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BillBlueEyes 11-01-2021 06:49 AM

Beck Diet For Life/Solution – November 2021 – Support, Discussion, Buddy/Coach
Welcome to the discussion group, support group, Diet Coach group, Diet Buddy group relating to the two books by Dr. Judith S. Beck:

The Complete Beck Diet for Life

and the first book

The Beck DIET solution: train your brain to think like a thin person.

The Beck Diet Solution is a psychological program, not a food plan. It provides a step-by-step program to learn specific techniques to stay on our diet, lose weight, and maintain our weight loss for life. The program is based on Dr. Beck's clinical research in Cognitive Therapy (CT).

The Complete Beck Diet for Life expands the earlier work and includes a food plan with suggested menus. From the cover:
With The Complete Beck Diet for Life you'll discover the 5 stages of successful dieting and maintenance. You'll learn how to motivate yourself, give yourself credit for every change you make, create time and energy for dieting, and handle hunger and cravings. Dr. Beck eases you into changing one step at a time. You'll master one task before moving on to the next. And you'll learn techniques to deal with challenging situations, such as sticking with our plan at celebrations and dealing with "food pushers." With Dr. Beck's skills, you'll achieve a lifetime of healthful eating and lifelong motivation.

This is a place to discuss the Beck strategies and our daily efforts, to receive and provide support, and, for some of us, is where we serve as on-line diet buddy (coach) to each other.

If you’ve arrived from a search engine, you've landed at the site of 3 Fat Chicks (3FC), a remarkable place for those interested in a healthy life style, including mindful eating, exercise, and weight loss. More about the site, including how to register so that you can post, can be found here.

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BillBlueEyes 11-01-2021 06:50 AM

Monday - Dio De los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Halloween triumph. We had 40 Dum-Dum lollipops and 40 Charleston Chew small bars. First toddlers appeared at 6pm. At 7:30, the only stuff left was 2 Charleston Chews. Three pre-teens came to the porch. Showed them the bowl. "You guys can have them," the first one said to her two friends. Got reminded that kids are neat folks. So, were all done. Shut off all the first floor lights and went about life. That's at least twice as many as in any of the recent previous years. Good news: I ate nary a single item. Not a bite. Not one before to be sure that it was good. Not one saved for later. Will have to buy more next year. DW's sister in New Jersey texted a photo of her table set out near the sidewalk with 223 little bags of goodies for the hoards coming along. All their neighbors sit outside.

Our DS and DIL brought their FDD by in the afternoon. We paraded her about to a few neighbors who've known our DS for years so they could appropriately ooh and aah at the kiddo. The DFGD's only interest was grabbing one Dum Dum and holding it tightly.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Spent the evening reading my friend's book about life with her domestic worker who became a life-long friend. Powerful reading about class divide and lack of awareness of it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat that you have a realistic plan for treating those pains. Happy NaNoWriMo.

maryann - Neat to cover a bleach spot with a designer fabric. We have one bath towel with a bright white spot. My solution is to hang that side in the back. It cracks me up when I forget; I walk into the bathroom and the white spot glares at me like a spotlight.

Readers -

Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What

resistance technique 5
Read all of your Response Cards - including these additional cards. . . .

Every time I resist eating something I'm not
supposed to have, I strengthen my resistance
muscle - which will make it easier and easier and
easier to resist in the future.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 99.

gardenerjoy 11-01-2021 11:06 AM

I met my exercise goal and then some -- yay! I did a lot of yoga, yesterday. It helped, but only for a few hours, so I kept having to do more. Things still aren't quite right, so more yoga and Naproxen today.

Also, I want to be very careful about how long I sit. Which will be a challenge on the first day of NaNoWriMo!

Exercise +85,1580/1500 minutes for October

Penny. 11-01-2021 02:39 PM

Happy November!

