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sportmom, i understand your scale frustration. i'm looking at possibly .5 lb down - we'll see if that holds true tomorrow. way to go on your bodyfat measurments!!!

jaime, here's to a wonderful OP week!! you're ready to charge ahead! how did today go for you?

dj, thanks for reminding me to look at the NSVs. you are so right!! at first i didn't know what you were talking about - HA! it seems i attach all of my victories onto the scale. thanks again! loved the picture! so sweet!

zinke, good going on that run!!

sue, you did great at the buffet!! you should be so proud!

meagan, good for you on getting to your WW meeting and cooking all that food for this week! let us know how tomorrow goes.

BRAVO to all the blue losers this week!

We had a beautiful weekend here! My workout was a 72 minute walk outside - 4 miles. Tomorrow I'm heading to the Y for a little more intense cardio.

Food choices have been good. The scale seemed to be down 1/2 lb this morning. Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow's weigh-in
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Originally Posted by Smiling1 View Post
We do need to toot our own horns. So many of us beat ourselves up when we slip, but when we succeed, we don't brag. So here is my brag.
Yesterday we were at a wedding with a Viennese Hour (which is a buffet loaded with all types of desserts, you are supposed to go up and load up your plate). All I took were two chocolate covered strawberries. I didn't even have a bite of wedding cake.

Time for someone else to share their success. . .
Smiling , Congrats to you at the wedding!
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Originally Posted by djay View Post
Took my adorable grandughter Riley and my little dog Cooper to the dog show this weekend! Had such a great time! They had a petting zoo, a blue grass concert and a pumpkin painting contest along with all the dog activities and vendors! So much fun for a 2 y.o.!

Cooper got tired and Riley was kind enough to share her stroller for the afternoon! They were so cute riding around together that people kept snapping pictures of them. Thought I would share one.

Riley and Cooper are so cute! I bet that was so much fun! I have never been to a dog show. I have a white toy teacup poodle named Jackson. He is my first dog ever, he is 2yrs old now. They are so fun!!!

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Reporting a NSV!

I was watching the Biggest Loser Marathon on Fox Reality Channel this afternoon while I was folding laundry. In one episode Bob had a team member try on the clothes she was wearing on day one. I got inspired to try on two dresses I bought over the 4th of July holiday. They were tight when I bought them but I was hoping to lose enough to fit into one of them by my office Christmas party. THEY ARE TOO BIG! What's odd is that my weight is higher than in July. I guess I'm getting sleeker, if not lighter.
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Originally Posted by xMeaganx View Post
djay that is such a cute picture!
I went to my WW meeting last week, and though I saw a gain (3 lbs!) I feel ready to move on. My meeting was really good, the leader was younger and it was fun, much like my MD ones, so I think I have something to look forward to there!
Sounds like the story of my weekend too! I was up 1.8 at my meeting, but it felt so good just to be there and talk about stuff that it really helped pull my head out of the ground. I am glad to hear things are beginning to brighten over there for you.

Originally Posted by dixied View Post
Reporting a NSV!
Awesome! That "sleeker rather than skinnier" thing is awesome, huh? Now you get to go look for an even sexier dress that fits for your Christmas party!

As for me, I stayed OP today (huzzah!). We went up to my dad's house for the day and went to a restaurant for lunch, where I think I made good choices overall. Had a light dinner and am back at home ready for bed. Tomorrow will be another OP day, and I should get some exercise in tomorrow as well since I took today off. I am really focused on buckling down and counting EVERYTHING this week in a major effort to turn my journey around and get it back on the right track!
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Yea Dee!!! I look forward to being able to post similar stories and going shopping in my closet again soon.
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Hi Everyone, All your exercising is really encouraging me to up my mins. I finally lost another pound. Keep up the good work blue team.
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Originally Posted by amouse View Post
I have a huge pile of clothes that are way too big for me.. i need help do i ..

(a) put them up in the top of the cupboard until i feel brave enough to get rid of them
(b) give them to my friend to sell on ebay and get them out of my life forever and use the money to buy new clothes
(c) keep them just in case...???

is getting rid of them going to help me or just make me more scared then i already am? that is the truth im scared of all this..
Get Rid of Them!!! I lost 30 lbs. about 3 years ago and ran into the same dilemma. I didn't get rid of my clothes and 6 months later I was wearing them again

Well I went on my walk on Saturday. I did 5K in 6 in. of snow and wind. I haven't walked that far in a long time so I'm pretty proud

Have a good week everybody!
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Hey everyone,

I didn't lose or gain this week. I'm pretty proud of my workouts this last week. I've put in some serious time, sweat and tears. I wonder if I am gaining muscle? I have to say, I've been pretty slack in my eating. I am not binge eating in my usual way, but I am not totally tracking my calories in/calories out and I KNOW it's making a difference. Why am I working my tail off to see such meager results on the scale? Cause when I come home from the gym, I could eat my hand off, and generally speaking my appetite is much larger than it was. Where before I would eat when I was not hungry, now I'm actually famished. So I need to do something. I'm not sure what yet. I feel like I am just getting used to the working out thing, that my eating can slide slightly. But maybe that's just an excuse creeping out.

Kori - good on you for the thanksgiving meal. I'm off to my in-laws tomorrow and I'm hoping for pumpkin pie which I hate My game plan is to stick to one plate too.

