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  • Hi all on the blue team - How are you all? - I am glad this has gone to a team thread it was too hard to reread all the posts. I want to start this thread off by introducing myself. I am Vanessa, 32, single parent to a 3.75 year old. I work full time as a kindergarten teacher, currently we are on Summer Vacation - I live in Australia and the new school year starts on January 29. I am going away Jan 19th and wont have internet access for a week, but I am thinking I may still get away with weighing in because of the time differences. If not, I will have to use a freebie week early on. I am motivated... and cant wait to do the challenges. This is my first TBL challenge, and I know that it will help me to stay focus when its gets hard. By getting hard - I mean when I back to work full time, juggling work, being a mum, going to the gym and making healthy food choices. I started my journey Jan 2nd and I am trying to get into a routine with exercising. If I can continue that routine when I go back to work - I know I am on the right path this year...

    Enough about me, I hope I get to know all of you better as this challenge continues.
  • Good morning, Blues! How was your weekend? Everyone ready to lose some weight and win this challenge?

    Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Rhonda, 43 years old, Mom to two daughters (11 and 8), 3 dogs and one parakeet. Also,wife to Hubby of 14 years. I am a WAHM (Work At Home Mom.) I love to watch TV, read and decorate. I follow the Southbeach plan. Currently, my exercise is almost non-existent, therefore, my weight loss has been almost non-existent lately. So, my goals for this challenge are to start walking on the treadmill everyday and I want to start strength training. I hope to lose 25 pounds during this challenge. I am so excited that this challenge is beginning again and am really looking forward to getting to know some new friends.

    This morning, I have a doctor's appointment for my yearly physical. I'm fasting for my bloodwork...which is a really good thing. I need a jump start for getting back on-plan this morning. My weekend wasn't so great. I was upset about not losing anything and I allowed myself to comfort myself with food. Crazy, huh? I didn't make myself feel any better and I have a 1.6 pound gain to show for it. Today, I'm back on board and ready to be a Biggest Loser. I'm re-starting Phase 1 of Southbeach and I will be on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes today. I've not yet put together my strength training program. If time permits, I'd like to do that today.

    I'll check back in again later today.

    Go Blue!
  • Good Morning Blue Team

    I like having our own thread! I thought I would never get to know everyone in the big thread. I am about to post my first loss for our team and am super excited. This morning started out horrible with my 5 yo daughter Allie just being rotten as she can get. I am going to make to make it a good day at least for my health and get in lots of exercise. Tonight I won't be around much...son has basketball then daughter has cheerleading right after, I will get home just in time for my evening workout, shower, and bed.
  • Hi All!!

    Wow that other thread went crazy. This is my first challenge and I'd like to introduce myself. I am 29 (shhh next month I turn 30 ). I have an almost 2 year old son. His b-day is this weekend. We are just starting the terrible 2's. I already don't know how I am going to survive. I'm tall and have been big as long as I can remember. But this is the year for me. I'm trying to get my DH to lose some weight as well but you can't force them. I work in retail and am on my feet all day so that helps keep from putting weight on even when I'm bad so now I have to just lose the weight I already have. I'll post pictures sometime this week. I need my husband to take pictures of me.

    Go Blue Team.

  • Rhonda--I know you will get back on plan and get that scale moving down. It is funny how we turn to food because we didn't lose weight, isn't it? I have done that before and it makes no sense at all! You can undo that damage though, I have faith in ya. I am glad we both are blue as well...I miss ya over in the other forum!

    Vanessa--This is my first TBL challenge as well!

    Antares--I am so mortified at posting my pics, but I did it and am making myself not remove them. A friend looked at them and said she could tell I have lost weight, but I just see a blob of fat but that's exactly why I am here, and it is big motivation to make big changes so the next set won't be so hideous. You can do it, just get them up there and strive to make them a little better next time WE CAN DO THIS!

    ferrari--What are you on pain meds for? Just curious

    Vix--It is awesome to get noticed for your hard work! Now just imagine the attention you'll get after we win this challenge
  • Morning Everyone!