I ate less mindfully over my work weekend and weight is back up three pounds. If only my current set point was 10 pounds lighter. :lol:

We didn't participate in Halloween this year and I think a lot of houses on our neighborhood loop had their lights off as well. Bah humbug lol. Is anyone else still covid paranoid like me? That was my reasoning.

Have a great day, everyone!

karenrn 11-01-2021 03:56 PM

Good morning coaches,

Just a short note today as I still have company here. Food has been on plan and weight is in a bit of a holding pattern. We did an almost 7 mile fairly strenuous hike this morning, which was great. The company leaves today in the early evening. Then I have tomorrow to get things done around here and get ready because I'm leaving Wednesday thru Saturday on a hiking trip.

We did participate in Halloween because we didn't want to go out for dinner and leave Otis home with possible door bell ringers. We had about 50 or 60 trick or treaters. The extra candy went to the office with dh this morning.

More tomorrow.

BillBlueEyes 11-02-2021 07:31 AM

Tuesday - U. S. General Election Day
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Hope everyone has a pleasant trip to the polls today.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the third, and last dip, into the dish we call "Burgers, beans, and rice." The serving was larger than I needed, but DW served us the remainder that was in the containers. "Might have to start stretching this into four meals," she suggested. Methinks we do eat a bit less these days. I'll chalk it up to sane eating; hate to think it's just age, LOL.

Excitement was that the trash folks took away a broken limb that was longer than the city's prescribed length for a limb. We didn't take the effort to get out a saw to cut it in half. Took the chance; they took it. Embarrassed how little it takes to excite us since the pandemic. Did get a chance to sit and read my friend's new book, These Walls Between Us. I'm hooked. Does feel a tad intrusive to read a scene of intimacy about a person that I know.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Super Kudos for making your October exercise goal. Ouch for the need for a little TLC to keep the body going.

Karen (karenrn) - Kudos for sending the left over candy to your DH's office. 50-60 bell ringers is a lot of kids to service.

Penny. - Ouch for the weight spike from your hard work weekend. Yes, I'm still COVID paranoid despite slowly adding small events into my life. Fortunately, we're pretty mask-oriented around here.

Readers -

Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What

resistance technique 5
Read all of your Response Cards - including these additional cards. . . .

If I eat this unplanned food, I'll get momentary
pleasure, but then I'll definitely feel bad afterward.
It's not worth it!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 99.

curlyjax 11-02-2021 08:22 AM

I had a lovely time with DS over the weekend. He is happy at college which is all I ask and doing well. I drove him back to college on Halloween then I took myself out to eat and skipped answering the door. I indulged in a fabulous chocolate cake which I must say was actually worth the calories and offset my healthy, pricey grain bowl. I sat at the bar to see because I didn't want to take up a table, and also to try something new. It was an interesting experience and I think i'll try it again sometime.
I was successful in not eating any Halloween candy the whole month of October which I had challenged myself to do and have never done before, so yay for working that resistance muscle. However there is leftovers at work and I got into it yesterday- reasoning that is was November and I had met my challenge. I need to forget that it is there, or make up a similar challenge for myself. I did my weights and a few minutes on the exercise bike so at least there's that.
Tonight I'm meeting a friend for dinner at Panera which will be nice. Will try to get a walk in ahead of time too.
Bill-that book looks really interesting. Yay for DW who keeps your dinners at a reasonable portion.
Karen- Great that your company went for a hike too. Good idea to send the candy out of the house.
Penny- some of my neighbors had tables set out with candy to avoid the interaction. My reason for skipping was mostly not to bring candy into the house.
Gardenerjoy-yay for meeting exercise goal and the start of NaNoWriMo.

karenrn 11-02-2021 09:44 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food was mostly on plan yesterday. I had leftover salad from the night before and I'm sure the portion was a little too large and a little more dressing than I needed. Overall I would say I had a successful weekend with no drinks, no candy and the only thing that was a little off is that I didn't get the measuring devices out to weigh protein or measure salad dressing. Weight is up nearly a pound, but hopefully that will be off today. I've had a bit of a headache for a couple of days. Feels like just a muscle tension thing. I'm not used to company 24/7 and although the gal is very nice she is kind of high energy and anxious. Her nervous energy has always helped her keep her weight in check although I know she watches it too. She had lots of suggestions for me like "Do you want to lose inches or pounds?" and how to lose the inches, etc. The only thing is, I wasn't asking for her advice and I'm on a plan. I must remember that and try to be sure I'm not doing the same thing, which I probably do.

