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Mind over platter
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Hiya Blue!

I ditched the chat yesterday for that (shhhhh ) topic we are not allowed to talk about on 3FC. Had another debate party and I got up early to make dinner and party foods for my guests, workout and finish up all my work by early evening.

As for what I do to take care of myself and revive, exercise is huge for me, usually a walk will diminish a lot of stress. I also really enjoy just being home. Going into the kitchen a puttering around, making things for the week. Getting in bed early with a good book is also a favorite treat.

Congrats to all the losers this week! Let's burn, baby, burn those calories this week!!

Dora your doctor sounds exactly on the right track! I am glad you are trying the Armour thyroid and adrenal support. And a Candida diet is healthy, regardless, so extra bonus there! Naturopaths can be exceedingly helpful at assessing the whole situation when they know their stuff! I really hope you have great results! It's nice to see you feeling so enthusiastic and hopeful!

sounds like you are taking steps and will figure it out! Stay strong! You will prevail!

DJ glad you've made it thru the wait...power of positive attitude! Congrats on the 14's! Now go find some long ones and *wear 'em!*

tkglennwhoo hoo for the bye, bye 190's!! Hello 180's

Nori I'm with you. I've only lost about 5 lbs since the last challenge ended, but over 1.5 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my waist! I'm glad the scale is moving along for you now! Keep up the good work!

Iconised Ghost good luck with the job interview!
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Trying it again....
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I weighed myself after that last post and I am actually down to 189. I am sooooo happy. I get more and more compliments from people everyday. I put on my size 16 jeans that I used to wear and they fit. I have been stuck in an 18 forever. I was beginning to lose hope. I would lose the numbers and people would tell me it shows but when I put clothes on, it would feel the same as if I were 10 pounds heavier. I just don't get it. I guess now the size is catching up to the pounds.

djay-congrats in getting into a 14. I am so looking forward for that day.

My dog had her puppies today. She had 7 of them. They are sooo cute. Better get my children off to bed. They aren't listening to me and seem to not understand the meaning of "go to sleep".
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fauxtini, I am just like you. If I don't get to the gym, I just don't feel good about things. Keep doing what you are doing, I know everything will start getting better!

Christina, Way to go on all that exercising. You will for sure see big results in your weight loss with that state of mind!!!!

Nori and dla....glad you two are on track! Way to go!!!

djay, What about you in that size 14!!!! you must feel so good. I would probably look in the mirror at myself all the time! Congrats!!!

What picks me up and keeps me on track is when I began to see results.
I started getting results when I made my mind up to see those numbers go down on my scales. I went out of my comfort zone and started doing water areobics then moved on to different exercising classes,walking etc. So exercising picks me up and the results keep me on track.
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Believing is Seeing
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Hi guys and gals . . .

Had my 3rd acupuncture today and my knee is feeling great!!! Still can't straighten all the way, but so much better than before. She is also working in concert with the naturopath in treating my adrenals and thyroid, so I'm hopeful to be back to my old self. Lately I've been cranky with the family and so tired. Even with the small amount of formula the naturopath gave me, I feel a bit more energy today and the scales look like they may stay down. I've missed 3 days of exercise due to a) Monday not feeling like it, b) Tuesday traveling out of town and c) acupuncture today and her telling me not to . . . so I'm looking forward to getting started all over again tomorrow. Thanks to all who expressed happiness for me getting this all under control - I am quite hopeful and anticipating great things.

Like Manick, I've been immersed in the "forbidden" topic. DH and I listen to news even when we are working way out in the yard. The poor neighbors get exposed whether they like it or not.

Donna - ooooh size 14, you keep raisin' the bar, but that's just what we (I) need. Congratulations and thanks for being the example.

Tawny - and you in 16's! whooop! I'm in 18's now and they feel comfortable, not tight. This team is losing inches for sure.

What keeps me on track - it's best for me to put my food into Fit Day,which I've been slack on lately, as well as posting my exercise there and here. I hate having to tell you all I haven't exercised, or that I flubbed - I want to be a beacon of light, not an example of what NOT to do. That keeps me trying harder.

