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    The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

    The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

    The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
    With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with our plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

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  • Saturday - New Years Day 2022
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - May you all have a glorious year 2022!

    Cheered in the New Year, admittedly after dozing a bit until I woke just in time to hear the fireworks in the neighborhood. First Night in Boston is a grand celebration. It's a celebration that's off my calendar during the pandemic but other folks were out there. Walking among the ice sculptures is a favorite. We're preparing ourselves for a concert this afternoon whose tickets we bought eons ago expecting this COVID thing to be minor. We'll be spaced in a small arena, all masked, everyone carded at the door for vaccinations. About as safe as a crowd event can be.

    Eating was on plan at meals, CREDIT moi. Still working off the treats in the house. A single cookie is no big deal, but I'm capable of making it the start of a slippery slope. The New Year is an opportunity to get my head back on track. The mail brought the GrubHub gift card that I'd ordered for DS and DIL, per their request as their Christmas present. So they can eat despite the time burden of their new (20 mo) foster DD. I was surprised that the name GrubHub was prominently on the envelope since a gift card is as good as cash in whose ever hands it's held. Don't know if my security concerns are too sensitive.

    onebyone - Kudos for being able to see the good in 2021. Thanks for the perspective, "It will take focus and refocusing."

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's going to be some temperature span in just two days. We also had a shrimp dinner last night - but ours was frozen from Trader Joe's.

    maryann - So funny that you have to flash your marriage certificate to prove your name change. Would think that buying a necklace from a potential employer would be a tax deduction against future income. At least an emotional tax deduction. I also love coral.

    Karen (karenrn) - Yay for a negative COVID test result. It takes so little to feel happy in the midst of this. Love that you're video talking to Thailand for FREE.

    curlyjax - Congrats for being related to such a responsible young man who immediately got himself tested to protect his family.

    Penny. - I do admire anyone who can consistently journal. Wish I had access to my view of the world ten years ago.

    Readers -
    Chapter 5 Stage 2 - The Think Thin Initial Eating Plan

    Determine Your Calorie Level

    Even if you're skeptical about your ability to lose weight at the suggested level, give it a try!

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 109.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Happy New Year! I'm pleased to report I am starting the New Year at 137.2, a lower weight than I've seen in many years. I've lost 17 pounds since I started the plan on 9/21. My cold is improving and I'll do my easier hike today. After that the plan is to take down the decorations and get the house back in order. Yesterday I made my list of New Year's resolutions. Most of the items are things I've been working on for some time and just want to continue. I really want to make a table/chart with the items listed and then rows for each day of the month to check off what I do. I really haven't used the numbers ap on my Mac enough to know how to do that. It may mean some time on You Tube to learn.

    Bill Enjoy the concert. We had First Night when we lived in Tacoma, WA but we have most often been at home with a party at our house for NYE.

    Onebyone I'm glad 2021 was a good year for you. I agree, much better than the year before for me.

    Maryann I love your new necklace. I just love the color of the coral.

    Curlyjax I agree, it's great not feeling pressured to do anything special for New Year's Eve. I hope you had the productive day you were hoping for. I hope today will be that day for me.

    GardnerJoy What crazy weather you are having. Ours is just kind of cold for us, but no temperature swings like you are getting.

    Penny My five year diary doesn't have enough space to really journal. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I'm going to write. I kind of want a consistent formula.

    There is going to be a Carole King and James Taylor program on CNN tomorrow at 9 p.m. I love them both so if I don't watch it, I'll tape it.
  • Happy New Year!
    I went to sleep before 12 and woke up around 7, earlier than I wanted, but I've been enjoying surfing the web cozily in my bed. I did make my healthy salmon, quinoa and green beans, and washed it down with a lot of cookies, and one glass of wine. I got groceries and the dump done. It continues to be unseasonably warm which I know is bad ultimately but I do not miss the snow and cold.
    I amused myself this morning with looking back at some of my early 2021 entries on this forum. A lot of teeth gnashing about thinking about whats for dinner-that is still the same! It's actually quite heartening to read that I was motivated and saw results early in the year, so I can do it again.
    I'm starting the year the highest weight I've been in a long time, so it can only get better. I'm making a lentil crockpot meal tonight with baked kale, and maybe finally break out the little panini maker for a half sandwich. Will think about new year resolutions more later today.
    Gardenerjoy- our temp is going to drop about 20 degrees on Monday too, the weather is definitely fluctuating a lot.
    Onebyone-yay for 2021 being pretty good other than weight; I agree it was better than 2020 for sure! I echo you on the ultimate do-over.
    Bill- I have nice memories of various first nights; the easiest one to get around was in Burlington Vermont although it was bitter cold.
    Karen-congrats on your weight loss, that is wonderful! You have been working on it awhile and it paid off. I like the idea of table/chart but I'm computer challenged as well.
    Penny-I tend to journal in boring spiral notebooks too, a pretty one might get me to write more interesting things
  • Happy New Year!

