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Good morning!

Yesterday was on plan. Is that two whole days? Woohoo.

It is so nice to have the woodstove going again. We were out of wood for almost the entire month of February and our electric heater is both expensive and ineffective. I'm not looking forward to seeing that bill. A new heat and added AC system is on the to-do list but not going to happen for a while.

Curly, you should try the Pelaton app with your stationary bike. They have a free trial and if you do like it, it's only $12 month. Something about it has finally made exercise fun for me. Good job on the three pounds.

Maryann, I really like the analogy of the mice. My red light food list just gets replaced with a new food that will also need to go on the list. So adaptive, I am. Haha!

Karen, that fall sounds very scary and lucky you are okay. Gotta take care of our Karen!

Bill, I've always liked the idea of a murphy bed too! or I could go another route and do the tatami mat and futon to roll up in the corner. I stayed with a family in Japan and laughed when I learned the tatami mat bed was for guests and they all actually slept on a regular bed.

Joy, now I am drooling thinking about a fried fish sandwich on a baguette. Yum!
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Thumbs up Sunday - Watson & Crick announce the double-helix structure of DNA (1953, Cambridge)

Diet Coaches/Buddies - My outside event got rained out. The good news is that it didn't get snowed out. If we make it through today, February will be gone.

Watched the last two hours of The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This is Our Song by Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on PBS. Outstanding! The early part taught me new stuff about the role of the Black Church during slavery and the Jim Crow era. The latter part beginning with the Civil Rights movement and traveling through to Ferguson just reminded me of the whole period condensed, interposed with inspirational gospel singing. And the voices of preachers that move into song as the sermon progresses. It did catch my fancy.

Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, Credit moi. Dinner was clam chowder made by Whole Foods - using the Oyster Crackers mentioned here about a month ago. They were still crisp! Now we have to have it again soon so they don't go to waste. It always reminds me of the Fish Chowder we had in northern Maine a dozen years ago made with fish that was just hours out of the water and mounded in the chowder as if it were cheaper than potatoes. I so miss feeling free to travel. Maine isn't that far away from here and lobsters taste better boiled outdoors there. With little cups of butter - as many as you need.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Love the notion of extra effort to get the right baguette. So jealous that you're near a Knights of Columbus Friday night fish fry. Don't know how to see if I'm near one.

maryann - Yep, after retirement one does lose that special feeling of hitting the weekend. Congrats for moving to the next step with PayPal so that you can receive money. I've eased up to that point several times and then shied away. Thought I should make a bank account that only held $100 max so a loss would be limited.

Karen (karenrn) - My take is that it's a success to have a planned, bounded serving of ice cream. When the whole pint is calling my name. Didn't know that Anderson Cooper was the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

curlyjax - I'm with you on enjoying a swing down on the scale - without worrying that it's just water weight. So I chased down the Marsh Family, "We're Not Singing Sea Shanties". LMAO. Thanks for the tip.

Penny. - A tatami mat wouldn't be enough for me. I'm quite fond of my real bed. Yay for the smell of a wood burning stove.

Readers -
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Make sure to contact your Diet Buddy to report that you made your Advantages Deck, reviewed your Response Cards, and marked your progress on your Stage 1 Success Skills Sheet.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 56.
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I let myself have a day off yesterday and enjoyed it. I even watched some tv in the late afternoon which I never do; but it was a rainy day so I felt justified. I made a healthyish dinner with baked cod and a cheesy dill sauce which was meh. I think i’ll stick to salmon or tuna for awhile, it was a bit too fishy tasting.
Today I’m meeting some friends from church for a walk as its going to be nice and sunny. I’m making lentil soup tonight which i’ll also freeze for next week, and have 6 little scallops as well that i’ll cook in butter, sprinkle in parm, and blow the rest of my weekly points. They cost less than 4 dollars total and its just enough.
Gardenerjoy- Nice that DH could get his baguette to enjoy with fried fish. I have never been a fan so its one thing that doesn’t tempt me.
Maryann- I still haven’t made a Venmo account but my DD is bugging me to do so, so I can contribute money to her more easily The young lady at the bank suggested I could hook it up to a debit card to make myself more comfortable, and the debit card is hooked up to a separate bank account than my main one. I need to get a better system for my passwords at some point.
Karen- hope you’re still feeling okay today from the fall and the shot.
Bill-glad you enjoyed the Marsh family song. Yes, I miss that sort of easy travel too, the other NE states are so close and yet so far!
Penny-I slept on a futon back in the day, and it doubled as a chair. Very handy. Peloton app sounds interesting if I could stream it on the tv; my bike is very basic without a screen.
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I didn’t sleep well. I finally told Facebook about DH's diagnosis. One acquaintance, whose husband is a 3-year survivor of prostate cancer, hooked me up with a support group for women partners. Which was very kind. And, probably not what I needed, just now.

I’m feeling a little stupid that I believed an hour with a urologist and an hour with a radiologist was enough to understand everything about this complicated process. After all, the urologist handed us a folder full of brochures and two books. We haven’t looked at any of them, because DH needed time to process. But, it’s time.

I need a more organized way to learn about things like nerve damage and mood swings than from women dealing with those things as their current reality. (And much worse realities, too).

