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Default "Just Beachy" Black Team Chat #3

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Finding My Bliss
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Hey Team!

Hope you all having a great weekend! It was rainy this morning so BF and I went for mani & pedis. It was a mothers day/birthday splurge and we also loved the service so we booked there again for her wedding pampering!

Sun came out this afternoon and we got some house work done and shopping. Not much exercise but walking. Will get a workout in tomorrow. Maybe get up early for a bike ride before church.

Have a great night!
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Ooh, chat #3!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! The weather could not be nicer here (knock on wood). Of course, being super pale, I have to wear SPF 50 children's sunscreen to walk around outside, but I'll deal if it will just keep being 70-something degrees!
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Just checking in -- hope everyone is having a great weekend!

It finally stopped raining here and I spent Friday out with my youngest's 2nd grade class doing a scavenger hunt around St Louis zoo. Evidently they had a bomb threat and were searching building by building but I don't remember anybody mentioning it while we were there. But it was beautiful out and the kids loved it. Tomorrow I get to sew up costumes for my girls' recital -- their class is doing something from Seussical and the teacher just said "make something zany". hmmmm.

I've been OP for my eating but not on my exercise, though I'm still biking 45 minutes during lunch. Going to download some bike workouts to my IPOD and see if that gives me a better workout. I need to get back in the exercise swing and get another badge!

Good luck, everyone!


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Good evening everyone. Just a quick check in for now. Today was beautiful here. Temps in the mid 70's and they say that is supposed to last all week. Got some flowers and bushes planted so I am a happy camper at this point. I will officially post my WI on Monday morning. Hoping that some of the water I'm feeling will have disappeared by then.

Julia - mani and pedi. Sounds fun!!

Anne - I so look forward to your posts. You are always so insightful and make everyone feel appreciated. Thank you for that. I, personally, am not that great with personals but do the best I can. Like everyone else I feel like I can't keep up but still like to pop in and say Hi.

Well, it's late but I still need to go to the grocery store. Better run for now. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good evening.
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HOLY SMOLEY!! I am exhausted! Today was a major overhaul of yard work. We started at 7:00 this morning and with the exception of sitting down for lunch and dinner this is the first time I have sat all day long. I am feeling it, my muscles are tired, I am tired, BUT my yard looks GREAT! I still have tons of work out there to do, my in laws are coming next week and I want to have an impressive yard so they don't focus on the house-long story short we moved into my grandma's 130 year old house that is perfect for us, but my father in law is a worry wart and will be conserned with the gapping cracks in the foundation and the fact that the back room (storage) is literally falling off the house and the fact that when you sit in the recliner when the wind is blowing you can feel the wind, there is no heating or cooling system except a wood stove and windows and a fan...yadayada...we love our house and it was a life saver for us, but he will worry and want to come in and help us "fix" it all...anyways we figure if our yard is tip top maybe he wont notice all the negative with the house.

I drank about 130 oz of water today which was great because it was smokin out side today. My eating was good too with the exception of a weenie roast for dinner, but after doing all that yard work you have to have some fun with the fire pit.

Well I think I am going to go update my exercise status, get a shower and call it an early night..

Good night all-see you all on Monday (Sunday is my rest day from most everything including my addiction to the computer!)

ETA: Soul I want to see pictures!!

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Can't wait till 170
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It was supposed to rain and they said, if it stays nice, it was going to hail. Well, it rained little bit but only when we were about to leave the zoo, so that was nice. My feet are little bit tired from all that walking yesterday. I just wanted to check in before going to church, and see that we got a new thread! yay! =)
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Hey ladies! Still no internet at home. We came to see some friends last night and ended up staying the night with them - so I'm able to get online to check stuff. Hopefully *crossed* we'll have internet tomorrow.

Sorry to make this short and sweet but everyone is sleeping and I don't want to wake them up with the "tap tap tap" on the keyboard!

Hope to be back tomorrow!
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OK, WERE HOME!!! I made it through the night, with about an 5 15 mins breaks!!! I did a 24 hour relay for life cancer walk... I started at 7 am to set up our tent, (sat morning) aNnd took down the tent at 10 am this morning.. with a couple of breaks to sit , but I walked all night all day. We had a dunk tank to raise money, and we made a ton of money!! it was sooo much fun, we had a great turn out, maybe 2500 + people. . . I am sooooooooo tired and sore!! But I made it!! and what an anwesome work out...
Good morning to everyone. Im off to bed... . . No more caffine for a LONG TIME!!
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Tonia: Thanks for the chicken info. I am so bummed we won't be able to use our grill. We make these awesome grilled veggie sandwiches, now we won't be able to! You know, in a way I would like to take a break and go to grad school later...I've been in school off and on since 1996 (slow start at first). But I figure if I take a break, I may not go back, so I might as well get it over with. Plus I will be so happy in the library field.

Keilynsmom: It sounds like your girls' recital will be a lot of fun, so will making their costumes. I love Seuss. Have fun!

JustForUs: Wow! You did it! That's amazing, congrats. You deserve some rest, so take care of yourself.

Hello everyone else. How's it going? Yesterday was completely off track. We went to the taco shop not once, but TWICE. I had chilaquiles in the morning and then later in the day, my hubby suggested we go again and I got carne asada fries. Totally an off day, not enough water, no exercise. I'm extremely disappointed in myself. But today is a better day. I am going to try to make up for yesterday a little bit by eating less and drinking more water. I'm also going to try to get some packing in. Sorry guys, I swear I will be back on track today.
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Feeling a little over eagar! I estimate that our team has lost about 25 lbs. We are doing great! I am sure we will absolute rock this week! Common girls get excited for WI day!
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Well the garage sale is over, and I survived. I took two truck loads over and came home with one so I guess thats not too bad. Exercising is going good. I just need to work on the high calorie foods! I've been doing pretty good this weekend Friday night I made a chicken salad with artichokes and last night I made mushroom lasagna ( getting a lil creative cupboards are getting a lil bare). I plan on going to the store after I give the dog a bath she managed to roll around in something and stinks to high heaven!

I'll check in later!
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Well just thougnht I would check in as well, been outside working all day so far but now we have to get ready for the races. I did weigh in yesterday at WW did not lose much but it is TOM right now and my counselor said that you do retain water weight and that I should be happy that I did not have a gain as most do. But I will take whatever I can get.

Well hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!
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JustForUs: Holy smokes, great job!

Troo: You can get a stovetop grill like they use on the cooking shows. It works for gas and electric stoves. I got one at WalMart for around $30, not too bad. It works great to grill veggies on! I do miss the charcoal flavor, but you can buy some liquid smoke.

The good weather here was short lived. It's raining here again already. We saw a movie today, 'Narnia's Prince Caspian'. It was good, but I'm biased since I read the books when I was a little girl.

I need to workout today. The eating still kinda sucks...
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