    I'm taking credit for meeting my exercise goal in December!

    We slept through the midnight noise-making, so I brought in the new year when I woke at 5:20AM. Last night, I started a project to work out the anniversaries and birthdays in 2022 that might make interesting blog projects or Facebook posts. I was excited to keep going with it this morning.

    Two hundred years ago, the world learned that the Rosetta Stone contained the key to unlock Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    One hundred years ago, The Irish Civil War began. I continue to be fuzzy about that history, even after a trip to Ireland. But it might be important to understand because, to this day, two of the major political parties in Ireland have direct ties back to the two sides in that war.

    Seventy-five years ago, Jackie Robinson started his career in Major League Baseball.

    Fifty years ago, Nixon was re-elected in a landslide, but the Watergate scandal was already starting to unravel his Presidency.

    Exercise +40, 1625/1600 minutes for December

    Diarists and future diarists: I started journaling in 1986 after reading the book The New Diary by Tristine Rainer. I have 44 volumes of handwritten journals in hardbound black sketchbooks from then to sometime in the 2000s when I made the transition to a computer-based journal that I still keep. One of my 2022 projects is to transcribe selected passages of the handwritten journals and release the physical volumes.
  • Good morning!

    Weight stayed the same today.

    I'm looking forward to clearing up the Christmas stuff and getting things back in order today. I also need to return some cycling shoes I ordered. Alas, my old Nike pair could not be replaced with a new Nike pair. The price went up but the quality and fit is not good.

    Bill, you journal every day right here. Does it go back 10 years? Enjoy your concert!

    Karen, super congrats on your weightloss! I love nerding out with my goals too. I'm not familiar with the numbers app.

    Onebyone, fresh start indeed. Happy new year!

    Joy, congrats on meeting your exercise goals!

    Curly, I agree coming up with dinner ideas is tiring. Your lentil dinner sounds good. I'm trying to make more sit down meals for the kids, instead of them all taking it to their rooms, and the hardest part is including my pickiest eater. She doesn't want her separate grilled cheese or whatever. Welp, learn to like more foods.
  • checking in
    Hi it's late here but wanted to check in

    Good day with food. Stayed on plan. no snacks. no eating after 5! Yay! Carbs under 20gr for the day


    Made a print at my studio

    Washed dishes today.

    January CHECKlist
    1 eat low carb aiming for 20gr carbs per day or less CHECK
    2. make a print daily CHECK
    3.clean something up daily CHECK
    4. dance CHECK
    5 plan meals ahead CHECK


    Jo Esztet! (Hungarian for good night ... I may no longer be illiterate in Hungarian in 2022 if I keep up with my duolingo lessons! Maybe that needs to be on my checklist?)
  • Sunday-Emir of Granada ends centuries of Muslim rule in the Iberian peninsula (1492)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Spent some time plowing through all the COVID masks in my stack to find one that was N95, fit well, allowed breathing, and didn't fog my glasses. The standard dream. Made a choice and went with DW and a close friend to a concert by the Boston Baroque held in a TV studio. I link to their program because I'd never heard of Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges - the so-called "Black Mozart." The guy's story in Wikipedia just boggles my mind. That a wealthy plantation owner in Guadeloupe not only acknowledged his son by a 15-year-old slave, but brought him to Paris for an outstanding education. And he comes to be admired by Mozart, Mozart's father, Hayden, and Marie Antoinette (prior to the revolution). The Boston Baroque conductor, Martin Pearlman, said that there's a movement underway to recognize previously ignored women and minority composers. So much that I didn't even know there was to know.

    Eating at meals was on plan, CREDIT moi; snacks were like I had no plan. The last homemade cookie has been consumed. I'm ready to get back on track. Will accept the New Year as a time for acting like I'm responsible.

    onebyone - Jó reggelt kívánok to you (google translate Hungarian for "Good morning.") That's a great checklist for January.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos, indeed, for one more month of meeting your exercise goals. Thanks for the reminder that the Rosetta Stone was only discovered two-hundred years ago to allow comprehending Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    Karen (karenrn) - What a neat way to begin the new year - at a low weight. Carole King and James Taylor are two of the best ever.

    curlyjax - A panini maker is a great way to make a half-sandwich attractive. I hear you, "but I do not miss the snow and cold."

    Penny. - You remind me that even when I accept that the price goes up, I can't stand the loss of quality in a beloved item.

