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  • Alright Blue Team..... Time for your surprise!

    A nice little signature banner with sexy Bob in it!

    If you decide to use it you will probably have to get rid of your ticker because it will make your signature too long.

    Just right click the picture and click "Copy image location" then use the image button in your edit signature screen and paste the code in.
  • TBL "WMB" - Blue Team Chat
    So because of the craziness in the one thread idea we have to make team threads. Please keep the majority of your posts here Blue Team so we can stay organized!

    Sorry about the changes so early in the challenge!
  • I figure whatever makes it easiest for you, Melissa, and Julz works for me. I look foward to getting to know everyone.

    Chellez--I thought it was cute that by the time you got to the 3rd pic for the pic and measurements thread all of the animals were in the picture.
  • That's great I was a little intimidated by the 7 page thread, we just started. Anyway, how was your pasta?
    I have to share an NSV- MIL and SIL both noticed I was loosing weight, TODAY, they said I was looking good, was I working out and keep it up, awe, I almost cried it was soooo nice of them!
  • Hi Blue team! Boy, that one thread was getting kinda crazy, huh? Just posted my starting measurement and pictures. I'm ready to make some big changes and help my team win this challenge! I'll be back tomorrow to post again.
  • Shay - That was actually my first picture... I just like showing off my bratty puppy!

    My pasta was yummy last night.... I'm hurting for a snack right now but I'm restraining myself like a good girl!
  • I meant to get my pics and measurements done.....but....notsomuch

    will definitely get it done tomorrow though - promise!

    I've got the munchies tonight and am heading to bed to avoid the fridge!

    psst - love showing off my furbabies too!
  • You sound like me peach.... you wanted to do something but it can wait until later...

    I did that with packing today so don't feel alone!
  • ah, this is much better! I think alot of people were even missing their own personals and questions addressed to them bc they wouldn't scroll back to read the history - so then, you don't really feel like addressing anyone anymore, kwim? This will be good though.
  • Fran - Enlighten me as to what kwim is plz?
  • Know
  • Thanks.... I have been educated in yet another acronym of the intraweb I did not know.
  • Hello ladies...

    Still up and thought I would pop in and say HI! This is much better...no more chaos...that was crazy over there,

    I was also going to put some pics up but decided to try a few more tomorrow to see what I like best. I had some picked but DD walked by and said are you sure you want those?

    Vixjean...WTG on your NSV!! Isn't is great when others notice all your hard work?

    I am so ready for this challenge ladies...I may get off to a slow start though because of the back...not sure yet. Starting my exercise back up tomorrow, light but it will be something so we'll see.

    Nighty, night!
  • Just wanted to say, "Hi" to everyone. I am going to try and get pics posted tomorrow. I am on pain medicine now and look like a chipmunk so the pic will probably be one I took last week,
  • Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing great today. Right now seems to be pretty hectic in this sub-forum! I should be posting up pictures tomorrow, or as soon as I can push through the humiliation.

    Take care!