makes me want to check into it. Can you get it at Walmart? Those TOM pounds will go quickly and you'll be firmly below 200 in no time.

Misty Yea! 1.2 loss! Way to go!

retiredone Almost in the 130's-AWESOME!

cakses Hang in there. Very soon you'll see those 170's.

MonteCristo Hope you have a nice visit with your sisters.

Aaronsgirl WOW 3.6 loss Way to go!

Hi Mel!

Carol I really do need to put on my rally cap. What's chicken delicious?

Even though I haven't been posting much I have kept up with the reading of posts. I think I read where someone had gotten Jillian's Wii game. How is it?

mtiger 11-15-2008 02:23 PM

Just a quick stop to report the number on the scale today. 199.2. I need to keep going to get as far away from 200 as possible.

cakses 11-15-2008 02:33 PM

STILL 184. I'm getting slightly frustrated. Going on a run or swim after work no matter what! Grrr.....

retiredone 11-15-2008 05:13 PM

Hello all. Lost half a pound this week.

Mtiger, you've landed in Onederland. Good for you. We know you'll never look back.

What is it about macaroni and cheese? That rich gooey cheese and sauce dripping in cheese fat and crunchy bits on the top...drool... My friend came for lunch today and she asked me to make mac and cheese as it's her favorite. Her favorite??? It's more than my favorite. I'd almost kill for it. :lol: Needless to say I've had more than my fair share today and I'm sitting here bloated with the marvelous stuff.

I didn't get in my exercise yesterday as I was just busy and got bogged down doing work. I was going to try and do it today as this is my rest day. You know just change around the days but now I'm too full. Maybe in an hour or so but I'm really sleepy tonight for some reason. (Stomach full, eyes sleepy. See the connection?) Anyway this is the first scheduled exercise day I've missed since we started the exercise challenges so they are really good to keep me on track.

Still no new bra. I have only one that fits me so I guess it'll be wear and wash for a while.

Have a good day and stay away from macaroni and cheese or whatever sets your salivary glands to drooling.

joylove26 11-15-2008 06:32 PM

I'm doing good today...went for a good long walk. I'm going out tonite but not going off track though. At least I hope not.

Have a good nite ladies.

gggirls 11-15-2008 09:04 PM

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Hi Peeps - where did Saturday go? I've been busy around here - baths for both dogs before I went to swim - the silly lab loves the water and also the bathtub but only on her terms. I must have lifted her back into the tub a dozen times - all 100 pounds of her. I was able to get both of them nice and soft - we'll see how long that lasts. I was even able to get some new pics of them in their holiday collars (attached). Gracie is the yellow lab and Gypsy is a labradoodle.

Each year we replace the pictures on our "Fun Wall" which are all 4 walls of the bathroom closest to the pool. I printed and replaced 119 pictures in frames today. Now I just have to get used to different people staring at me. It was a fun chore - it is also a big chore - had to get it out of the way before Thanksgiving.

I've been feeling some mixed emotions between the land and water exercises - maybe like I don't push myself enough on land. After water class today I spoke with my trainer about my concerns basically telling her I sometimes feel like I "give up" on land. She said she's never seen me give up but what she sees is I go as far as I can then do 2 more. It was the boost of confidence I need to continue the strength training.

I've got that "I want to bottle this feeling" going on right now. I love it when that happens.

Move your bodies, drink your water and SMILE.

Hugs to all,

mtiger 11-15-2008 10:14 PM

ggirls- Cute puppies!! I need to put a pic of mine.

Catsgetnhealthy 11-16-2008 07:48 AM

Morning Red Team~
I finally hobbled over to the computer to post my weigh in. Stayed the same this week. Course I've not done anything since I hurt my foot. Put on tennis shoes yesterday and needless to say they didn't stay on long. The brusing is fading some. So I'm not sure when I'll be able to workout, hopefully sometime next week. I do do lower and upper body stuff, but nothing getting my heartrate up like walking does. I hope everyone has a fantastic weigh in!!
LETS GO RED!!!!!:carrot:

Rain Dancer 11-16-2008 11:37 AM

Carol, your doggies are adorable. I had no idea that labradoodles are such cute dogs.:D

Cats, your poor toe. Yes, it is probably a bit too soon for shoes. Have you tried marching in place barefoot? I was able to do that shortly after I broke my baby toe. It may be something you can do until you can get back into your shoes and walk, again. :smug:

Hello and Good Sunday Morning, Reds. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. :D

I was tempted to hop on my scale today, rather than tomorrow, but I decided to wait... Give it one more day. :D

cakses 11-16-2008 01:29 PM

Good Morning Red Team. Where the heck is everyone??? Weird that it got so quiet around here.

Still 184 but I ate OP for breakfast and I am headed out for a subdivision run in a little bit. Already have lunch planned out and dinner will most definitely be OP as well since DH will be gone tonight. So I should be able to see 183 again by tomorrow at least I hope so! I am getting frustrated. Just gotta hang in there I suppose.

retiredone 11-16-2008 01:49 PM

I just lost my post!!! I hate when that happens.

I'm here but I'm not too bright eyed or bushy tailed. I was just saying how I don't want to do anything but vegetate on the couch. So I certainly don't want to re-post. Gotta get up and at 'em and try and get in some exercise.

Cakses, hang in there and you will definitely see those scales move downward. But I feel your frustration.

Rain Dancer, you sound much more chipper than I feel. Hope you have a good showing on the scales tomorrow.

Cathy, hope your toe is on the mend. You don't how much you need toes until you hurt one.

Carol, the dogs are adorable. My niece has a Cockapoo and he's a cutie.

Must get dressed. Almost suppertime and I'm still in a nightgown. (Shame is not one of my virtues.) If I get my exercise togs on maybe, just maybe I'll do something. (Slowly sliding off the couch and thinking about life.)

Kelleigh 11-16-2008 05:16 PM

Today, for the first time in a very long while, I exercised!

Both kids had games today. Always laundry to do. Always something to clean. Blah, blah, blah. I know you all know what I mean. But I made a point to lay out my workout clothes and then I just did it. 30 minutes on the tm. I feel so much better already.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

dkneec19 11-16-2008 07:29 PM

I all! I apologize for contributing to the quietness. I don't know where I've been.

Well today I know. I've been bingeing. I don't know why...I mean I do know..and I don't know. Just confused and frustrated.

I've been feeling alone lately. I've been single for about 2 years now. I don't know why I can't meet people. I have a bunch of guy friends..and maybe thats the problem. I completely adore one of those guy friends but he lives in California, and I am here in mn. ugh ugh.

Just venting.

Hey, so, does anyone have any good recipes that "taste" rich and feel like comfort food? exercising isn't cutting it on the stress relief.

retiredone 11-16-2008 07:58 PM

I got all my exercise done and wonder of wonders I'm much more alive and with it now.

Thick and Rich Fake Milk Shake

1 cup skim milk
1/2 medium banana, frozen
4 soft dates

Blend until smooth. This is nice and thick and tastes like a milk shake to me. You can also add a couple of ice cubes when blending to make it icier. Makes at least 12 ounces and about 175 calories give or take depending on the size of banana and dates. You get almost 2 servings of fruit and a milk serving.

miriam101 11-17-2008 12:50 AM

Hi Reds! Couldn't figure out why no one was posting... duh!!!

I've been having problems staying OP with the eating. Yet - getting back into the groove with exercise.

Congrats to all you great losers this week!

Isabella - yummy - I like to make banana and milk, too. Pseudo ice cream. :)

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