    Readers -
    Chapter 5 Stage 2 - The Think Thin Initial Eating Plan

    Determine Your Calorie Level

    I often find that if dieters had trouble losing weight in the past at a specific calorie level, it's very possible that they were actually eating (at least) several hundred extra calories most days through cheating; eyeballing their portions; forgetting some of the food they ate; not counting all ingredients; underestimating the calories consumed when eating out; or eating and drinking much more on holidays, on weekends, and at special events.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 109.
  • I did make the lentil soup which was very bland, I should have put more spices in it. The panini maker was a success and healthier than grilling sandwiches, and now DS can make one quickly anytime he's ravenous which seems to be often. I think I'm going to declare tonight as leftovers/foraging the refrig. I'm hoping to sneak out for coffee with a friend but DD has a bunch of things she wants help with today. I love my kids so much but I'm looking forward to having the house to myself again, in 3 weeks!
    I want to make some kind of master list of stuff I need to get done around the house, and with financial/health etc. Maybe this year I will finally weed out my paperwork and get a house binder going, that is a big goal. I keep dithering about joining WW again, it did give me a jump start, but then you get locked in and have to remember to cancel on time etc.
    Penny- I'm ready to get rid of the Christmas stuff NOW too. The picky eaters drive me nuts.
    Gardenerjoy- fun to make FB posts about historical dates, I think that's a great idea.
    Onebyone-great checklist for the first day! Cool idea to make a print daily, that's a great goal. I should think of a fun goal like that instead of only things I have to do.
    Bill-sounds like an interesting concert. I still have trouble with finding non fogging masks.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Just a quick post this morning. Food was on plan and weight inching down. I did get Christmas put away yesterday but didn't get the house back in order. I've vacuumed this morning and will dust and wipe down the things I'm putting back in place today. I also need to get to the grocery store or Costco. I'm feeling pretty good, but continue to take it easy and sleep in the guest room to try to prevent dh from getting the cold.

    I decided to do the checklist by hand. I have a columned tablet that worked perfectly and then I just made photocopies. It seemed so much faster than worrying about how to do it on the computer.

    Have a great day!
  • We made a frittata last night from Sunbasket. Credit for only using half of the meat provided. We think we can do better, so we'll use the other half in recipe of our own devising. I'm not quite sure why we haven't tried frittatas before. They're pretty easy.

    Oh, I keep forgetting to mention that the meat was frozen only in our first box from Sunbasket. The protein was fresh or thawed in the next two boxes. It's kind of messed up our planning. If fish arrives frozen, then I want to serve it the next night. If it arrives fresh or thawed, I want to serve it that night. It's a good thing that I write my meal plans in pencil.

    Today's exercise will be indoors due to frigid temperatures. I'm going to do a yoga DVD that used to be way too hard for me and now is only somewhat too hard. By the end of 2022, I'd like to be able to say that this DVD is at about my level. That will require a lot better balance than I have right now.

    Exercise +40, 40/1600 minutes for January

    karenrn: I do a lot of tracking and planning on paper. I think it sometimes helps to have it in a physical form because I pay more attention to it.

    BillBlueEyes: Thanks for the link to Chevalier de Saint-Georges. He's completely new to me, as well.
  • Good Morning, Coaches.

    I spent New Years Day with the boys walking in the spectacular Blackies Pasture It faces San Francisco. It was a gorgeous day. We had Lunch with DNephew and family. The we went into the heart of the city at Union Square to check out the store front of REAL REAL. I was interested in talking with the appraisers. I didn't realize how busy it would be. Still I got a few business cards and discovered all the appraisers were full time. This is something I do not want. In addition I don't want to drive two hours into the city. Still good info.

    In a hilarious scene, I tried to let DH sit in the provided chairs for uninterested spouses but he fell asleep (He is always exhausted after harvest) and security rousted him. I can imagine it was the $9.00 Target sweatshirt he wore and well-worn jeans. So, instead of him sleeping, I tried to educate DH on the $45,000 Hermes handbag ( no, not a a misprint). I also showed him the Cartier earrings that I have been tracking.Three notes of interest: One of my goals is to treasure hunt down a pair of vintage Cartier trinity hoops sometime in my gemology career for under $500. My version of geocaching Second note: DH fails to be impressed by a Hermes bag. When s&&it hits the fan ( his words) its price will be zero as opposed to his small orchard tractor which costs the same. Third Note: How ironic is it that my husband is rousted and could technically buy a Hermes bag (farming has cash floating- around - big gains and big losses being a normal thing )It reminds me of when he went to transfer his deceased mother's farm account while wearing his Ben Davies and dirt encrusted jeans at Bank of America. They left him in the lobby for nearly an hour. Finally when someone did meet him and saw the account balance they were extremely apologetic. He asked for a check of the balance and moved banks. Marrying into farming has really exposed me to the vulnerabilities of the American economy. What is valued today in a supposedly healthy economy would not help buying food and shelter tomorrow. As a teacher of history, I should always remember.Anyway, a short story grown long.

