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  • Yesterday was OP, yay. The only sweet thing I've had for two days is a tbl of jam mixed with a tbl of peanut butter, which is 5 of my 16 points for the day, but I figure its better than eating a microwave mug cake.I thought about having some cocoa in the afternoon, but I didn't want to lose the points so I had some carrot soup instead. The nice thing about this system is that a lot of foods are free of points, meaning you can fill up on them as long you watch the portion, and its stuff like eggs, chicken, lentils and of course fruits and veggies. I'm definitely being more mindful of what i'm eating. And I got out for a 20 minutes walk so yay.
    Karen- hope the hike was great; whew 5 hours is a long time. So glad you're geting your second shot.
    Bill- I love the Museum of Art; its so great you could go with DGD. I'm hopeful that some of the very wealthy Bostonians will reach into their deep pockets and keep it going.
    Gardenerjoy- that's great that you got an appt for DH vaccine, it seems very challenging to schedule these.
    Penny-Nice you can listen to an audiobook while working. I've started to listen to podcasts while cooking etc when I have the house to myself.
    Maryann-Good luck with DH biopsy. I'm not a coffee snob, I use Folgers for the most part, although I'll treat myself occasionally to something interesting.
  • We successfully got DH his first vaccine dose. Even with appointments, it was a long line and wait. They didn't let me stay with him the whole time, so I got some extra walking done around the hospital complex. I'm glad the weather was reasonably nice. DH reports that his arm is sore this morning.

    I'm seeing both national and local news that makes me confident that I'll get my vaccine in June, possibly earlier, since I have the privileges that seem to count -- technical know-how plus time. That's how I snagged the vaccine appointment for DH.

    Exercise +60, 1020/1400 minutes for February

    maryann: Thinking about you and your DH this morning.

    BillBlueEyes: A replica of William the blue hippo was a kind of talisman of my friend group in college. Someone made it in an art class. Thanks! I hadn't thought of that in years!
  • Good morning, Coaches.

    Yesterday was OP with slightly too large portions. I am within an average of 50 steps of my walking goal this month.I have three days to get the step count back up. My foot is feeling better so that will help. Yesterday, in honor of Karen, I did planks and stretching. My Mom took a tennis lesson yesterday and she turns 86 in April. She loved it. She hasn't played in 30 years. I want to be just like her.

    I have a snack packed for the hospital and I will download a new book that will help be a distraction.

    Karen: BBE's link is exactly the coffee I am talking about at the the price I pay at the store for the Mount Hagen. Enjoying a cup right now. Thanks for the reminder that Off Plan thinking often just needs a few moments of distraction until I am back on track.
    curleyjax: I love the WW app. It is super fun to explore.
    Penny: I am searching for a new book and it is crazy when a book isn't kindle compatible. I end up reading the entire thing on my small screen phone.
    gardenerjoy: I tease DH all the time that the reason I married him was because he does all the tax stuff.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday did not go as planned. Two cords of wood were delivered and so my exercise was loading that into the wood racks and motivating unwilling teens to help. Then I made pizza and ate too much. One step forward, one step back.

    The audiobook I started is so silly: When Life Gives you Lululemons. But I am enjoying it so far. Lifestyle of the rich and connected women.

    Bill, I missed the blue hippo book apparently. Yes, my ppe is good now. They eventually came around, thankfully.

    Maryann, sending good thoughts for DHs tests today.

    Curly, you're really taking me back to my WW dsys. Good job working those points.

    Karen, enjoy your hike!

    Joy, good job getting taxes done. Lifting weights above his head, and working that deltoid muscle can really help the vaccine move along and reduce the arm pain.
  • Friday - Purim begins (Celebrating event from Persian Empire, 5th century, B.C.)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was chicken soup made from the rotisserie chicken purchased a week ago (and frozen) for this very purpose. DW carefully planned about a person's serving of each ingredient but overestimated the noodles. The soup mounded in the center of the bowl, LOL. I noted that it was good but not outstanding in any one spice taste. DW reminded me that chicken soup was a comfort food - not meant to jump out at you. We'll have it again. Good winter evening dish. Had to eat quickly so we could go separately to evening Zoom events.

