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Red face We Are Family - Red Team Chat Thread

Welcome to the Red Team!
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Go red team!!!

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Hi again Red Team!

You may notice that I've already started the Blue Team weigh in thread. Normally I would start the Red Team weigh in thread at this same time, but I figured that I'd let your team leader do so in case she wanted to add any personal message for you. She should be online sometime today, so don't panic, it'll be up for you to start posting your weigh in charts soon.

Have a good morning!
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Keep Chuggin'
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Thanks for setting it up - Chellez!
Helllllllllo Red Team!
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Good morning red team, let's rock this challenge. This will take us to 2 weeks before Christmas! I so want to fit in all my skinny clothes & get new ones!

Today is "ton of cardio" day, I had a bit of a festive dinner last night, not too too bad, but definitely too much sodium and I want to be sure I have a loss for our first week.

I think that is my goal, just to try and have a loss every week, even if it's .2 or .4, I want to lose something every week!
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In love with...THE GYM!!
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I am so excited for this challenge! Let's go red team!!
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Yeah -- I'm SO ready for this challenge to start. I've completely fallen apart since the last one .

So, time for me to kick it into high gear and finish out this year looking good!!

I'm a great once-a-day poster but not so good at replying to everyone -- but I'll think of you guys often!!
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Haley wants to run!
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HEY TEAM!! This week I've stayed within my cal average for the first time in 5 months so I'm ready for this challenge to help our team!
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Hurray for RED TEAM!
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Morning team!
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Hi Red Team members. This is my first TBL challenge and I'm rearin' to go. Ate my last "bad" food last night and feel like I have a hangover this morning. Well, if you count my stomach I do have a hangover, Gotta get out my red shirt and wear it for my walk today.

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Red Team REPRESENT!!!!!!!
We're gonna rock this challenge so hard gang!!

Here's an update for me. I'm still without new car, so going to the gym has been out of the question, and I've been ever so slightly stress eating with all the hub ubb involved in purchasing a new car. I've still managed to get some exercise most days this week, which includes walking to the grocery store among other places I'm lookin forward to chattin with all of you on this BL journey. It's gonna be a fun ride!!
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Yay RED team!! I am really excited to get to know some new people on this board and this team challenge will be a great opportunity I think.

My name is Carrie, and I am a single mom/waitress/student. My life is very busy. I've hired a personal trainer at the gym and I think I am already down around 3-4 lb from the starting weight I posted. I love competition and accountability.

I look forward to this little group of ours. The encouragement, support, and friendship we can give to each other will be great motivators. Yay!!!
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Hey Red Team! I just wanted to say hi real quick... I work two jobs so I'm usually mucho busy but I'm going to try to check in twice a week (not including my weekly weigh in, I have a set time to do that, Sunday Mornings!)

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How does this thing work?
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Originally Posted by retiredone View Post
Gotta get out my red shirt and wear it for my walk today.
Come to think of it, I always wear a red shirt when I go to the track. Maybe it was a sign of things to come.... Actually, I think it's mostly cause it's comfy and has a pocket I can just slip my mp3 player into.

Good morning Team Members!!

I've been waiting and waiting. Now I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I was actually online this morning at 7 to see whose team I'd be on. I'm very excited. I need this challenge right now. I welcome this positive and healthy distraction.

As you can see, I set a goal for myself of 24 pounds during this challenge. Of course I hope to lose more, but I think 24 pounds is realistic and perfectly doable. I have already lost 38, so that would take me up to 62 pounds! That would be so amazing. I've never lost 62 pounds before. Sometimes I look at other peoples' stats and see 45 pounds, 60 pounds, 75 pounds, 90 pounds and I'm just really wowed by that. I'm hoping that during this challenge we all "wow ourselves". I hope that we will all be amazed by our own successes.

Well, best wishes everyone! I look forward to getting to know each of you.
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