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bethbeth 12-02-2008 02:59 PM

Hi Friends,
Sorry I have been MIA the last 2 weeks. I've been bad. :frypan: Let's not talk about how much weight I have gained.
As of yesterday, December 1st, I am back on track! Yesterday I did the Shred and ate only 1400 calories. Go me! This is going to be a good month! :cheer2:

Catsgetnhealthy 12-02-2008 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by crazy4weightloss (Post 2475388)
hey red team. I posted a good loss for this week but have to admit that I am struggling with depression and anxiety. I went out with some old friends and had some drinks and ever since then I've been having issues. I think drinking threw my body out of wack. I have suffered with depression and anxiety before. It sucks. Anyone else struggle with this?

I went through something last month, which was a state of depression. I think it might have to do with the seasons changing. And me, I only drink when I go home to texas and I'm around my girlfriends, and we do shots of tekillya, ;) and I can say that I don't do well anymore with drinking. I feel the hungover effect for 2 days. Just know we're here anytime you want to talk. :hug:


Originally Posted by Kelleigh (Post 2475518)
Hi Red Team. We have been out of town for several days. We almost always go away for Thanksgiving. DH's divorced parents still fight over him at holidays and it's just better for him to not be around.:(

I have really let you guys down this week. I am up 4.5 pounds. I really can't believe that. I mean, I know I slipped, but 4.5 pounds!? I am very sorry. I could blame it on being out of town and my routine or even TOM (which still hasn't came-it's so late:mad:), but the truth is I just didn't eat right or exercise.

We're back home now and I have a furious attack plan to get back on track and hopefully make you guys proud these last few WIs. We will be out of town again this weekend, but it'll be lots of walking not like last week.

No worries, I think we all had are ups and downs this week. I had a gain too. I think we all need to band together again and kick each other's butts! ;) This time of year they say people gain 5-10lbs from the holidays. Let's keep in check ladies and not let that happen to us. :grouphug:


Originally Posted by blueyedlvrgirl (Post 2475716)
Hey everyone...
Everything is crazy busy...up 0.6 from ticker, but down 2.2 from last weigh-in...good loss considering the junk I ate over the weekend! I guess all the unpacking is helping with something. I have a date tonight! ;) Work is busy...school is crazy! TTYL!

Good on your loss!! And can't wait to hear how your date went. Yes, details woman!! ;)


Originally Posted by ArmyWife02 (Post 2475762)
blueye, good luck on your date.

I am up to abve my starting weight, and i'm aggreivated (sp?)....I had too much food for the holiday, and even all the walking I did for Black Friday and the next day weren't enough to combat the food. grrrr. and TOM finally arrived so I knw that didn't help. And with the holidays I have been baking more cookies....still need to make some more cookies to box up to send to some of our troops. There's 2 units that aren;t receiving anything for the Christmas holiday, so me and bunches of other ppl are baking cookies and sending other goodies and things the need so they aren't forgotten. Have no idea what units they are or anything, but whatever I can do to help I'll do.
Had my first homework assignment due by today....I didn;t do my reading or the practice homework, so not sure how well I did on the graded hmework I had to send in last night, bu was busy with Thanksgiving and everything and ran outta time. so crossing fingers I passed. whew!
well i'm doing a makeover photoshoot with my friend/neighbor on Thur afternoon and i get a professional to do my hair and makeup, and it as only $10 for my makeover, so will be prepped for the ball that night. Then have another appt the following night for my family. For $25 we get to do 4-6 poses and change outfits and i get a makeover for the photo shoot and a free 10x13" pic....and then we can pic any sheets/poses we want after that for us to have (they said it's cheaper to build our own package of pics, but their most expensive package deal is $69, which isnt bad considering i get hair/makeup done and we get to change outfits and poses with the family)....i'm excited!

still need to find an adhesive bra and some tall shoes to wear with my ballgown....am running outta time. we colored my hair on thanksgiving....but it's still all different colors and some of it looks gray/blonde.so am considering going and buying some light brown (closer to what my natural color is now) and try to make it blend better so i dont look all multicolored for pics and the Ball.
will try to post pics over the weekend after we do all our pics.

Sounds very busy but yet very fun Mandey!! Can't wait to see the pics.