    Exercise was managing two classes and an evening meeting in one day. Wasn't aerobic, but was exhausting. Am really excited about our class reading Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom. It's new for me to take a course about a book that I've already read and know how it ends. The leader of the class says that he's read it at least six times, so I'm not out of line here.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Smiling at the thought of William the blue hippo being a talisman back in your college days. I'm always surprised to discover how many people know about the blue Egyptian hippos. Congrats for getting your DH's first jab.

    maryann - Just amazing that your 86 year-old mom is taking tennis lessons - after 30 years. Seems likely that you have inherited the genes to live past 100. Keep making plans going forward.

    Karen (karenrn) - Happy second jab day. By the by, I like the British 'jab' better than the American 'shot'.

    curlyjax - I love a diet system that makes fruits and veggies unlimited. Despite being aware that a dozen bananas a day would ruin any eating plan, LOL.

    Penny. - LMAO at the title, When Life Gives you Lululemons. Two cords of wood is a good exercise day - especially when one adds in the exercise of chasing reluctant teens.

    Readers -
    Success Skill 1 Motivate Yourself Daily

    How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck

    By practicing doing what he needed to do to reach his goal, he would eventually be able to more easily do the other things he might not feel like doing, such as sticking to his eating plan.

    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 55.
  • I stayed OP again for food, although I should probably cut out my little treat of pbj "spoon"- 1 TBl ish of pb and jam. Although its still better than overindulging when I'm craving something sweet, I don't want to get into the habit of ending the evening with it. Yesterday I did my weights AND danced around the kitchen for a good 30 minutes, getting so sweaty that I took a shower. I would really love to get back into dancing one day- like swing, folk etc but I need to get my cardio/stamina built up so I'm not panting after 5 minutes.
    I listened to PhitnPhat and thought of you Karen- I do enjoy her salty language and no BS approach. Some of her ideas definitely go along with Beck's cognitive restructuring. I like her idea of telling yourself before you get on the scale "This changes nothing" so you don't get discouraged if its not what you wanted to see.
    I'd love to have a massage but I'm being good and not spending the money. Maybe i'll reward myself with one when I get to a certain weight.
    Maryann- good luck today. That is awesome about your mom!
    Gardenerjoy- it does seem to take forever to get thru to schedule.
    Penny- ah, those reluctant teens, so exhausting! I do like a good silly book to listen to, one where I don't have to pay much attention and helps me escape.
    Bill-yay for premade homemade chicken soup, indeed a comfort food. When I'm retired I definitely want to take a class like reading Faulkner.
  • We had a long day at the med center. DH was uncomfortable but glad the procedure was over. I didn’t realize it will take a week to get results. Came home exhausted but grateful for all the incredible privileges I have gardenerjoy referenced: time off work, health insurance, transportation, supportive family and friends. The list goes on.

    My morning meditation talked about having no conditions on happiness. It does not depend on a weight number, a pandemic ending, or a cancer free future. Happiness is the present moment with a 70 degree early spring day, DS happy and DH by my side.

    Weight down slightly. I walked the hospital and met my exercise goal. Food is planned.
  • The appointment with the radiologist went well, although it provided slightly different information than we heard previously. The radiology that I thought was going to be weekdays for six weeks, would actually go for eight and a half weeks. The hormone therapy that I thought was six months is actually two years, with a recovery time of six months after that. I may have confused what radiation + hormone therapy looks like after surgery versus instead of surgery.

    I really hated the list of side effects from hormone therapy that included gaining belly fat, losing muscle mass, and reduced energy. That sounds to me like a heart attack-in-waiting. My dad died of a sudden heart attack a few years after treatment for prostate cancer, so I had an emotional reaction to that list.

    I was surprised that DH leaned toward the radiation + hormone therapy option for a while. To me, it seems obvious to go for surgery which is the only option that holds the possibility of being done with this in April, except for monitoring. But, of course, there's only a 40%-50% chance that will be good enough -- and, if it doesn't work, we'll end up going the radiation + hormone therapy route, anyway. So, it's not as obvious as my optimistic brain likes to think. Fortunately, it didn't take me too long to get to "his body, his choice" so that I could be supportive in the way that I want to be.

    The radiologist wanted another PSA next week, so we're waiting for that to help us with the choice. If it’s skyrocketing, that might be an indication that the cancer has spread, even if it wasn’t detected on the CT Scan. That could be an argument for radiation as being more likely to kill the cancer both in the prostate and anywhere that it’s spread around it. If it’s the same or lower, that might be an indication that the cancer is still contained in the prostate and surgery would have a good chance of total removal.

    So, we're giving this all a few days to settle and we'll work more on getting to a decision after we see the results of the PSA.

