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onebyone 01-01-2022 12:12 AM

Happy New Year!
Coaches here we are on the cusp of the ultimate do-over/re-set the New Year when all.is possible yet again.

That's good!
Of course.this happens everyday and every minute even. We can always begin again. But it more momentous on New Year's.

In every way, except.my body and my weight, 2021 was pretty good. But physically I went up.and down 45lbs.from lowest to highest, ending on something in the highest range. I want to be here at the dawn of 2023 talking about my weightloss in 2022. It will take focus.and refocusing.

So.Happy New Year Becksters! May we all have a satisfying and fulfilling 2022!:hat::newyear::woo:

BillBlueEyes 01-01-2022 07:26 AM

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