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gardenerjoy 03-21-2021 12:23 PM

For World Poetry Day (thanks, BillBlueEyes), I read the Wordsworth poem about the daffodils. I like this link because it shows the related passage from his sister Dorothy's journal. A large number of William's poems began life as one of her journal entries.

Exercise +50, 1005/1400 minutes for March

BillBlueEyes: I've been wondering about protocol in the time of vaccination. Is it polite to ask someone their vaccination status before accepting an invitation? Will there be restaurants that advertise a fully-vaccinated staff and clientele? Is that a reasonable public health service or an unreasonable expectation of one's employees and exclusion of people?

Penny. 03-21-2021 12:41 PM

Good morning!

I'm posting on autopilot after having to go see a patient in the midle of the night. So tired.

The two fasting days are finished and I can have my three meals today. Yay!

Bill, yes, that is the book. His irreverent humor makes me laugh.

BillBlueEyes 03-22-2021 08:25 AM

Monday - 1st US nursing school chartered: one year (1861, NYC)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, with DW, DS, and DIL with the specific goal of spotting Hellebores - a plant I'd never heard of five years ago that is now popular. The Harvard Law School has a zillion planted on its campus. They're loved because they bloom in the late winter until early Spring being noted for being frost resistant. Five years ago, DW and I had to search to find any; now they're shouting out from everywhere.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the pot roast from Costco - the one that is sold refrigerated with a three month use-by date. The roast includes potatoes and carrots and lots of juice. Was good; we'll have it again. Says that it serves 7 or 8, but the two of us had almost half. Either I need to control my carving knife or ignore the suggested number of servings.

Attended a memorial service for a friend via Zoom. It worked well. His far distributed family were all there; many spoke. It sorely lacked the pot luck kind of thing that frequently follows low key memorials like this one. His kids had made a video of photos from his life that began the service - all in light humor. Most memories were of funny episodes. Well done all around.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the Wordsworth poem - I love the last line, "And dances with the daffodils." I have no idea about protocol about checking vaccinated status before meeting with folks or going to a restaurant. I just read that Royal Caribbean is offering seven day cruises to the Bahamas with a fully vaccinated crew for fully vaccinated guests, here. Maybe that level of public declaration will become common.

maryann - Neat that you're in a location where you feel relaxed.

Karen (karenrn) - Kudos for avoiding the temptation of Crumbl Cookies on the counter. Thanks for spotting that I claimed that "cukes" instead of "zucchini" was in our pot roast - a mental typo.

curlyjax - Love the phrase, "avoid over-chocolacating myself." Loss of interest in eating is a comfortable place.

Penny. - Yay for a three meal day. Ouch for midnight patient care - my admiration for those of you who perform such services.

Readers -

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

Many lost some weight, without even trying, even though they had not officially started dieting. Although this skill is difficult for some dieters in the beginning, it's so important to remember that the more you practice it, the easier it gets!

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 61.

curlyjax 03-22-2021 09:08 AM

I'm exhausted, I woke up just about every hour with hot flashes. Not sure what triggered that. I did walk for over an hour with my friend which was great, and also did some lugging around of tires in prep of getting rid of the oldest car, so I had plenty of exercise. I had dinner with manfriend -middle eastern food which i've been craving-and we had a good visit. I'm glad we're on good terms. Today I may have to go see a client. The down side of going back to work in person in a few weeks, is I will have to get back to the habit of going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. And no more mid day naps during lunch!
Bill- beautiful plant, what a fun walk.
Karen- I never heard of crumbl cookies-ooh do they look good. great job for resisting them!
Gardenerjoy- thanks for the poem. Daffodils are so springy.
Maryann-are you cross country skiing? wow!
Penny-so hard to see a patient in the middle of the night, goodness.

karenrn 03-22-2021 09:37 AM

Good morning coaches,

I was a bit over budget on food yesterday, but overall a good day. Sil turned around on the yesterdays hike and walked the neighborhood instead of the climb. Today my niece and I will hike Echo Canyon and Camelback and sil will stay home and walk the neighborhood. There is a nice greenbelt which she will enjoy and we'll like the other. Our niece's husband is home taking care of Barrett their little one who was so premature. I was afraid our niece might be miserable after a few days away from him, but thanks to FaceTime I think she is doing fine and enjoying herself. Hopefully in the fall they can all come to visit. She has the opportunity to do a couple day backpacking trip in the Enchantments in WA state late summer and I've been able to supply her with most of the equipment she will need. I'm feeling good about my eating during this time of having company.