Cheers, Ginger

Kori- I'm eating thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night, and I plan on having one plate. If I'm lucky, they will be serving pumpkin pie, which I hate Congrats on sticking with the plate and the small dessert!
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last time
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hope everyone has a happy monday!

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Good Morning Blue!

I got quite the shocker last night. My DD and SIL brought Riley over last night. Didn't think much about it until my DD sprang the news that Riley is going to be a big sister in June! Yikes!

I'm trying to be positive about it. They are very excited. It is just that DD finishes her degree in May and now won't be out there with the rest of her class in the job hunt. She will have to wait and do that on her own while caring for 2 kids! Oh well...I guess they will work it out somehow.

sportmom-thanks for the tip on the keyboard! there was a crumb in there! and now I can type all of my letters! YAY. I'm not sure what those Auburn things are in the background. There were so many vendors there! Auburn is very popular here. No sports vendor would set up without Auburn represented.

Hope you all have a great day!

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I'm embarrassed to say I will have to post a gain this week. I haven't even posted it yet and I feel awful. But I know that if I don't post it and use my second freebie then I will just stay in the same cycle. I don't know how to get back on track. I'm sorry I'm probably bringing you guys down.

Amy- You have worked too hard! GET RID OF THEM!!
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Djay i loev the picture of your baby girl and pup.. its beautifaul.. like an add you would see in a magazine.. she is an absolute doll.. isnt she..

thanks guys i have listed my goodies on ebay my fav are the dip dyed tops and the long jade green one.. .. here is the proof.. and the jeans.. and and and... lol

it appears others agree as all three of those tops have bids.. i started everything at 0.99 ..

I have done this before but last time i didnt throw them out.. i got depressed about having nothing to wear.. i hated the loose skin i got .. and decided to gain it back. .. yup you heard it right.. i wanted to put it back on... yeah fine my mental state was awal at the time.. i was dealing with a very sick child.. and couldnt give a flying duck what happened to me.. so why not gain it back and wear my fav clothes... maybe tommorow i wont have kid anymore.. what do i matter.. <<< long story.. allergy related.. food chemicals my baby girl... now i know she is perfect .. but took many months with her getting sicker and sicker and sicker.. and on very strong antihistamines asthma meds. etc..

this time they are going.. loose skin or not.. who cares.. and anyway its not as bad as last time actually maybe.. im just used to it.. lol ..

and yes there are some nice clothes from the bag.. of 8 or so years ago... not sure about skirts fine start with those two pairs of jeans... .. yes they look good with the new top.... skirt.. hmm yes very nice.. ok promised friend i would wear a skirt on my birthday thursday .. have new shoes to match new skirt and top.. will be fine.. no freaking out about wearing a skirt.. lol

legs waxed.. good your ready to go... ... lmao..

it may seem strange but i feel like i need to set a new starting point.. .. i have lost 21 kilos... so i feel like i need to start over.. a new begining.. to keep me motivated... not the well ive already lost 21 so why not slack off with the food mood i have been in for a few days now.. lol .. ok .. im waiting for TOM which really isnt helping my mood or sanity.. i am tired all day but cant sleep at night and im moody as **** with everyone around me.. .. i just want the wrotten thing to come.. so this pmsing will calm down.. lol beware the premenstral lady whos trying to make decisions... lol ...

and the lovely rollercoaster im riding up and down.. up and down... hmm maybe i should remember to take my multivitamins.. lol .. im generally less mental when i take them.. as far as pmsing go's anyway..

I feel relieved to be getting rid of the clothes though. its like i have one less excuse.. and that for me is a big one... becuase it is one that has caused my failure in the past.. seems funny though i have changed so much of my lifestyle now.. why is changing my clothes so hard?? is it that baggy clothes are a way of hiding.. .. maybe they are.. .. ok.. i promise to stop my ramblings.. and thinking out aloud.. lol

im going to bed.. its late here.. and im actually tired..
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Hey all. I'm back from Kansas and ready to settle into my new place in Kentucky.. finally. It was a long 11 hourish drive yesterday.. but I made it and STAYED ON PLAN! I can't beleive it.
I never got to exercise this weekend.. but I was really ofcused on my food intake. Finally.. my hard work furing the last couple of weeks and my eating OP has paid off 5.2 loss for the week! finally somethin bigger than a pound to report
And finally in the 250s!!

Now.. to go back and read what everyone else has been up to!
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Trying it again....
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Good morning everyone. Nothing much going on here. Puppies are getting bigger and ants are coming around again. Yuck!!!! Isn't is supposed to be fall now? We're still up in the 80's, can you believe that? I hate the heat. I'm ready for some cold weather. Going to my step class this morning. I looooove it. It makes me feel so much better afterwards. I"m stuck at a plateau right now. I'm stuck at 189. I want to get out of the 180's before december. I know I can, I know I can!!!

Amy-get rid of them. Either donate or sell on ebay. They way you won't have anything to give you reason to gain that weight back. I wish I could say the same about my clothes. I only had one pair of jeans that I will wear all the time. I don't really have the money to go buy new ones. They are so baggy on me but I did get back into my 16's last week. It's TOM so I wont be putting those on, as bloated as I am right now. Congrats!!!!

Everyone-have a wonderful day!!!

PS-does anyone have a good rice pilaf recipe for my DH?
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