    It was reassuring to hear the radiologist say, in several ways, that we're being given this choice because they are both good options. We can't make a wrong decision, here. Men in their 50s almost always get surgery. Men in their 70s almost always get radiation + hormone therapy. DH turns 65 on March 31 -- literally, we are right in the middle. Tossing a coin would not be an irrational way to choose.

    Exercise +40, 1060/1400 minutes for February

    maryann: We were told a week for results from the biopsy, but it came quicker. I think they want to under-promise, over-deliver. And, the doctors don't know how busy the lab is at any given moment.
  • Good morning!

    Yesterday was on plan. fingers crossed I can keep it going long enough to see some weightloss.

    The area in my bedroom where I roll out my workout mat is too small. I don't have enough stretching room for some of the exercises so today I want to see if I can move the bed over or something.

    Have a great day, everyone!
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was on plan yesterday and my plan is made for today. We had a successful hike to the Flatiron even though I took quite a tumble on the way up. I stepped on some lose ground and fell over the side and it was plenty scary. I guess I ended up about 8 feet below. My left upper leg hit a big rock and was a bit sore and of course scrapes and scratches. Friend Amy bandaged me up and off we went after I made sure my leg was okay. I am sore today, but only from the fall, not the quads. I hated some photos that were taken at the top. The other 3 I hiked with are very petite and I looked huge. I think some of that hugeness protected my femur. I'm thinking if any one of them had taken that fall their little legs would have fractured.

    Last evening it was Anderson Cooper speaking on Zoom for our Arizona Speaker's Bureau. I lasted the first 45 minutes before falling asleep. I woke up about 1 a.m. and was due to leave for my jab #2 at 3:45. I ended up going early and getting my jab at 3:15. When I got home I took Tylenol which helped my soreness from the fall and didn't wake up until 9 a.m. Crazy for me, but I'm so thankful. I've had breakfast and will soon take Otis for a walk. So far I'm feeling fine, but I have no plans "in case".

    Penny Congrats for being on plan. I hope you can find a way to change up your room to make space for the gym.

    GardenerJoy Thinking of you and dh as he sorts out the best course.

    Maryann Thank you for the reminder that our happiness is not dependent on circumstances.

    Curlyjax I'll have to listen to some PNP again. I quit paying to belong and haven't listened to anything lately. I do think cognitive behavioral therapy is so helpful and many programs include it. For me it always gets back to doing what works for me long term. #1 is to never give up.

    Bill The book looks interesting. You and dw seem to keep pretty darned busy on Zoom. I would do best if all Zoom meetings were in the afternoon. By evening I am just done.

    Well I guess I had better get my teeth brushed and get out the door for a walk with Otis. Dh is going to be home for lunch before long.

  • Saturday - Carbon dating discovered (1940, U C Radiation Laboratory Berkeley CA)
    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was a day with few notable accomplishments. I read some material for my courses. I wrote and answered some important emails. I dawdled about here and there. Perhaps my brain needs a recovery day from the previous overloaded one.

    Eating was on plan with no daytime snacks, CREDIT moi. Dinner was the second dip into the pot of chili - DW thinks it tastes better after being reheated. Evening snack was my cherished Cosmic Crisp Apple.

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - That is reassuring to be reminded that you're choosing between two good options. And that there will be follow up after either.

    maryann - Thanks for the reminder that "Happiness is the present moment." Glad you made it through your DH's medical appointment.

    Karen (karenrn) - LOL at falling asleep listening to a political speaker. I'd be with you on that. I'm impressed that you had a nighttime appointment for your jab.

    curlyjax - Congrats for dancing around the kitchen - sounds so much fun for being good exercise. Hard to do that when there are teens about with judgements.

    Penny. - Maybe you need a Murphy Bed. I've always wanted one because the mechanics fascinate me.

    Readers -
    Success Skill 1 Motivate Yourself Daily

    How to Get Yourself to Read the Advantages Deck

    After our discussion, John wrote the following in his Diet Notebook:
    I need to start reading my Response Cards and
    Advantages Deck now to develop new pathways in my
    mind so I'll know exactly how to respond to my sabotaging
    thoughts when they pop up.
    Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), Pg 55.
  • Good morning coaches,

    Food was mostly on plan yesterday, but I did add a very small bowl of ice cream. We seldom have it, but dh loves it so I bought two pints. We each had 2/3 cup and it was a real treat. I haven't had any problems with my 2nd jab. My arm is a bit sore, but not bad. The rest of my body is just sore from my fall, so I'm taking some Tylenol for that. I'll meet with my PNP gals this morning since I'm feeling fine and then will make some split pea and ham soup. I'm accumulating some things in the freezer to take to Tucson when I go Wednesday and leave for my friend for easy dinners.

