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Well I lost .8 for the week. Not even a pound. I know it's because I have not been exercising. I'm thinking of getting out the ol' "Turbo Jam" and starting on that. I really think I need to get started with a good butt kicker of a workout.

I should have a better week this week. I have healthy lunches in the freezer for the week and fruit & veg. to snack on. I'm going to try and drink more water though. Usually I don't have a problem with this but last week I really struggled.

Good Luck to everybody this week.
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Hey all

just trying to catch up on all the posts!!! WOW!!!

All is well...went to the grocery store today and bought some yummy stuff!

I have heard alot about Kashi Go Lean cereals and stuff...but WOW there are soo many calories! So I passed on it.....and got some Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds...yum! I love that stuff!

I'm looking forward to weighing in this weekend...and doing week 2 of my push up challenge
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Originally Posted by suitejudyblueeyes View Post
I have a 3 mile WATP and halfway through I was VERY tempted to turn off the sound. She is one chatty lady, and a little too chipper for my tastes. I want my workout people to be all like "RAWR! WORK HARDER! FASTER! SWEAT!" Not like "oh jee, are you okay? Remember you can stop if you need to. Just take a rest. That's it. Have a cookie." are soo funny! I was laughing my butt off while reading this! :rolf:

Originally Posted by Tamara View Post
Blue Team, I'm sorry I don't chat often. I'm getting back on track with my WL journey. SuiteJudy, those muffins look delicious! I really want to try the recipe.
Hey girly...long time no see! We all go through you gotta get back on that horse!
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Dang.....up a pound this week. I was hoping the scales god would be kind to me but not the case. Here is hoping for a better week for us all.
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Hey Bluesers, it's officially fall!

I really think this has something to do with my eating and sleeping patterns, which is affecting my weight loss pattern - which is stuck in the dreaded "P" word - plateau. Grrr. I have eaten things I shouldn't, so I do have my part in this saga, but . . . sigh . . . . no change this week.

Amy - love and prayers for you/your hubby re: your aunties. Kinda heavy all at once. But your swimming sounded great, and you're sore, so you know you did good there.

Donna - Congratulations on this week's loss (again!). First you go on into Onederland (bursting open the door), then you just keep on sliding down the tunnel. Are you seeing all kinds of colors? Are you dizzy? Are you really really small? Can't wait to join you, but I'm stuck over here on the plateau and the cheshire grin is nowhere in sight - I need some of your magic.

MJ - sorry about your illness and hope to hear good knews about your knee.

Manick - your night with dh complete with blankets and chiminea sounds awesome. DH and I also sit out on the deck til late, watching the stars come out - only I have the blanket, but I may splurge this year and get a fire pit - you made it sound so awesome. Yes I do love the NW! You sound like us too working in the garden and the yard. We heard the rain is coming too and worked on the gazebo most of the day. One more phase to the top, but then, there's the railings - soon . .. very soon.

Tammy (dumplin) what fun getting your old clothes on, getting more, great NSV's for you!

Lori - I'm right here with you on the plateau - looking longingly over at Donna over there in Onederland. Did you see the way her hair flew up and her eyes got big as she went sliding down???

Jaime - awesome muffins and thanks for the recipe. I really like your idea of putting pumpkin in cereal "like a muffin you can eat with a spoon." You're my kinda gal - but you knew that. Thanks sweetie.

Zinke - cool cake, here's on the HPT. Hope you're feeling better too

The thing I ate off plan was that delicious Amish Friendship Cake, just like the one Dee mentioned. But instead of becoming a food pusher like her, I ate quite a few pieces before giving the rest to my son. We still have another loaf - and of course 4 more starters. I wish it wasn't so tasty!!!

I will get tougher on myself and log my meals in Fit Day BEFORE I eat them. I used to have my calories more around 1400-1500 and lately they've crept up to 1700-1800. Otherwise, food choices have been good, just too much. Water intake great, exercise on target - get just one of the legs of the stool gone and you fall flat on your . . . facebook. . . .I'm looking up the group over there now. (nice segue?).

Working tomorrow, will check in if I have time.