Curlyjax So nice that you had a visit from ds and to know how well he is doing at college. It seems you are having quite a few social things going and I'm sure that's nice.

Bill I just barely started your friends book yesterday. It looks like a very good book. Maybe I'll get into it more today. I love to sit in a comfortable chair in the office with the classical music playing while I read.

Penny Oh how I hear you about wanting a different set point.

GardenerJoy Good luck on your writing and your sitting time.

Maryann Do you have another whirlwind week? You say sewing is relaxing. I need practice with my machine and get a little more comfortable. It still seems like a bit of a challenge to me.

Well, I guess I'll get moving. It's early here and I've already washed a load of wash. Time to do more.

gardenerjoy 11-02-2021 12:18 PM

My leg is much improved. Yesterday's exercise was all stretching and hip openers. Today, I will aim for a walk. I want to acclimate myself to cooler weather before it gets cold. If I don't do that, I'll give up walks for the winter and I feel better when I take them.

Exercise +50, 50/1500 minutes for November

Penny: We remain COVID paranoid, but it wasn't the reason we skipped Halloween. The only kids who ever braved our very dark street and even darker steep driveway were the next door neighbors. The youngest is a senior in high school and has been way too cool for trick-treating for many years.

Penny. 11-02-2021 02:48 PM

Good morning, friends!

Yesterday was off plan again and that is enough. I will get a healthy plan-approved dish made and into the fridge today.

I got my covid vaccine booster yesterday, hoping for the swanky Moderna, but a third dose of the Pfizer is what I was given. So far, so good.

Bill, we have a pretty good masking here too, but there is always someone with a nose hanging out.

Karen, ugh I used to be the person offering weightloss advice but now I know better (most of the time).

Did you guys see Aaron Beck (Judith Beck's dad) died at 100 years old yesterday. It showed up in the NYT daily and I thought of you guys. lol

maryann 11-02-2021 07:27 PM

Good Afternoon, All.

I have a busy weekend full of both failures and success.

I wrestled with the sewing machine for three hours. Did I say it was relaxing? After new needles and lots of internet searching, I discovered that to sew super thick material you need to drop the feeder feet, increase tension, and increase stitch length. Let me tell you my tension was increased :) Anyhow, I am pleased with the results https://ibb.co/ypJVGSR and
https://ibb.co/5k1qRqW I sewed a handtowel onto the bathmat to cover the bleach stains. The hand towel matches the other towels so it is quite cosy.

I failed at white bean and tomato soup. I used rotel and the vitamix. It came out like spicy paste. I tried to deconstruct some pictures frames but they were professionally done and I had to ditch everything but the glass and the frame itself. I'll have to order mats.

Success though was to finally close my Poshmark closet and donate the remaining few items to our farm employee families That means I only have things in my closet that I love and that fit. Ta da!!!

Food is good enough to maintain although sugar is sneaking in. Tomorrow I return to no sweets at work pledge.

I have one more day of school and then I am off to four days in fabulous beachfront San Diego Ocean Beach. I grew up near the water and really miss it.