Still trying to catch up on posts, going backwards. lol. I finally did a workout this morning! :carrot::dancer::woohoo: can ya tell I'm excited! Went through all my dvds and my Slim in 6 is the one that has the least hurt factor on my foot, so that's what I'm going to be doing the next 6 wks. And figured in the evenings I'll ride my bike, and I'll do that tonight watching TBL.
Well I'm going to continue catching up with the board.....

Catsgetnhealthy 12-02-2008 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by mtiger (Post 2473033)
Well I went out in the cold again yesterday for a 2 mile jog. It was cold too. Then went to dinner with family. I didn't eat that much, felt pretty good about that. It is my normal time for mid-cycle gain so I was up to 200.8 this morning. That is 3 pounds this week. Hopefully it will start going back down tomorrow.

Se ya.

MT good for you on the 2 mi jog in this weather!! You rock!!! :D


Originally Posted by retiredone (Post 2473702)
I've lost exactly 50 pounds as of today. Yeah!!! Now to lose the last few pounds and keep them off.

That is FANTASTIC!!!! :congrat:


Originally Posted by Bette k (Post 2474876)
Hi Red Team,
Sorry for th long hiatis, but I just haven't had a lot of computer time. Some of you might remember me talking about my niece who was having trouble with her pregnancy, preeclampsia and diabetes, Tuesday night she had a healthy baby boy by c-section. He weighed 8lbs and 8 oz, and was 21 inches long. She had a c-section after being in labor for 2 days and not progressing. Mom and baby are home and doing well. Her mother died when she was young and I'm her stand in mom, I spent most of 2 days with her until the baby came.

Everything is good here, I still need to get more exercise and eat better, but I'm holding steady. We had about 3 inches of snow last night, I'm not ready for winter at all.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Bette K

Aww :congrat: on the new baby boy!!!


Originally Posted by Rain Dancer (Post 2474998)

I may not be around much, for a week or so, maybe a bit more. But I will check in with my weigh in on next Monday. We are going to move and I will be busier than a one legged man at a butt kicking contest for a while. I thought that I had lots of time, that we were going to take our time, look for a place, make a choice, have an easy, leisurely move. Yeah. Sure. Dream on, girl. My hubbie saw a nice little townhouse for rent, called on it and then we saw it and decided to take it. The landlord is a nice guy and wants us to move in ASAP. He is only charging us for deposits (cleaning and a pet deposit) and since we are signing a six month lease, he is giving us the month of December rent free. :D:carrot::D So, I am not going to have much Internet time. I will be thinking of you all and keeping you all in mind and will talk to you as soon as I can.

Sending you :goodvibes stress free moving vibes :goodvibes And how awesome of the new landlord to give ya this month free. :cp:

JasonsLea 12-03-2008 12:08 AM

:wave: girls.

Today was kinda sucky. My sleep has been really off since I got back from my trip, I missed the bus today and was late for work and now I have to get a union rep and have a meeting tomorrow. *sigh* Of course, I got stressed and reached for a soda. No exercise but I think I'm going to do some pushups then get my butt in bed by midnight. I need to snap out of this fog.

Daily Checklist:
{} No Soda
{} Workout
{} SparkPeople
{x} Blog
{x} 3FC
{x} Bed by Midnight

Catsgetnhealthy 12-03-2008 09:48 AM

:oMan, we didn't do well this week at all. So lets step it up ladies!!! :lifter::running::exercise::strong::ebike::yoga:
I just got done doing my Slim in 6 Start it up and the Limber dvd. Love that Limber one its a great 15min total body stretch. I also tried the extra ab segment (12 min), got half way through. She does a good ab work in the regular workout, but I wanted to add some ooomph. I think I'll just do the extra ab workout 2x's a week to start. And I gotta date with my exercise bike tonight. ;) I feel so energized again and my foot is doing a bit better. I iced my toe and the side of my foot last night for a while and that helped a lot.
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday!!
LETS GO RED!!!! :carrot:

cakses 12-03-2008 01:36 PM


TOM is here. Scale isn't budging. At least it's not going higher but still. I had high hopes for the last few weeks in this competition.

Also found bugs in my cereal box this morning. The healthy stuff too :( Just had to go through everything to make sure there weren't more bugs. Super gross.