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Originally Posted by sportmom View Post
Amy, or anyone, can you tell us how to do side-by-side siggies like you have? I'm trying not to enter the dreaded "blah" territory, but would like to post more than one. Thanks!

Fran i use the tickerfactory tickers.( set them to small and then when using the BBcode from ticker factory in the signature page here.. make sure there is no space between the two codes and you got it side by side..

for anyone needing more info
go to tickerfactory follow the prompts to make you ticker ,then select the small option on the final page of your ticker factory set up .Right click and copy the bbcode . open your 3fc signature. Right click the signature window and select paste . leave your signature window open.. in a new window got back to ticker factory repeat the above steps and be sure not to leave any spaces between the ] and [ of the two ticker bbcodes.

to check that it worked press preveiw..

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Goodmorning Bluesers!
We didn't need a calander to see that fall was here did we? Looks like Yummy baking was going on all over. Nothing says fall like a crisp evening by the fire gazing at the stars and a warm treat from the oven. And that seems to be the theme of the blue weekend!

Dora- You should have your own motivational colum. You never cese to provide that uplifting start to my day! I know you will break that plateau soon and be sliding in here any minute! Just don't bring that Friendship bread with you...that could clear out onederland in a hurry!

Today is a big milesone for me also! I have two big rewards planned for this weight loss journey. Today I get the first one. I passed the 50 lb mark! That means I can finally get my car detailed!!!! Can't wait! It will be like getting a brand new car!

This week has been such an exciting time. Fitting into my favorite old pants, onederland and the 50 lb. mark. It has really eased my transition into the cooler weather that usually is such a downer for me! I feel rejuvinated and ready to take on winter now! Go ahead...bring it on...I feel so good, I don't think SAD can touch me this year!!!
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Good morning, Bluesers! Happy Monday.

Today was my official weigh-in and I managed to grasp ahold of a 1 pound loss for week 2. Not bad considering I didn't get on the treadmill once last week and I allowed myself to veer off-plan this weekend. I'm not sure exactly what was going on in my head. We went shopping on Saturday and I didn't plan ahead for a restaurant meal. I allowed myself to order a meal that was way out off plan...because I deserved a treat for all of my hard work. Jeeze, when will I learn! I also quit tracking my foods on Daily Plate. Today, I'll track every bite and I will do 60 minutes on the treadmill.

Originally Posted by suitejudyblueeyes View Post
I want my workout people to be all like "RAWR! WORK HARDER! FASTER! SWEAT!" Not like "oh jee, are you okay? Remember you can stop if you need to. Just take a rest. That's it. Have a cookie."
Jaime, this made me laugh! I agree. Touchy feely doesn't work for me either. Kick my butt, please!

Originally Posted by zinkemomx2 View Post
Hey folks!
I've been in one heck of a funk and am trying to claw my way out.
I'm sorry to hear this. I hope you find your way out soon.

Originally Posted by alwe74 View Post
Well I lost .8 for the week. Not even a pound. I know it's because I have not been exercising. .
Congrats on you loss! I'm with you on the exercise. Let's make it a point to do better this week.

Originally Posted by djay View Post
I feel rejuvinated and ready to take on winter now! Go ahead...bring it on...I feel so good, I don't think SAD can touch me this year!!!
Yay! And, Congratulaions for passing your milestones!

Today, I begin training for my new position at work. I'm so excited to have new responsibilities and challenges! I'll be on a much tighter schedule and must make pre-planning meals and snacks a priority. I won't be going to the fitness center for a few days. Our area has no gas, so I need to conserve what we currently have in our tanks. Thank God that 'Frank' and I work from the house.

Have a great on-plan day.


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How did I lose 3 lbs? Last week was just pathetic. I didn't workout but one day, Monday. To top it off, my cal count was up from 1500 avg to about 1800+ and not all good calories. So I was certain the scale was going to punish me this week. I would have been happy to maintain after this past week. I made myself stop by Curves this morning to weigh-in and was happily surprised. I know I should have worked out but I only had 2 hours sleep and I need to catch a few more before I have to pick my son up for his Doc appointment. I do have plans of getting in my work out after that though.
Anyway, I just wonder what I could have lost if I had been exercising and eating better. I guess I will find out this week as I am determined to get in 3 days of Curves. I really need to find something to wear to the water aerobics classes at the Y too, so I can start taking advantage of my new membership. It just makes me cringe to even think of myself in a bathing suit.

