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Good morning!

I used the trip to the beach as an excuse to snack on junk and weight is up. Exercise was done.

Friend date for my daugter went really well and we plan on doing it again, so I'd better figure out the snacking. Figured out the bird of prey nest near us is not eagles but osprey. I assumed it was eagles because I saw an eagles nest down the road, but got to see a parent flying in a stick to patch up the nest.

Speaking of dark subjects for children, my daughter and I are watching movies made by Cartoon Saloon and started The Breadwinner last night. Kind of the Islamic Yentl and they do not hold back.

Alright, have a good day, everyone. I'm going to get some gardening going.
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Thumbs up Friday - National Arbor Day (since 1872 in Nebraska)

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Went five hours straight on Zoom: two classes of two hours each and a one hour presentation from an estate lawyer in the hour in between. Each one required concentration and, in the two classes, verbal contributions. (Actually, I sent one question to the lawyer via 'Chat' mostly to let her know that I was watching and that using an undefined acronym wasn't acceptable even for a high-paid lawyer.) That's just too much. My eyes were bleary. However, all three were great.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was clam chowder courtesy of Whole Foods with kale, green salad, and a baguette. Don't know what motivated the purchase of the baguette but it was welcomed - as a long lost provider of pleasurable calories.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Wonderful relationship to spiders. The guy who gave the lecture carried them outside and asked them to stay out there and respect his boundary. When I told DW your story and got to Brown Recluse, she interrupted, "Nope, you smush them immediately." Seems that all of you spider folks are on the same page. Hope your DH continues to heal.

maryann - Yay for having your DS at home. Ouch for, yet another, schedule change at school. Just for fun for those of us who don't make the trip, Banff.

curlyjax - That's some fancy peanut-butter powder. Neat that you're seeing clients in the flesh. Suspect that you're partially playing shrink and social outlet at the same time.

Penny. - Seeing Ospreys is just the best. Congrats for setting up a successful friend-meeting event for your DD.

Readers -
Success Skill 4 Give Yourself Credit

Steve, a dieter I counseled, had this problem. He had worked hard all day to eat everything slowly, while sitting down and enjoying every bite. But he didn't give himself credit. After dinner, he mindlessly ate a slice of orange as he was clearing the table. He focused on this one time he had slipped, becoming highly self-critical. Instead of building his self-confidence (he had, after all, eaten his previous meals and snacks perfectly), he eroded it.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 66.
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I saw a few people in person again yesterday. One woman rummaged in her closet and came out with a christmas bag she had saving for me since christmas. It reeked of mothballs! We're not supposed to take gifts but its usually candy or cookies, and you can't really decline it without hurting their feelings. I thanked her- and it went into the trash later.
Today is another day of visiting folks. I don't know what is going on next week yet and i'm trying to stay focused in the moment which is a challenge for me. DD is coming home for the weekend so i'll probably end up with takeout, I don't have dinner plans yet. Or weekend plans for that matter.
Maryann- enjoy your time with DS. That would be so funny if you did end up there as the same time as Karen!
Penny-glad friend date went well. Never heard of cartoon saloon, sounds interesting.
Gardenerjoy- those items are good for nausea and pilltaking for sure.
Bill-you got it exactly right, I am indeed both. That's a lot of zoom for one day.
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Good morning coaches,

We only stayed one night on our backpack instead of two. The plan was to stay at the same place both nights but we all decided we had plenty of time to explore the side canyon and hike out. Staying two nights at the same place is called a zero on a thru hike, as in zero miles that day. It's usually taken as a rest day when you're tired from hiking numerous days. We certainly didn't need a zero day after just a short hike in. The day we hiked in was cloudy and by the time we were nearing camp it started to rain. We had a downpour with plenty of thunder (but no lightning) when we reached camp. Luckily we all had raincoats, but didn't take my pack cover cause I really didn't think it would rain. I did line my pack with a trash compactor bag though In case I fell into the stream while hiking, so nothing inside was wet. We had a window of time to set up our tents and cook dinner but we were in bed early due to more rain. I spent hours listening to the book "How to Walk Away" that Maryann had mentioned. I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Yesterday we woke up to clear blue skies and it was beautiful. We very leisurely had our coffee and breakfast, explored Horse Canyon as far as we could, then came back packed up and hiked out. It was plenty warm on the hike out, but since we were crossing the stream back and forth it helped to keep us from getting too hot. We were back to our cars by 3 p.m. or so and then drove several hours home. It was nice getting to know the two gals better. One of them lives in North Dakota half of the year and is heading back today until fall.

Dh was very glad to see me. I have a feeling he is getting close to retiring. Work seems more stressful lately and I think he is about over it. I was glad to be home and reassure him that his health is more important than anything. We do need to rearrange some investments, but we will figure it out.

Curlyjax I remember getting a few of those gifts from clients too. Are you doing your new job now, or finishing the other one. What will you be doing at the new job?

Bill I'm glad all three classes were great cause that's a lot of Zooming. I don't know that I could sit still that long.

Penny That is great that the friend date worked out well with dd. Snack food are difficult to resist for sure.

Maryann I would love it if you would sign up the trip I'm on. My starting date is 8/16/22 I believe.

GardenerJoy It sounds like you and dh are doing well. I think graham crackers and apple juice sound nummy.

I set my backpack in the laundry room and didn't touch it, which is very unusual for me, so that will be the first order of the day. Have a good Friday all of you!
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DH had his first shower since surgery, yesterday. That went fine and feels like a bit of a milestone. Really, though, until the catheter comes out, we're not going to feel like he's fully on the road to recovery. That happens on Tuesday.

I'm determined to meet my exercise goal on the last day of April.

Exercise +55, 1345/1400 minutes for April
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