Also, I forgot that I don’t really like support groups. The 3FC Beck thread being the exception to prove the rule. This is a place to vent, to be sure. But it’s also a place where we celebrate little victories that no one else would recognize. And, mostly, it’s a place where we work out strategies of thoughts and behaviors to make things a little better.

In my experience, support groups are places to grieve and complain. When my dad died, which was my first close experience with death, an on-line support group was really helpful to me. For about a week. Once I’d kind of normalized the emotions that didn’t feel normal, it stopped being useful and started being triggering.

So, I’m glad to know that this resource is there. It will be a good place to ask some practical questions. But, it’s not one I’m going to pay much attention to. One advantage of Facebook’s algorithm is that the less I pay attention to something, the more it fades away from my feed.

Exercise +40, 1125/1400 minutes for February
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Happy Sunday, Coaches.

Yesterday I ate more veggies - baked sweet potato and roasted broccoli. Good. I reminded myself for the millionth time it is not about eating less as much as adding the good stuff I need. I also intentionally walked for an hour on a treadmill and will bike for an hour in order to end the month with an average of over 5,000 steps a day per my goal. It will be 5008 actually by my calculations That is a victory because I have been nursing a sore foot. I also ordered a new pair of work shoes -Dansko Paisleys. They are supposed to look a little fashionably clunky but will help get my foot back in shape for a hiking trip with SIL during Spring break. If she gets her vaccines it might be in Washington's San Juan Islands. If she doesn't it will be in Catalina Island near LA. I will crack and roast more pecans while listening to an audiobook The Element which will lead to the its companion book of finding your Element (the intersection of passion and ability). This is part of my year and a half count down of creating my new retirement life. So in Beck terms I am covering a lot of bases with active intentions and goals.

Then I was wiped out yesterday afternoon and took long nap and stared at the wall. iI is all good.

gardenerjoy: I have told select friends and family about DH and in a way I regret that because they keep asking about his health. There is a balance between support and an extra burden. So far I think I am ok but I am not talking about it in larger circles. I read somewhere that there are circles of community: the 100 or so to which we might send a Christmas card, the ten to twenty we might spend physical time with at some point in the year, and then the handful of intimate loved ones. I don't have Facebook but I also have the 12 step programs where it is normal to talk about personal issues in an anonymous group. There are no last names but there are principles such as no advice, focusing on solutions, and a three minute speaking limit. I have found this to be an inspired format.
Penny: LOL about the mat. I have slept on lots of floors backpacking and a Murphy bed sound much better. Plus it plays into a dream I have about a pied-a-terre in France with a Murphy bed and a coffee pot.
curleyjax: Credit for trying new recipes even if they are not keepers.
BBE: Here is hoping that travel is just around the corner for you. Our numbers have dropped low enough to start in person school soon.
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Good morning coaches,

I just got home from hiking a 90 minute hike alone and listening to podcasts and then the start of a book. I feel great and I am so thankful for that. Food was on plan yesterday and today's plan is made. Yesterday I made some split pea with ham soup that I will freeze but before that I took a nap for an hour and a half since I was awake so early. It was wonderful. I love naps. Dh was at the golf course practicing so the house was quiet.

Maryann Yes, if we eat enough of the good stuff there isn't room for the other stuff. I used to wear Dansko's when I was working 12 hour shifts in the ICU. I know they helped. I hope they work for you.
GardenerJoy Good luck sorting through whatever is helpful to you regarding dh's diagnosis.
Curlyjax I realized that I was anticipating not feeling well so much that I hardly even felt the relief that should have come with the second jab. What a waste of worry time. Glad you had a nice day off yesterday. You deserve it!
Bill I think The Black Church PBS program might be something my friend and I would both enjoy and I know she has the PBS service where we could watch it. I'll put it on the calendar. And yes I'll take credit for a small portion of ice cream. I am hoping to leave the remainder for dh. It was nice to have the one treat.
Penny I'm glad you have the wood stove going now. Being cold is not fun.

Well, I guess I'll get cleaned up for the day and decide what I'm going to do with myself. I do need to start making a list of what I plan to take to Tucson. I will have tomorrow to get things done around here and then on Tuesday my friend and I are doing the 15 mile hike that we had to cancel a couple of weeks ago. That will take a lot of the day and I'm sure I'll be a bit tired afterwards or will use it as an excuse not to do much more. Have a great Sunday!
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Good morning!

Yesterday was not on plan, but I guess it was sort of planned to be unplanned. I was invited to an event and wasn't sure if I was going to go until the day of. It was a 40th birthday party at a club. My vaccine got its first real stretch. I hope it worked! I had drinks and junky food.

Curly, I was using the peloton app on an iPad but now I use it through my tv on the Roku. My bike does not have a screen either.

Joy, you can "unfollow" groups but still be a member. I can't stand any group stuff on my fb scroll and first thing I do when joining a group is unfollow and turn all notifications off. It's nice to just go to the group when I have the energy.

Maryann, I have those Danskos and use them for hiking. They are very comfortable for my feet. If I have a complaint It's that the tongue is unusually short and leaves nothing to grab when putting it on. Of course I like to shove my foot in with a long shoehorn and never untie them. Haha

Now I am wanting chowder with oyster crackers or pea soup. The lentil soup is not calling to me. Probably because it's the healthiest. Ha!
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