Today I will work out after work tonight. Just too busy until then. Off to grocery shop. Hope everyone is doing their best to get back on track.

MonteCristo 12-03-2008 01:58 PM

Okay, so we all just got a look at the results, and to be frank, they were disappointing. But we shouldn't be discouraged. Just think of this week as where you take a couple steps back to get a good running start! We can finish out this challenge with a bang!

Who is with me?!?

bethbeth 12-03-2008 03:12 PM

Ouch, this was not a good week for the Red team, huh ladies? I did not do well at all last week, but this is a new week, and I'm doing great!

How are you doing this week? Let's make those numbers go down!

modcat44 12-03-2008 04:01 PM

Monte--I'm with ya'!!!

Oops--we really didn't do well, huh? But you know what? It just sets us all up for a BIG loss this week when we finally get rid of all that holiday bloat!

Finally today I squeaked under my pre TG Day weight! Just onward and downward now!!!

retiredone 12-03-2008 08:30 PM

crazy4weightloss, congratulations on being the biggest loser this week. At least someone lost weight.

I seem to have lost my will to exercise. It'll pass and I'll be back on track. Actually, I have exercised the last two days but my heart's not in it. Too much going on in my mind with new baby coming and DS getting married this summer and Christmas around the corner. I've been baking like a maniac the last two days. I made 2 cherry pound cakes, a peach fruit cake, a gumdrop pound cake, a sultana pound cake and 6 dozen shortbread cookies. They were big recipes so I got at least one large cake and a small one out of each one. Happily for me, I'm giving most of them away. Anyone else bake lots for Christmas or do you just buy your cakes and cookies? I bake for my sister, DS and DIL and MIL. My sister does not bake anything so I'm her Christmas baker. :D I also give a few cakes away for gifts.

I suppose I should go finish cleaning up the kitchen. Catch you all later.

Bette k 12-03-2008 09:45 PM

Hi Everyone,
What a week, I started feeling sick on Monday night, very dizzy, not something normal, so I went to the Dr right on Tuesday and he thinks it is fluid buildup in my inner ear and could last for amonth. He did give me some water pills to try and drain any excess fluid, so I took my forts one today and feel some better. but they sure make me thirsty. I've been drinking water like crazy, which is good for me I guess. Hopefully I'll lose some weight too.

retiredone: I love baking for Christmas and holidays too. My favorite is baking bread and rolls.

Hope everyone has a great week, I'll try to post more.

mtiger 12-03-2008 10:04 PM

Yep, this week sucked. I didn't help any because I posted a gain. I am having a real tough time making any progress lately. It is not for lack of trying, but just my stupid body. This is why I quit so many times in the past. I know better now and that I just need to stick with it and something good will.....eventually happen.

I don't go over 1400 calories a day. I work out almost every single day. I miss very few. I get in a minimum of 30 min and most days it's more like 40. Today I did a kickboxing DVD for 20 min, WATP 1 mile in 15 min, then ran 1/2 mile. What more can I do???

I hope things look better next week.

miriam101 12-04-2008 09:37 AM

Hi Guys!
Wow - we did awfully this week, LOL
I'm happy I was able to post a loss.
I'm in the states now - trying to keep on track!
Keep at it!

MonteCristo 12-04-2008 02:54 PM

How is everyone doing so far this week?

I've been doing really well. Yesterday I wasn't hungry at all, and I barely managed to eat 1200 calories (I usually eat 1500). I'm still walking 3 miles a day, plus doing 75 situps & 40 pushups. I'm going to try to double up my walking on Saturday, but I may not have the time. I haven't weighed yet (the more control I practice the better, right?) but all my clothes are too big again (while gratifiying, this is beginning to get a bit old). I don't know what is up with my measuring tape. I didn't lose any inches this month, but my pants have gone from fitting perfectly, to being WAY too big. Wierd.

bethbeth 12-04-2008 05:35 PM

Hi again!

The scale is going down for me! It has gone down 4 pounds this week, which brings me back to where I was 2 weeks ago. Now I need to get my butt back down to what my ticker says!

Only 2 more weigh-ins to go for this challenge ladies! Let's make them good ones!

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