    Bill Actually I really hated missing any of Anderson Cooper. I consider him more of a journalist than a political speaker and he's had a very interesting life being the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. I agree with dw, chili always seems to be better the second day.

    Waving to the rest of you. I woke up extra early today and will get my planning for the day done early. I will need to leave here just after 7 to meet with my gals. I hope it's a great day for all.
  • I've decided Saturday morning will be my weigh in day, I'm only doing it once a week- and I lost 3 pounds, yay! I'm sure its water weight but I don't care, its great to see some movement on the scale. All I did yesterday was my stretching and some stationary biking for my hip; also OP and went only a few points over. Today is planning meals, grocery shopping, dump etc. I still have to drag the financial stuff out and get taxes prepped-its a yucky day here weather wise so a good day to start. I signed up for a free week of Masterpiece on Amazon so I could watch the new All Creatures Great and Small, and I'm going to binge watch old episodes of Inspector Lewis as well until my week runs out. I do love English telly
    If you want to see something fun, you could google the Marsh family. they're an english family of 6 that have done some musical parodies. The kids voices are just lovely.
    Gardenerjoy- it is indeed good to have medical choices, although sometimes it can be agonizing to figure out what to do. Great job in realizing it's DH decision; it's hard to be on the sidelines.
    Karen- lol that your "hugeness" protected your leg! Glad you're okay, and that the second shot has gone well too.
    Bill- yay for a recovery day. hopefully our snow today won't result in shoveling.
    Maryann-glad the procedure is over. Great job with gratitiude.
    Penny- the kids and I all have our own stretching mat. Sharing proved impossible
  • Yesterday was mostly a catch-up day from all the excitement earlier in the week.

    That included a masked, distanced, visit to the grocery store. We can't get DH's favorite baguette from the bakery using InstaCart. We currently need the baguette since it's his favorite bread for a fish sandwich. Friday nights in Lent, we get to eat the best fried fish in town, served by the Knights of Columbus at a church less than two miles from where we live. We only eat half of what they give us on Friday night, so DH enjoys sandwiches for a couple of days after. As fried fish goes, this seems reasonably healthy with no greasiness. Plus, it's only for a few weeks -- so, I let that count as rare.

    Exercise +25, 1085/1400 minutes for February
  • Good morning, Coaches.

    Happy Saturday, Curleyjax. I think you and I are the only ones in the classic 9-5 routine. Penny, I think you have a more "modern schedule" and the rest of you have my future :life). I did think, the great thing about working Monday through Friday is the feeling I get on Saturday morning sitting in my big chair drinking coffee. When I retire it will be a loss despite all the other gains.

    I will putter today. I already had to figure out how to resell another gift card on a separate site. It involved expanding my Paypal account to receive money (like Venmo or Zelle.) I know this is the future but it is so uncomfortable giving up my bank information. This is especially true when many places are not issuing checks or accepting cash right now. To make myself feel better I made a separate password for Paypal than there is for my bank account than there is for my apple account. Of course now I have to remember them all. I did take a suggestion and use a phrase that is easy to remember rather than birthday dates or children's names. Look at me embracing the future still. I have just made plans to take my 86 year old mother to go to my father's 90th bday. So I assume I could be around for awhile. Great incentive to keep my food healthy, weight down and body strong.

    Food was OP yesterday. I will make more of my groat legume mix. Whenever I make it I think of the white mice in My Hungry Brain who have to keep to bland, low glycemic food to lose weight long term. If they don't, their metabolism fights to regain the weight. I need a t-shirt with a mouse on it in a solidarity hand shake with me. I have proven time and again that foods with magic sugar/ salt/ fat ratios churned out by the food company almost always end up on my red light food list. I want to fit into my clothes more than chase a craving. Advantage card.

    gardenerjoy: I really appreciate your information. DH is 57. It is incredible the difference age makes.
    Karen: I am so glad the fall wasn't worth. That is scary, though. Not just the fall but having lasting effects. things take so long to heal than when I was younger. that is why I only stay on intermediate runs skiing.