    Food was absolutely a bust in terms of calories but a boon in terms of eating all my favorites which I never do. So today I start to pare down for tomorrow's five day fast.

    I have set my budget for the year in Everydollar. I have figured out its ins and outs. Some categories are funds which I fund the first of the year and then slowly deplete. Other categories I add to every month. Not bad for someone who barely passed Algebra 2 Trig. (No mocking, BBE)

    Congrats to everyone for all that they achieved in 2021 - parenting, social activities, being first responders and caregivers . The numbers on the scale do not measure the love and care all of you have pumped into our society.

    Yeah ,2022.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan and weight is holding.

    l've finished rice/mushroom soup and need to figure out a new one before lunch. It might just be a sandwich.

    Onebyone, great job on the low carb!

  • pre-noon check in

    Good scale news to report. Scale has shown me a number 3lbs less than yesterday. Thank goodness. I will do my best to make it stick, but more important to me was to see that effort by me=movement on the scale.

    I know, this is something that is true but I have to remind myself that yes, it's true for others AND for me. What's the term? Built-in helplessness? Just looked it up "learned helplessness". It primarily manifests in me with food and my behavior around food. In other areas of my life I challenge it more and don't believe my negative thoughts or I feel like I can do it anyway if they persist. But with food I hit a brickwall and crumble when I feel overly stressed or when I feel overwhelmed by work and lists and procrastination. This behavior needs to be tackled if I am ever to get to my weight goal of a healthy BMI. I want to be in a place where no doctor can write the word obese on my medical file. That's the real world goal I am shooting for. If I can do that a whole bunch of other goals will come to pass as well.

    Caesar Cat is going to the vet this afternoon. He has episodes where he wanders and doesn't know where he's going. He can't judge distance and he loses his balance during these times. He wants to jump down off the couch for example, but spends his time peering over the edge, walking all around to see where he should jump from. Yesterday he stretched his paw out and down, as if to measure where the floor was. He bumps into stuff and doesn't respond to us.
    And then it passes.
    He's got a bad ear infection right now which for sure would affect balance and perhaps he's even dizzy. He just subdued his recurrent bout of sniffles. He's very very thin. Of course he's got 3 tumours and he's on prednisone and when he eats he eats well. That's my 19.5 yr old boy! We'll see what the vet says. I always fear that he will say "it's time to say goodbye"... Fears are not facts so we're off to the vet. I'll check in again after and with personals.

    Bye for now
  • another long one to wrap up the day

    I had a rough afternoon that only compromised my foodplan a bit.

    So Caesar went to the vet and now they are running a.bunch of tests. However, we now know.he has cataracts!
    So if you can't see well you'd be less confident moving around. Anyway he just had a tough time at the vet and he pooped in his carrier on the way to the vet and the smell almost made me hurl. Wow. That's just a sign of how stressed I was. Only one person allowed into the vet at a time. For a minute or two I thought I'd have to make DH change spots with me but my nausea subsided and I was so worried about the kitty. Caesar's got ear drops and pain meds and probably kitty cognitive dysfunction. We'll see. He walked right off the coffee table tonight landing poorly on the floor. That's the 2nd time he did that. I took out a camping mattress and laid it beside the coffee table in case he does that tonight so he can land on the 3in foam.

    I was really rattled by all this and his howls from the room downstairs where they draw blood etc. They were loud and frequent. I was going to cook us supper after we go home but instead *I* suggested Burger King and then thought I can't have BK. There is no way that is on my foodplan and I can't deal with Caesar upset with food. Caesar issues are going to go on for the foreseeable future Overeating can't be my reaction to this stress, I need to make a better choice.

    So I weighed the fast food options cause I knew I wasn't cooking and opted for a burrito.bowl which was all fresh veggies with small amt of rice and beans and guacamole. I added.chicken to it at homeatI got DH his favorite steak tacos and felt good about my choice and about not caving to the emotions with fast food comfort food that would make me feel even worse after.

    At home I also handed 4 chocolates over to DH that I was wrestling with eating. They are.gone now. I had some cheese for dessert which satisfied the "I trally want a treat" urge in an on-plan way.

    In addition I have kept up my dance workout daily min as well and I am proud of that. Tonight I really looked forward to ending the day with a bit of movement. It was relaxing.
    That's surprising.
    And I did my artwork today as well.

    Credits for negotiating a tough day and being on plan. I completed my checklist for the day.

    Thanks for letting me bend your ears today. I made some real progress with emotional eating and choices I feel very good about.