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blueyedlvrgirl 12-11-2008 04:22 PM

I already signed up for the new challenge. I also do better when I am in one, so I am glad that they are close together too. I saw 274 again this morning. YAY! Let's see if I can see 273 by Monday! I hope everyone is having a great week! I am super busy, but I wanted to say hi!

bethbeth 12-11-2008 05:49 PM

Only a few days left of the challenge! Come on Red Team! :cheer:

I can't decided whether to sign up for the next challenge or not! What should I do?

cakses 12-11-2008 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by MonteCristo (Post 2492504)
Somedays I feel like I'm so close to goal, I can almost taste it, but others I look at myself and think, wow you are still fat, you must have been a real cow! Horrible stuff, I know, and I really am postive more often than negative, but sometimes you just get annoyed with yourself.

Okay, moving on......How many of you ladies are going to join us for a new challenge? Do you have a starting goal? I REALLY REALLY want to be 160 for the start. At 160 I will have lost 10% of my weight three times (so maybe that is a wierd number for a goal, but I'm SO close! I can lose 5lbs in 3 1/2 weeks, right?). Then I hope to make my new challenge goal to be to lose another 10% (which would be 16lbs). I'm so glad these challenges are close together, I didn't do to well between challenges this summer.

I feel like this ALL the time. I am over halfway to goal (well goal may change but nontheless) and I still feel like a fatty a lot of the time. I am doing my best to celebrate what I have accomplished and focus on what is left as well so I don't end up feeling sorry for myself. I am determined to get to goal in 2009.

I of course am going to be in the new challenge. My goal for the end of the month is 170 so I guess that would be about the same for the 5th :) That is 6 pounds away and with the holidays I am hoping I can make it there. My challenge goal is going to be 150 (maybe lower once I get close and see what 150 looks like). It is so weird to think I am 26 pounds from goal. I am pretty sure I am going to drop my goal weight because I can't see all of this excess tummy, hips and butt going away in 26 pounds.

Rain Dancer 12-11-2008 10:08 PM

Hey Reds. Just popping in really quick to say hi. I am still alive. Sort of. :D Busier than a one armed paper hanger. And I have to go to the Valley, tomorrow. Ack! I am hoping for a let up, soon.

I hope everyone is having a great week. And great results.

mtiger 12-11-2008 10:13 PM

I have already signed up for the new challenge. I don't know about setting a goal, I never seem to hit one. My body is really wierd and lose weight unlike anybody else I know. It comes off so painfully slow. I found myself crying the other day looking at Fitness magazine. It seems so easy for some people to lose weight. Some ladies lost about 100 pounds in a year. I know that's a lot, but still. I just get depressed from time to time that I can't lose quicker.

All that complaining aside, I will have to think hard about a realistic goal for the next challenge. As of today I am still 199.6 and I should be losing as TOM is rolling through. See what I mean?

modcat44 12-12-2008 02:51 AM

Hi guys! Well, I had some stuff going on and totally missed last weigh-in as well as being MIA around here, but I'm still rooting for everyone to stay on track and win this thing! I am back on track hopefully also, and hope to finish this year strong! And I WILL get out of these 180's by Jan. 1st!!!

Armywife--gorgeous! Love the red dress!! AND your hair!

cakses--WTG on being a team captain!! You will be a great one, I am sure! And congrats on hitting that goal already!!

bethbeth--of course you should sign up, the effort at least gets you motivated and starts you off with definite goals to try for. Even if life gets too busy, I think it is a worthy exercise to attempt......

Monte--I know what you mean. Some days I look in the mirror and think I look pretty good, then other days I just look so fat! It really is crazy what our minds are telling us sometimes......

blueyedlvrgrl---wtg on the good scale numbers staying there!! You are doing fantastic now!

mtiger--hang in there! I lose very slowly also, and in very inconsistent spurts. Frustrating as heck, but no way do I want to backslide and do this all over again.......

retiredone--I resolve to not gain anything either for the last 20 days of this month!! :cheer2:

MonteCristo 12-12-2008 10:31 AM

Beth - You should definitely join! What could be the downside?!?

cakses - I know what you mean about changing goals. I dropped mine from 145 to 136 in the last month or so. I just didn't think my body would be the way I wanted it at my first goal. Of course, things may change again as I move along.....

mtiger - I haven't met my weightloss goal for a challenge yet. But every time I have lost a significant amount (first 15lbs, and it looks like 12 or so this time). I just like to pick a nice sounding number, but then it doesn't really bother me if I don't make goal. Maybe you should try something more scientific? Maybe look back and see how much weight you lost over this challenge, and then decrease it by a pound or so (because weightloss gets harder the closer you get).

bethbeth 12-12-2008 02:59 PM

OK, you guys talked me into another round. See you there! :cheer2:

cakses 12-12-2008 03:56 PM

Yay, I hope everyone signs up again. 5 pounds, 50 pounds, 100+ pounds it's all important to be recognized for our efforts and these challenges have been great!