Congrats on every one's loss and for those that struggled, it's a new week with new possibilities!
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Trying it again....
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Hey everyone. Well, I'm gonna try to get back to the gym today. I haven't gone since DH started school. My step classes are Mon, Wed, and Fri and those are DH school days. So, I'm gonna go again today to see how DD does there. She usually cries and they can't keep her there if she cries. I lost some weight. I am so happy. i think it's because I've been taking DS1 around the block to sell his popcorn for his Cub Scouts. I am down to 192...woohoo. DH has been on one all weekend. I am just gonna keep moving on. I hate it when he has his moments. I'm trying to ignore them as they come.
Dora-does your DH still have his moments or does he know how to cope with it now?
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Trying it again....
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Who was it that had the cake picture? Great job!!! Now you should try the fondant one....just don't buy the wilton's terrible tasting, gotta make your own. PM me for my flickr website to check out my cakes!!!
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Hi Everyone!!!

Checking in after the weekend.

Saturday: Food = good. Exercise = Shouldcouldawoulda.
Sunday: Food = Ah.. not so good. Exercise = Same.

... I'm better than that. When will I realize?

Oh well. Monday is good so far. And I do have an opportunity to improve myself today.

I hope everyone is well!

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Hey ladies! I had a busy weekend with my old college roomie in town and didn't get on here at all! Good news - still not smoking and it's not overly painful right now. Even at Oktoberfest Saturday and several (okay many ) beer samples I didn't really want one Food I'm still struggling with but seem to have a grip today. Anyhoo hoping fall holds off a bit because despite the apples and pumpkins I'm not a fan of it!

Amy - I feel for you family now.

All - Have a great day!
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Heather - WTG on not smoking (and especially on not even wanting to!). You rock!

Faerie - Here's a for the weekend! Today is indeed a new day and yesterday's decisions don't have to impact what you do today.

So I somehow managed to pull off a 2lb loss and although I'm quite surprised I'm very grateful to see the scale nudge under that 195 mark where it got stuck for weeks on end! I feel like my head is back where it needs to be and I'm feeling enthusiastic about weight loss again. Here's hoping I stay in this mental state!

Have a great OP day everyone!
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Christina, I do water aerobics classes at the Y also. I felt the same way you do about being in a bathing suite but once I did it I was so O.K. with it. Everyone was there for the same reason . Everone for better health. It was so motivating to talk to people that had the same goals as I did. The Y is really what opened the door for me with my exercising. I started out in an arthritis class , I am 46 and was the youngest one in class but felt so comfortable. I later started doing another water areobics class at 7:30A.M. which was a little more movement than my first class. Now I do one that is the max of all the water areobics classes. I have now started doing some of those other classes in front of all the mirrors sometime I get stuck in the front row but I have gotten O.K. with that as well. There was no way I could do that Hi/Lo areobics class when I first started. I had thought about not going back to that one. But, I changed my mind, I blocked everything out and now I love that class. I owe alot of thanks to my instructor Carla who is in execellent shape which motivated me even more. If you stick with the Y and keep trying different things I know you will get more and more comfortable there just like I have. Good Luck , Your friend ,Tammy.

Djay, congrats on that 50lb. You are very inspirational !!!

Dora, that old dreaded "P" word will have to pass. Anything bad can't stick around you very long as sweet and kind as you are!!! Good Luck!!!

As for me this week I have lost 5lbs. I am in a BL contest here at home and as of this week I just move to the first place position with 2 more weeks to go.The girl that has been staying ahead of me weighs like 142. She has lost like 23lbs but you all know how it goes by percentages. It really could go either way.
I hope everyone has a good week . Lets just remember everyday is important to our health. Good Luck Everyone!!!

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