What cheers me up? - reading about the successes of our team members, I really do come to love you all and your success is mine - vicariously and corporately - like when we win!!!!

Looks like Costa Rica might be put off until March or April, depending on who gets back to me about accomodations down there, etc. or not. Plus, getting some dental work done there will probably need more set up time, but it's all good - I'll just be closer to goal by then and maybe able to enjoy some of the beaches down there!!!


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Iconised Ghost, how did it go today? I'm job hunting right now as well. Ugh, I hate it, but hopefully we both find our dream jobs soon

Dawn, I'm so, so sorry. My thoughts are with you and your family

Abby, there's this really great running site I lurk at for advice, and their number one tip is to work on distance first, then add in speed so you don't injure yourself. I have to say, the more I run the faster I get naturally. You've been doing so good with your running! Don't get discouraged re: the scale. Your body will catch up if you just hang in there, and having a trainer will help immensely! Glad your walk cheered you up

Djay, congrats on the size 14s!!

tkglenn, wow, sounds like lots of excitement going on. Size 16s and new puppies! I think you've mentioned this before but what kind of dog do you have? Save a puppy for me!

Dora I do the same thing to poor DB. News on all the time, morning noon and night. This is a very exciting time

Ack! We have a sugar ant infestation!!! I swear, this apartment has been one bad thing after another. Has anyone dealt with this before? What did you do? We called maintenance but they never get back to us and it's getting really bad We have ants in our clothes, on the counters, in our DISHWASHER. I'm thinking about flooding the place again just to get rid of them.

Anyway, sorry I've been kind of MIA lately. I've had a rough couple of days, but I'm on day 4 of 30 day Shred. I can already see some extra definition. I don't think I've ever seen so much so fast, even from lifting heavy. It doesn't seem like it SHOULD work, but it seems to be. Now if only the scale will catch up (crosses fingers).

I went running today as well, and that helped my mindset SO MUCH. I have a goal to race a half marathon next year, so I need to hang up my training schedule and get on track if it's going to happen. I'm very, very slow, but once I get my mind set on something I seem to be able to follow through. Mostly.
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This is not a test.
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thanks for all the good luck wishes it went pretty well i think, i have to do a floor trial now and then meet the regional manager who has the final say. fingers crossed i dont screw it up!

JoyfulvegGirl: i know, the interviews are so nerve wracking, even worse is not having them at all i hope you are having good luck in your job hunting too

Congrats to everyone reporting NSVs today!
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last time
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hey bluesers!

we were so close to winning we will surely win again next week!

still working 12 hr days...i am truly frustrated and feeling down about myself cause there are so many personal things i want to take care of but cant because work and school consume my life.

i am so ready for this election to be over.

i am really trying to stay OP but its a day to day issue i am only home to sleep ugh.

no more excuses i have to do this and i will go now and pack up my lunch and snacks and try again since today/tomorrow is a new day. goodnight team.
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Blue Blood
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Good Morning Bluesers!

Dora- Thanks again for adding your positive energy to start the day. It doesn't feel right to have coffee without you!

tkglenn-Congrats on breaking out of the 190's and into the 16's! Doesn't it inspire you to find out you are down another size!

IG and JoyfulVegGirl- Keeping good thoughts for you on the jobs- It can't be a comfortable position to be job hunting in this economy. Sounds like you may be gainfully employed soon though ,Ghost. Fingers crossed!

Fauxtini- Glad you are feeling better!

Christina- Great attitude about excersises. Can't wait till I start looking forward to it!

Dumplin- You inspire me with your dedication to excersise! I try to keep up with far haven't been able to do it. It's no wonder that you consistantly looose such impressive amounts!

Thanks for all the congrats! I'm going to go shopping again at lunch today and see if I can find some 14s that are long enough to buy. I usually end up having to order online because I am so tall. I'm sure Jo can relate. It is just as well. Even though I could wear them...They were a little tighter than I like. Left some muffin top! It seems I am getting used to wearing looser clothing lately

Every one excersise today!
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