Curlyjax I really hand it to you for all the things you are taking care of with the household, kids, job. It is a lot and you should be proud of yourself.
Bill I love the Hellebores. A friend from Washington who posts photos of her daily walks has had the green ones in photos. They are so pretty. In the article it says they are in the same family as anemones. I had a whole corner of pink and white anemones in Washington.
Penny It makes me tired just thinking about having to see a patient in the middle of the night. I didn't have to do that often thank goodness.
GardenerJoy I loved the daffodil poem and I just love daffodils. They just say "spring".
Maryann I hope you had a great time skiing in Truckee. Is there much snow?

I better get moving. We're heading out earlier today because Camelback can be pretty crowded.

gardenerjoy 03-22-2021 11:30 AM

Today's adventure is worthy of the name. I'm going out to Shaw Nature Reserve to see the daffodils. They have a whole web page devoted to the history of daffodils in that location.

Exercise +55, 1060/1400 minutes for March

Penny. 03-22-2021 11:54 AM

Good morning.

Yesterday was on plan, finishing out a successful calorie week (according to my Lose It app).

Another quick check-in. Have a great day, everyone.

maryann 03-22-2021 12:20 PM

Good Morning, Coaches.

Karen: No, there is not much snow where our cabin is at 6,000 feet. Squaw Valley just received a foot of new snow but that will soon disappear. I think your hiking trails will be cleared this summer easily. I will get in one more weekend of cross country skiing. I turned in my skies for a hot box wax treatment. I''l ski two more days and that will probably be it.

All this talk about daffodils has me watching for them everywhere. They are in abundance here in California. It is so easy for them is this climate. Also, the California poppies will be out in force.

I took today off for a dentist appt. I will take next Monday off for DH appt. It seems I will work many four day weeks. For the rest of the day I will iron and crack pecans with additional general puttering. I am a little nervous to start back with the kids tomorrow - not because of the virus but because of the classroom management. That is always a given when I begin a new year and this is a new year. It is a good thing, though, to get the kids back in the swing of things. Weight was down near ticker. I will make my Greger groat bowl to set myself up for lunches this week.

BillBlueEyes 03-23-2021 07:03 AM

Tuesday - George Frideric Handel's oratorio "Messiah" premieres (1743, London)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Left the house without my winter coat. As if it were Spring! OK, I did wear a windbreaker out of habit - but found myself out with folks wearing t-shirts and shorts. Perhaps it's short lived. DW planted her Sugar Snaps in the community garden. She keeps careful record of this event; this is about as early as she ever does. When to plant one's peas is a known milestone among gardeners. My contribution was to carry two five-gallon buckets of compost to make their bed. Service mule. Not that much work.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the second serving of DW's new Mediterranean recipe with chicken thighs, zucchini, and carrots. The flavor comes from a lot of freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, lemon zest, and the slices of lemon cooked in the dish for display on each serving. I'm converted. Maybe this Mediterranean Diet thing is a good idea.

Excitement was my evening Zoom encounter with friends who used to meet in person. I do miss face-to-face encounters with folks but am making do with Zoom. One friend could be seen having her daughter refilling her wine glass even as she was speaking. Such doesn't happen during face-to-face meetings because she'd have a long drive home. She might consider this an improvement.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Such a neat tale of daffodils. Fun to think of seeing them everywhere in such a gracious setting.

maryann - Nice to have a day off even if you have to see a dentist to get it. That's a bunch of snow to hear about when I'm trying to pretend that it's Spring.

Karen (karenrn) - Here are some pink and white anemones to remind you of Washington. Neat that you've solved the issue of guests with different amount of walking in them.

curlyjax - Congrats for dealing with the car that you want to sell. I've dawdled with an old car for weeks before admitting that I had to sell it at a price that acknowledged that it was nearly worthless.

