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Hey girls! I haven't been around much this week - been a busy one at work. I also totally forgot to weigh in this am before having my coffee (lack of sleep does wonders for me ) Oh well time before Monday to do so.
Have a good day all!
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amouse - Congrats on all the clothes fitting. I can't wait till I can go down a size.

Well I stayed the same as last week for weigh in. Sorry I couldn't help with winning this week. At least I didn't gain though. Have a great OP day everyone!!!
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Goodmorning Bluesers!

Dora- Every time I read your posts it takes me out of the grimey city and makes me want to move to the country. I picture you in a charming little white country cottage with an apple orchard out back for the apple pies that you bake daily. I see a vine covered grape arbor with baskets sitting beside it for picking just the ripest fruit for canning. Beyond the arbor I can see a lush garden that is in transition from the summer crops to the fall colors of squashes and pumpkin. It all has that relaxed welcoming feel that takes away the hurry and stress of the city. Now if you really live in a NYC high rise with a bean plant on the window sil in an old coffee can...I just don't want to know...I like my fantasy...I visit you often there!

Amy- I can totally relate on the clothing suprise! I was not expecting the 14's to fit for another 15 lbs! What a difference all the walking has made. My body is reshaping itself and I like it! Congrats on the 18's. I know it feels so great to fit into a size that you don't have to go to the woman's department for! Do you find yourself continually trying them on! It's like I'm sure it is a mistake and the next time I try them on they won't zip...Like I cheated to get them on last time or something. Still hasn't sunk in! But feels good each time huh?

Well...I don't hanve anything new to say today except. TGIF!!!!

Have a good day ladies!
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Originally Posted by Djay
Now if you really live in a NYC high rise with a bean plant on the window sil in an old coffee can...I just don't want to know...I like my fantasy...I visit you often there!
LOL! Djay, you're funny!

Originally Posted by amy
i feel like dancing around the house in my underwear... lol
Hey, no need to dance in your underwear ... put on some of those new clothes that fit so well!!! Congrats to you!

A question about honeycrisp apples ... are they a tart, crispy apple or a sweet, softer apple?
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Hey all!
Big congrats to Amouse on the clothing size fun! Isn't it exciting? I'm happy for you!
I'm in the 250s this morning! I hope that my traveling won't mess that up.
We are totally gonna win this monday!!!
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Weighed in today and and I'm back to 185. That's a 4 pound loss from last week's damage but not a loss for the team! Sorry Blues!

I will work my butt off this week! (And I hope that's literal!!!)
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Helloooo bluesers!

I am pretty frightened of my WI tomorrow morning. I am seeing 2.5 lb gains from last WI right now, pretty much entirely due to my lack of exercise and the week spent at my sister's house while she had her baby. I had it reinforced in my mind exactly why it is that I don't keep junk food in my house - they have cabinet after cabinet of junk and I found it ALL (and ate a good portion of it!). But I am home now and must get back to it. I don't like seeing numbers creep up! We are going grocery shopping tonight and I am going to make sure we focus on vegetables of all sorts! I won't be taking a freebie this week even if I do gain, since I've used one freebie already last week (didn't get to WI as I was at the hospital all weekend with my sister) and need to keep the 2nd for emergencies. So it looks like I'll be bringing the team down a little bit. But I promise you all that next week I'll be back to being a contributing member of the team!!
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Goodmorning Bluesers

Wow, where has the week gone?? Can't believe its already Friday.

I'm hoping to catch up on posts this weekend since its a long weekend!! :-)

For the Bluesers that found their motivation lately, can you please put up signs......I'm having a hard time finding the location and a few directional signs would help.

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Hi everyone. Well, I have had an icky day yesterday. I went for my annual exam. Just routine, no big deal. HA! Long story short, after not one, but two exams and an internal u/s, I had to have a chat in the conference room--that is NEVER a good sign! I was told that I have HUGE cysts on both ovaries and the endometriosis I had removed less than three years ago is back at least as bad as it was before, if not worse. It is wrapped around one ovary. The good news is, the cysts *should* be benign, but there is no way to tell for sure until they test them. The bad news is, this means more surgery. I do not know if it will be laparoscopic or more invasive. I have had both (and I know which one I am voting for!). I meet w/ the doctor on 10/27 and will go over my options then. I seriously wanted to cry.

Now I realize, things could be MUCH, MUCH worse.

I swear, I turned 38 and my body is falling apart! Either that or it is rejecting all of this healthy living!

All of that said, I will NOT stop doing what I am doing. I am finally taking care of myself. I am eating well (most of the time). I am exercising. I will continue.

So, now I am looking at this surgery AND knee surgery--although that won't get scheduled for quite some time. Ugh....Yep, I absolutely can see some retail therapy during vacation!!!!
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mj5--I commiserate with you. When I was 38, I had a benign cyst on my ovary that had to be removed. The doctor had to take the ovary, too, because the cyst was wrapped around it. The good news is that I feel so much better now, and have had no complications from only having one ovary. I hope you are able to have the laparoscopic surgery and that you keep up your healthy way of life while you're waiting and while you're recovering. Good luck!
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Hey Team! It's FRIDAY! I have had a very busy work week as well, probably working some this weekend too, but I'm glad for a job in these times, so I'll make the best of it

Back later perhaps, but on the 30 day Shred topic, it is NOT low impact. It would not be helpful for knee or leg difficulties! You know walking is a *VERY* good, proven exercise! Easy to do, easy to maintain. I still walk a lot! (Even though I talk here about making gains with jogging a fair amount) Hill walks, incline walks, you can really get your heart rate up if you do it purposefully! Walking is my first love (as far as exercise goes).
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Originally Posted by mj5 View Post
I meet w/ the doctor on 10/27 and will go over my options then. I seriously wanted to cry.
Good Luck with the doctor apt. I'm sure everything will be ok. Just think positive!!
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I've been fighting with my focus. Big changes in my life- new job. But my attitudes toward food are improving.
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My houseguest left this morning. I wish they could have stayed longer, but I'm also glad that now I can get back on track. They didn't derail me as much as this sinus infection though. It's hard to wog when your balance is impaired. We went shopping yesterday and I kept listing to one side and walking into my mom. We also went to the beach. I snapped a picture of myself on the beach, but I didn't realize how ugly my sunglasses were.
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Happy Friday....

I am going shopping in my closet this weekend. I am down at least one size size August 1st, but probably more like two. It should be fun to find "new" things that I can wear.

Hope you are all staying OP.
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