Last challenge I quit and I weighed more than my starting weight by the time it was done. I was determined to not let that happen again!

Saw 175 today which is awesome. That's 45 pounds total lost for me. I am excited to see what happens now that a large bulk of my fat is gone and what sort of shape I take. I never thought I would be able to get into a size 6 or 8 again, and I am already a 12 so it is looking good for me. I have a very good friend's wedding in July that I am a bridesmaid in and I want to look awesome by then so I am going to be working very hard in 2009!

mtiger 12-12-2008 07:25 PM

I feel like that picture of the cat hanging on to the rope. I am holding on to my sanity by a thread. I am so stuck at this weight and it is really getting me down. I don't know what more I can do. If something doesn't give soon, I may lose my grip on sanity.

Andi18 12-12-2008 10:05 PM

Hi girls!! I am happy to say that the weight is on the way back out the door. I've lost everything that I gained the last few weeks!

Cakses, congrats on taking on the role of leader of the red team next go round!

Mandey, you look absolutely stunning in the red gown!!

I miss you girls and I'm sorry I didn't partake as much towards the end of the challenge :( I promise to be a better team mate in the next round.

bethbeth 12-13-2008 06:59 PM

Good morning RED team! Looks like nobody's here this morning. All you all out exercising or Christmas shopping?

This morning I did Level 2 of the 30DS, then cleaned house for an hour or two and then did Level 1. I thought Level 1 might be a little tough since I haven't done it in over a week, but it was pretty easy...I could do the whole thing. Now my count is back on track- Today is December 13th and I have done the Shred 13 times so far this month. Here we go to 30!

Our last weigh in is due on Monday! Don't quit now! :cheer2:

dkneec19 12-13-2008 10:09 PM

Hi my fellow reds. I'm pretty sure I'm disqualified because I don't know if I've been posting everyweek or not... probably not. But, I still want to say that thank you!!! I found it quite difficult to keep up with all the posts. I haven't decided if I want to participate in the next challenge, if I do, I'd love to be red again, but I guess I might not get dibs!!! (DOH!) Just know that you all really helped me get through bad days and I appreciate all the support!!!! So thank you!! One more weigh in!! GO RED!!!!

retiredone 12-14-2008 12:49 AM

Mtiger, please don't lose your grip. You've lost over 50 pounds already and you know that you will eventually lose more.

I had a great weigh in this morning. I guess where I didn't lose anything last week I caught up this week with a 2.5 pound loss. I have finally broken into the 130s.

We had our Church Christmas concert tonight and what a relief it is to be finished. It was, if I do say so, a wonderful program with great singing. Everyone really enjoyed the program and stayed afterwards for refreshments. I had a couple of cookies and a hot chocolate and a few crackers. It was actually not bad as it was my supper. I don't eat before a concert (on account of unwanted burping in the middle of a solo or duet). So a little lunch following is really welcome.

I feel free as a bird but I do have a lot of cleaning up to do. The tree is up but there is a path of destruction through the living room. :D Tomorrow had better be a long day because I have lots of work to do and some relaxing is in order too.

Catch you all later.

mtiger 12-14-2008 02:19 PM

I had so wanted to post a nice loss on our last weigh-in. At this point it looks like I could end with a gain. I am so frustrated I can't think straight. As a last resort I am going to try upping my calories to 1500. I don't know if that will work. Nothing else has. Well, wish me luck.

Retire- Thanks for the encouragement. I really need it right now. I am feeling bad enough as it is, and then last night we had our staff Christmas party. I was sitting nest to my best friend when a retired teacher started telling my BF how skinny she looked. Not a word to me. My BF is great because she turned to me and said "How much have you lost now Mindy?" Are you serious!! People don't even notice? I have got to get out of this slump. So, thanks again!!!

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