Penny. - Congrats for a successful calorie week. Hope your sleep is back on track.

Readers -

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

Study after study bears out the importance of these habits: . . .
  • Research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania determined that diners consumed more overall food and calories when they sped up their eating pace and consumed fewer calories when they slowed down.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 61.

curlyjax 03-23-2021 07:54 AM

Quick wave. I'm going into my agency today so I have to be on time. I got my weights in and was pretty much on track yesterday. I need to make my lunch and collect all the things I need; i'm definitely out of the habit of doing that. I can probably get a walk in at lunch, or maybe i'll talk a nap in my car. Wave to all!

karenrn 03-23-2021 09:07 AM

Good morning coaches,

Food was on plan yesterday and weight is down a bit. I am down to where I was in July and even though it was not much weight I'm grateful to continue slowly down. We went out to dinner last evening and I had the sashimi ahi salad, which I love and it's very low calorie. This morning my niece and I will get out early for a hike at Pinnacle Peak and then we'll head for the airport at 10 and I'll continue on to Tucson. Personals tomorrow.

maryann 03-23-2021 10:18 AM

Weight is high. I think this might be the “coming down from the mountains” thing. I put a very moderate food plan in MFP. I plan to bike after school. I want to stop worrying about hitting the next decade. It will not happen by magic. I must do the footwork.

Happy almost spring to the Bostonians. What a successful visit for you, Karen.

Wave to all.

gardenerjoy 03-23-2021 11:54 AM

Here's my Wordsworth-inspired photo of daffodils. Since Shaw Nature Reserve was more crowded than I expected (spring break!), I also took a walk in the woods on a less popular trail where I got to see the view from a bluff and to cross a glade. The ephemeral wild flowers are only just starting, but I managed to spot a spring beauty, a bloodroot, and a wood sorrel.

Exercise +70, 1130/1400 minutes for March

Penny. 03-23-2021 12:27 PM

Had a bit of a set back last night with food.

Yesterday included a trip to get new tires. I had to kill some time while the work was being done so I browsed Goodwill. I bought one of those latchhook rug kits for a couple dollars. I've never done one of those so now I'm working on a little ugly clouds, rainbows, and hearts mini carpet. I love it! Haha

loving the spring flowers too!

BillBlueEyes 03-24-2021 06:00 AM

Wednesday- Robert Koch describes the bacillus that causes tuberculosis (1882, Berlin)
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked, CREDIT moi, to a local brick-and-mortar book store to buy something to read to the (5 yo) DGD during today's visit. I so miss going to a library. I'm only able to choose kids' books by fondling them, by looking at the pictures, by reading through the text. I once looked through six Jack and the Beanstalk versions before finding the one that worked for me. Suspect that that means it captured the version that I remember as a kid.

I was so happy browsing. Found one. Then asked the kind lady running the place to point me to the location of the second. Felt taken care of. Fun to be asked, "Are you in our system," to which I could reply "Yes," - been buying from them for years. Wish that I'd get over my Amazon addiction and buy every book from them. On $40 books, Amazon can be $12 less.

Supermarket shopping was boring. A good boring. As if Spring and Life were both returning.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was salmon grilled on the deck outside the kitchen door. We never tire of salmon. With green beans and multi-colored new potatoes. I do enjoy purple potatoes - perhaps because they arrived so late in my life that I consider them exotic.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Had to google your bloodroot - nice looking wildflower. Good to hear that Spring Break folks aren't every.single.one at beaches in Miami - without masks.

maryann - Thanks for the reminder, "I must do the footwork."

Karen (karenrn) - I'd really like some of your sashimi ahi salad. Neat to hike with your niece.

curlyjax - Yay for having to go to your agency - to connect to the real world.

Penny. - Glad you had a find at Goodwill to offset the pain of new getting tires.

Readers -

Success Skill 3 Eat Slowly, While Sitting Down and Enjoying Every Bite

Study after study bears out the importance of these habits: . . .
  • Researchers from Georgia State University and other institutions found that most people ate more when they were distracted by watching TV, talking to dining companions, or listening to music.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 61.

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