BillBlueEyes 11-03-2021 07:45 AM

Wednesday - R.I.P. Aaron T. Beck, Founder of Cognitive Therapy (2021, Philadelphia)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Trip to the supermarket was a surprise. The apricot preserves brand that DW likes for her daily peanut butter and jelly sandwich wasn't there. And even the selection of peanut butter was slim. Several aisles of foods looked sparse. Methinks I've just noticed the kinks in the distribution chain that's hitting us all. Still had strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, and lettuce - the basics required for living. Was able to get a smaller jar of the store brand apricot preserves that DW can try. But it she likes it, it's not clear that that will be in stock next week. Hope that hoarding panic doesn't set in.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was simple yet exquisite: salmon grilled on the deck, lightly steamed broccoli, spaghetti squash with butter, and green salad that used a few of last stalwart cherry tomatoes growing in a pot in our backyard. We have that combination often enough to be a cliche - but we just love it. Might even be healthy.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Like the thought of acclimating to cooler weather so that winter walks don't get abandoned. Ice on the sidewalks is a reason not to walk in the winter, but temperature isn't.

maryann - Congrats for moving one step forward toward mastering your new sewing machine. Your modified bathmat looks sharp.

Karen (karenrn) - Hope you survive your 24/7 house guest. I, too, need a little me space each day. Thanks for the reminder not to offer advice for weight loss.

curlyjax - Kudos for asserting your right to sit at the bar as a single person. Not everyone feels secure enough to do that. Good to hear that your DS is happy at college.

Penny. - It's a big loss that Aaron Beck is gone. Hard to overstate the impact that man had. Kudos for planning to get a plan-approved dish made. The good Dr. Beck, both of them, would approve of that idea.

Readers -

Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What

resistance technique 5
Read all of your Response Cards - including these additional cards. . . .

Either I deprive myself of eating this food today or
it's highly likely that I will deprive myself forever of all
of the advantages of losing weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 100.

curlyjax 11-03-2021 08:14 AM

Work was busy yesterday but I still managed to get into the leftover candy again, demerit. I wrote myself a note not to eat candy and left it on my desk as a big reminder, I need to stop doing this now. I did stop at a local park for a quick walk -leaves are still beautiful. I think i'll give my feet a day off and then do it again thursday. The park has bits that are secluded so I stuck to being close to the parking lot as a female walking alone you need to be careful, even in suburbia. I met my friend for dinner and had a good catch up. I know her from church and we're both feeling a bit lukewarm towards our new minister, and the church feeling stagnant. After not going for a year, I'm kind of enjoying my Sunday mornings at home. Also it would be nice to meet some new folks, so it may be something to ultimately explore.
Maryann- very nice job with the bathmat! It would be hard to sew something thick like that. I do not have the patience for sewing at all.
Karen- I could see how that guest could be exhausting. I don't like it when people offer dieting advice because i've actually read a lot, I just don't put it into practice!
Penny-I'm joining you on offplan being enough!
Gardenerjoy- I don't mind walking in colder weather as long as it isn't windy once i'm out there, but pushing myself out the front door in winter is a challenge.
Bill-I'm noticing that too, some of the shortages of favored items. Yay for another healthy and much enjoyed meal.

karenrn 11-03-2021 08:45 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food was on plan and weight is a little lower. I'm heading out to hike with my friend and then will leave for Willcox at about noon. I've set out some of the things I'm taking and it won't take long to get the rest of it together. I'm taking an ice chest with some food and we have a fridge and microwave in the room. They have breakfast at the motel, but I'll take my own because it may not be served in time and I don't know what they have. I'll also take lunch things and snacks to carry for the hikes and then we'll do dinner out. I'll return on Saturday afternoon after an 8 1/2 mile loop hike in Chiricahua National Monument. I've done this hike before, but it's a very interesting looking area.

So if you don't hear from me, you know what I'm doing. Have a good rest of the week all of you.

gardenerjoy 11-03-2021 11:30 AM

I accomplished my walk. Even better, DH accompanied me. I'd like him to do some PT and a walk, every day. His body (or mind, I'm not sure) wants one or the other, not both.

We're on pins and needles waiting for the results of his second post-op PSA. It will decide the direction of our lives for the next several months.

Exercise +50, 100/1500 minutes for November

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