    Well I got my 5 hours of sleep last night since I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 7 to take care of the puppy. Work looks like its going to be slow today so I'll probably be online most of the day if any of you want to have a little chat and get more familiar with the challenge. I know I told Melissa I'm making special banners for the team leaders sometime today but I'm not sure when. I also want to get back to reading my romance novel.

    I hopped on the scale this morning (not for my official weigh in) and I was still the same as my starting weight which is a relief being that I ate horribly this past weekend. It's really hard to get groceries and cook when you have the majority of the stuff packed to move. Daniel took off this week because of the house stuff. He's doing the final walk through this afternoon and then we close tomorrow at 11:30. I'm really excited to be getting my first home and I'm only 22. Kind of makes me think there's great potential in my future of real estate.

    I really don't think I'll lose any weight this week being that we are moving and I don't think I'll eat a full home cooked meal until probably Thursday. We should get the treadmill sometime this weekend so I'm going to be hopping on that thing ASAP. I also got a surprise in the mail the other day when my PUSH DVD came in and I thought I'd canceled the subscription. Maybe staring at Bob for 40 minutes everyday can be my motivation!

    Cristina - I hope your back feels better! My shin just started hurting while I was typing this post. I know my progress pics look rough cause my roots have grown out and no makeup... it's bad....

    Dionne - Hope you feel better! Pain meds make me feel sleepy and fluffy.

    Antares - Have no fear of posting pictures. Think about how scrumpcious you'll look once you've met your goal! We are here to support you!

    Vanessa - If for some reason you think you can't make the weigh in that week you could always weigh in early instead of using a freebie week. I think alot of people forgot about that last challenge. I admire you for being a single mum. I can't imagine how hard that must be trying to take care of your child and get your weight loss on track.

    Rhonda - I think mine and your exercise regimen are the same! It's really hard to find time to exercise when you could think of a million other things you could be doing. Don't worry about your little gain. There's plenty of time for you to sweat it out! I know practiceliving said it last round that the three of us have the similar weigh issues of the "up and downs" so maybe we can work together and keep each other accountable on exercising daily? Whatda ya say?

    Purple - Morning! Kids... I can't testify but I'm dreading that my kid will be more rotten than my husband and I combined when we decide to have one.

    Karen - to The Biggest Loser Challenge! We are a pretty easy going crew around here as long as people follow the rules and post their weights on time. I tend to get grumpy when people are late but thats just me having a fit so bear with me. I tried getting my husband to commit losing weight with me this year since he's overweight and his dad is at risk of having a stroke and he's only in his early 40s. I would hope that would be motivation but my hubby likes video games and TV + food. Sometimes there's no hope for a man like that.
  • Hi everyone!! This is my first challenge as well!
    I'm Ashley and i'm an 18 year old sophomore in college. I'm a music major, studying voice. Everytime I tell people that I'm studying opera, they think I want to be a big opera singer, and that's such a stereotype. lol, but I am a bit chubby, and I just want to have a more toned body overall!
    I gained that freshman...erm...30 last year (lol) and I've got out of the 200's and back to the 190's(which is great) ^_^ Dorm food just...argh!!
    I want to get back to my old high school size (10/12) and be more toned than I ever was before. I've even got a friend that's going to the school gym with me, and I also do some kundalini yoga from time to time.
    Good luck ladies!!! ^_^
  • This sounds like it's going to be so much fun, and I'm so happy to be a Blue Team-er! Here's my introduction:

    I'm a 31-year-old single gal. I work full-time as a special collections librarian at a university (I deal with all of the rare books and historic manuscripts) and teach two courses a semester for an online master's degree program for another university. So, work keeps me pretty busy. A lot of my free time is spent with my four-legged pal whose picture is my avatar (that's Franny). We walk every day (weather permitting), and we've done obedience classes, nursing home visits, and, starting in a few weeks, agility training.

    I'm trying to lose those tough last few pounds. I started my weight loss journey in February 2003, weighing 286 pounds. I was a grad student working on my thesis at the time, and I was just tired all the time. I pretty much just got fed up with stuff and started walking and calorie counting. I moved from Texas to Tennessee in the summer of 2003, and weighed 250 pounds when I started working out at Curves. By 2005, I was hovering around 170-175, and I stayed there for the next two years or so. Now, I'm ready to work even harder to hit my ultimate goal of 150 lbs. I'm signed up for a 5K at the end of March. Hopefully, that and this challenge will be just what I need!!
  • Good Morning Everyone!!!

    This is my first TBL challenge as well. I am so excited to be part of this. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jenn and I am 35yr old SAHM and a Proud Army wife. I have a wonderful husband of 16+ years and 2 wonderful boys. I look forward to meeting more of my fellow blue team-mates. Happy Monday Everyone!!
  • Everybody. I'm so excited. I'm off work for the next 6 days after today so I hope I can stay in control. But at least I know I'll have time to really get in some exercise without worrying how I'll feel at work.

  • Morning gals! I'll be back later with more to say, but for now I just wanted to share today's For Better or For Worse - it's how I felt this morning getting dressed!

  • practiceliving~ I LOVE the comic strip. I needed a good laugh this morning and thanks to you, I got one.
  • Hello to all of my fellow teammates!
    I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and am so excited to be on a "team"! I'll work on posting my pics and update my info after work tonight. Just wanted to chime in and let you know I'm with you guys on this! If my scale is right I'm down a few pounds...I'll keep you posted.
  • Good Morning Blue Crew!

    I'm going to do my intro now and come back later and try to do some personals.

    I'm Dee, 36 years old, married for 6 years, with one 11 year old stepson. I'm owned by a 4 pound Chihuahua who shamelessly bosses me around and take advange of my good nature. I work at an architecture firm, my actual job is editing, however it's probably best described as being a nanny to architects.

    I was always thin as a child/teen, I remember crying my eyes out when the scale hit 106 my senior year, thinking I was fat. This wasn't helped by the fact that I was soooo overly sensitive and my dad used to tease me about being fat. I didn't actually having a weight problem until I was 23, since then I've yo-yo dieted and it's really messed with my ability to lose the weight I need to lose. I reached 200.5 in December 2006 after a horrific year in which I had a large phyllodes tumor removed from my right breast and 6 weeks later was in a head on car wreck. I was in physical therapy until December 2006, and could not exercise much. Starting that December (06), I have lost 28 pounds thru diet and exercise. I'm a horribly slow loser, but I fight hard for every pound. Currently I walk 5-6 days a week for an hour a day and follow the South Beach Diet. This is my second BL challenge, and I hope to be below 162 at the end of it, making me smaller than I have ever been since I got married.
  • Hi again, Blues! Didn't expect to see me back so soon, huh? I should be working, but took a little time to read the threads. I must confess, I read all three team chats! And, I've stolen the questionaire from the Red team (Thanks, Melissa!) Some of us have done a brief introductions, but I like the idea of having a questionaire full of fun/useful information so we can get to know each other.

    1. What do you prefer we call you? Rhonda (or "Skinny" if you'd like.)

    2. What weightloss plan are you using? Southbeach

    3. What is your favorite exercise? Walking on the treadmill

    4. What is one area that you struggle? I lose slowly and get discouraged.

    5. What is one area of your weightloss journey that you excel at? I never quit. I may struggle, but I always come back.

    6. What is your short term goal? I'd love to lose 25 pounds during this challenge.

    7. What will you reward yourself with when you reach that goal? New clothes are always a great reward.

    8. Best weight loss tip? Don't ever quit! This is a lifetime journey....weight loss then maintenance. Perfection is not the goal. Learning and changing my eating patterns are my goals.

    9. Bob or Jillian? Jillian rocks! I want to be her when I grow up.

    10. Tell us about yourself! Some of this I covered in my first post, but I'll put it here too. I'm 43, a wife of 14 years and Mom to two DD's, 3 dogs and a parakeet. I work from home and I'm a recent transplant from Florida to Georgia (Go, Bucs!)